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Temple Necklace

A Glimpse into Indian Temple Jewelry

All the things you need to know about Temple Jewellery

Did your eye ever catch precious Jewellery that captured the mystic Indian mythological beauty in all its glory? Indeed Yes, but the first thing that strikes our mind is that they are Temple Jewellery. Partially yes! They are A.K.A temple Jewellery. But, no they are not temple workmanship. These are mere Jewellery that is rendered an ethnic temple art form. They are elaborate, intricate where every inch of detailing shouts out a rich Indian heritage. They patronize the lush Indian temple treasures into design, bringing all the highs of temple art to life.  

Temple Jewellery vs. Temple Workmanship

Temple Necklace and its Workmanship
Temple Necklace and its workmanship

We often get carried away by the very word Temple Jewellery, while majority of the times we assume the mere design as temple Jewellery which is also true, but ideally temple workmanship is the process through which the final piece of Jewellery is made. It is the handmade process that is considered to distinguish it as temple workmanship.

What is Temple Workmanship?

Temple workmanship on the other hand is the way a particular Jewellery piece is made. This method involved here is hand chiseling- Just like the temple sculptures. The Jewellery is painstakingly chiseled to perfection by hand. This labor intensive method takes about 15- 20 days to finish a single piece of Jewellery. Hence a perfect temple jewellery design comes with a premium price tag.

Why Should you Buy South Indian Temple Jewellery?

Temple Jewellery for the price tag it comes with, is often considered the choice of the rich and the affluent, but that is not the case.  This type of Jewellery should always be an informed & highly researched purchase where lot of planning goes in- from the design point, from the Jewellers point and the price point too.

Temple Jewellery collection should not be treated as any other precious Jewellery, as they carry a legacy with them- The legacy of Indian heritage, the legacy of the a master craftsmanship, the legacy of the underlying art and above all the legacy of a family and the occasion you adorn them on. Hence, it should be on your must haves as a tribute to life’s most important milestones and not any random buy.

Here are a few classic pieces that bring out the celestial beauty of Indian temple architecture, seizing all the mysticism from within to make them a part of our daily lives.

Temple Jewellery Necklace sets
Temple Jewellery Necklace Set

This enthralling Temple Jewellery Necklace set is an example of artistic detailing and the sheer diligence that goes in creating a one of its kind piece. To view the detailing you can now book a slot for Live Video shopping online

Lord Venkateshwara Haram
Lord Venkateshwara Haram

Another raw and curated art piece is the Lord Venkateswara Haram with a Paisley skirting. The Lord and his unending shower of grace can be experienced in this epitome Jewellery.

Ram Parivar Haram
Ram Parivar Haram

An inviting piece made in temple workmanship, it is harnessed to life with the celestial Ram Parivar concept at the centre. These are also called “Concept Jewellery” marking a compelling presence; this ceremonial piece of Jewellery should suffice for any grand occasion such as the weddings, gruhapravesham or for your brief temple visits.

Temple Jewellery Bangle
Temple Jewellery Bangle

Another throbbing beauty coming straight from the Karigar’s chisel into your hands- This Lovely temple bangle is everything you can ask for. A perfect arrangement of Lakshmi Devi motifs with milgrain design across the bangle makes it an idyllic adornment.

For exclusive bridal and heirloom Jewellery reach our customer care @ +91 9177403000.

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