Today's Rate

Gold 24Kt - 1gm : Rs.3,056

Gold 22Kt - 1gm : Rs.2,921

Gold 18Kt - 1gm : Rs. 2,390

Silver (925) - 1gm : Rs.38.75

Sliver (999) - 1gm : Rs.41.90

Platinum (99.5) - 1gm : Rs.2785



You may move your application for a job that matches your profile and submit your application to HR and the recruiters may get in touch with you when the opportunities arise. Our site provides comprehensive details about the openings with VAIBHAV.

Interview & Selection

We predominantly follow our standardized interview & selection process which is employee friendly. Once your application is received through any of the sources and shortlisted by our recruiters, you will be called for an interview followed by selection. You have to attend technical / functional interviews as well as final discussions with the Panel Members (the recruitment team of VAIBHAV).As a sequel to joining, you will have to submit the required documents and you will be subjected to background verification process. Background verification is done according to the requirements of recruitment. A successful selection will entail an offer to be made. Upon acceptance of offer and subsequent joining, you will commence your professional career at VAIBHAV with the Induction Program.


Training and Development is strongly believed in VAIBHAV. Though the return on investment in training and development is not quantifiable in the short run, we at VAIBHAV take a holistic view of training and development and we strive for the capacity building of our employees to achieve our long term strategic goals. All our programs are based on the needs identified from the Performance Management System which is highly objective and competency based. We align our skill building with the overall objectives of the Company in which Customer delight is upper most.


Management of Compensation & Benefits is driven by a strategy at VAIBHAV since it helps us in improving the productivity of our employees significantly. The components of Compensation & Benefits consist of: 
* Basic Wages & DA
* Medical Reimbursement
* Transport Allowance
* Uniform Allowance
* Children Education Allowance
* Special Allowance
* Incentives
* PF
* Bonus
* Gratuity
* Mediclaim
* Group Medical Insurance
* Duty Doctor facility
* Birthday Celebrations
* Scholarship to Employees’ Children
* Marriage Gifts
* Promotions with additional rewards and high rewards for employees who are rated to be excellent.

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