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Perfect Wedding Bride

7 Must-Have Jewelry For A South Indian Bride

Scintillating, sensational and striking- It is a site one cannot miss, to see a fully blossomed girl turn to a beautiful South Indian bride on her wedding. She awes you in every way she takes. Today’s millennial brides look at wedding in to different styles- Either a full-fledged destination wedding involving just the close relatives and significant others or a highly traditional stage is set where every moment is choreographed to a picture perfect precision. With photographers, makeup artists, wedding planners, designers, decoration experts, florists- weddings are nothing short of a grand stage set for the wedding.

A central part amongst all this is gold Jewellery purchased by almost all the near and dear ones and specially the bride. Bridal Jewellery is the most viewed on that note considering the Indian weddings. Apart from the arrangements, the bridal wear is one of the most talked about in the marriage, be it attire or the precious Jewellery she adorns.  On her big day a bride is everything beyond precision and perfection. Every detail big, small & minor is taken care off.

If you are that bride to be, you would want to continue this bridal Journey all throughout. They say “All good things have to end” not necessarily!!! We all take away a share of our bridal memories with us and cherish them for a life time. Few of the memories include the gifts we get, the photographs we take, the wedding videos, clothes we wear and most of all the Bridal Jewellery. All these items are stored in nooks of our wardrobes and lockers- waiting to be adorned on special occasions. However we never find a perfect occasion to bring them back to use. For perfect bridal Jewellery- reach us at info @Vaibhav Jewellers

The Jewellers Bridal Edits

Wedding Jewellery post the wedding, doesn’t find its relevance in day to day occasions as we tend to buy heavy Jewellery. Below are few are our picks to help you find Jewellery pieces that u can grace as frequently as possible apart from a gold necklace, gold earrings or other daily wears.  


Grand Traditional Choker
Grand Traditional Choker

A Vankiis frequently bought by every South Indian bride in her wedding, soon after the wedding it finds its place only in the lockers waiting to be moved for a next wedding of someone close. But here we present you a 2-in-1 “Choker cum Vanki” where you can adorn it in both the ways thereby enhancing its usability factor.

Cocktail Ring

Engagement Cocktail Rings
Engagement Cocktail Rings

Leaving apart the engagement ring, a ring is something which every bride buys pre marriage on a number of occasions or already owns a few of them. We recommend you to choose a cocktail ring or an oversized ring that you can sport in a number of occasions in both personal and professional gatherings. Our choices of rings are geometric patterns, asymmetric designs. A careful consideration can be given to multi-finger rings- A single ring which can be cheesily adorned on two fingers giving you a euphoric feel.

Daily wear Bangles/Broad bangles

Bangles are an important part of bridal trousseau, choose a set of bangles that you can adorn on a daily basis, that are office friendly which gives you a professional feel and another set of broad bangles apt for festive wear or occasional wear. Mix and match bangles that suit every occasion.


Bridal Jewellery Gold Traditional Vaddanams
Bridal Jewellery Gold Traditional Vaddanams

A Vaddanam adds elegance to every bride, it not only fixes the saree in its place but accentuates a brides grace and poise. A South Indian Vaddanam typically is the belt style but nowadays, Jewellers have redefined a number of models that are finding multi utilization such as the 5-in-1 Vaddanam or 3-in-1 Vaddanams which can be turned to a haram or a Necklace or just as simple oversized locket.   

Multi Style Earrings

Antique Gold Jhumkas for a Bride
Antique Gold Jhumkas for a Bride

Another editors pick are the diamond earrings that can be styled in a number of ways. You can restyle them as a stud or a chandbali or as carousal Jhmukas or as simple drops. This is what we call as one ornament and many adornments. They can also be interchanged with Ruby and emerald to match your attire. Reach our Jewellery experts @ +91 9177403000 to get a glimpse of latest multi Style earring designs

Gold Chain

Though a gold chain is not a mandatory adornment in weddings, but a gold chain set with beautiful defining locket and earrings are an addition you can make to your trousseau. The simple gold chain designs help the newlywed bride to flaunt in the number of occasions that follow post marriage. A stylish precious stone or CZs locket set with simple gold chain can be paired with practically all attires- you can comfortably in all the different rituals that precede the wedding.

Diamond Mangalsutra

Precious Gold and Diamond Mangalsutra
Precious Gold and Diamond Mangalsutra

­­A diamond mangalsutra can be an essential addition to a bridal Jewellery list. A diamond mangalsutra can be bought in varying lengths. An ideal length is something that is bride specific and something that she can choose as per her styling preference, something which would suit on office wear as well as occasional wear. A mangalsutra with a diamond pendant is the trending.

Hope our top seven Jewellery edits for a millennial South Indian bride gave a fresh shopping perspective. As we sign off, we out-and-out endorse you to shop with an intelligence quotient than merely an emotional one for bringing home a golden legacy.    

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  • Rimi
    Posted at 15:35h, 30 October Reply

    At a proper price my first purchase will be some type of south Indian jewelry as I like their cuttings and the overall aesthetic.

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