Today's Rate

Gold 24Kt - 1gm : Rs.3,056

Gold 22Kt - 1gm : Rs.2,921

Gold 18Kt - 1gm : Rs. 2,390

Silver (925) - 1gm : Rs.38.75

Sliver (999) - 1gm : Rs.41.90

Platinum (99.5) - 1gm : Rs.2785

About us

Company Profile

Vaibhav is a privately held entrepreneurial group from the City of Visakhapatnam. The group traces its roots to the small town of Eluru whence it made a humble beginning in the early 20th century. The group is now an established name in the jewellery business. Four generations of business lineage, knowledge & expertise in this domain have been a key to the group’s success.



Sri Grandhi Ram Murthy of early 1900 laid the foundation for the successive Grandhis’ of the later years, by starting a unique textile showroom at Eluru, West Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh, which helped the later Grandhis’ to have an edge over others.


Sri Grandhi Bala Krishna took the mantle from his father and improved upon the business by leaps and bounds. M/s. Grandhi Bala Krishna & Sons, an innovative textile showroom in Eluru was a big milestone in Grandhis’ family.


Sri Grandhi Narendra took the torch forward, led by success in Eluru in textile industry extended his dream stream into the world of Jewellery market by opening “Vaibhav”. Vaibhav opened its door, a tradition of unsurpassed service, quality and value. As the years passed, the tradition became more and more entrenched in their approach to business and this was the beginning of Vaibhav Era.


Sri Amarendra Grandhi, an Engineering Graduate took a new light of 21st century of the Grandhi’s and is engaged in putting into practice his father’s business ideas and enhanced the family reputation. For four generations, spinning 100 glorious years, the house of Grandhis’ has gained an immemorable experience and are now handling the enterprise, M/s Vaibhav Jewellers.


With new blood at the helm in the form of Sri Manoj Kumar Grandhi, success became a way of life. The man with a blend of old school of tradition and keen sense for modern management took available opportunities.


February 9th in the year 1995 Sri Manoj Grandhi extended his dream vision “Vaibhav Jewellers” to Visakhapatnam, the city of destiny with the help of his father.


Vaibhav Empire Private Limited an emerging corporate has taken over M/s Vaibhav Jewellers on 23rd April, 2004 is a true Indian success story which has developed into a group of companies with varied business interests.


Achieving success in the form of increased revenues, expanding contacts, scaling up of operations and genuine customer delight the group widens its interests in the jewelry markets, primarily in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.


Vaibhav Empire Private Limited started transforming itself into a Professional Organization, establishing its footprint in Visakhapatnam. The Company offers a very wide range of products in Gold and Jewellery and is becoming a household name in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. The Company has kept its values in terms of Best Service to Clients, Business Ethics, Caring for Society, Employee Empowerment, Considering the Organization as a Family.

Mission and vision


Our mission is to enrich stakeholders’ value through:

  • Customer delight
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Expand our presence


A richer tomorrow: The three E’s of enrichment: our vision is to enrich the lives of everyone we touch through innovative products and services that enable expression, experience and evolution.

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