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Gold & Diamond Jewellery Sets

Fine Jewellery Trends 2020

As we come to the fag end of this year, there is a thrill in celebrating the bygone time and double the thrill in welcoming the first year of the coming decade. 2019 has seen its own share of fashion spins- some authentic, some nature driven, some abstract. As we hit a refresh here, it is the time to put some fine jewellery trends 2020 of these styles on the attic and there are some which deny going off the list – they are here to stay in the times ahead, for they have been a people’s choice or because of their much hyped style/comfort/luxe look.

We all wait for fine jewelry trends to come out, to readily make them apart of our daily lives. Here is a sneak peek into what is trending in gold & diamond jewellery this coming year:


Stone Choker Jewellery
Stone Choker Jewellery

A gold Choker with a touch of Rubies, Emeralds, Corals and South Sea Pearl dangles is on the top of our list. Gold Choker designs have been enjoying a prime position in women’s must-haves. The undeniable truth is they have a lot to offer not just in terms of look but the variety of clothing with which you can match them. Chokers have a recurring charm to appeal indo-western attires, traditional Indian wear and even off shoulder fusion wear. Hence a big thumps up to chokers this season.

Lightweight gold necklace sets – jewellery trends 2020

Daily Wear Jewellery Set
Daily Wear Jewellery Set

Millennial women juggle between office and home relentlessly, amidst this their daily wear Jewellery should serve both the purposes i.e. for home & for office. One prime way they do this are through lightweight gold chains with a striking pendant along with it and a pair of complementing earrings. They are also popular as lightweight gold necklace sets– These can be effortlessly partnered on traditional wear for any household occasions, poojas, functions and other festivities too or on formal work wear clothes for that business presentations at office.

The Sizzling Stackables

This category can be better known as freestyle, as we talk the stackable pattern is wearing one top of the other and it can be two or three rings together or a super cool mix and match bangles stack too. This style is inspired by the bohemian fashion, hence the stackables need not be of the same kind. Infact the difference is a celebrated element here. Example: three plain rings one in Yellow gold, one in rose gold and one in white gold can be layered together. Similarly, you can stack up a gold chain bracelet along with a bangle bracelet and a plain gold bangle or simple gold bangles of a combination of yellow, rose and white gold, you can also add a diamond bangle or a small diamond pendant to dangle down for that glitter. The stackables are best paired with everything that is casual- Indo western, Fusion and even on earthy handloom sarees.  

Sustainable Jewelry

Antique Temple Pendant Jewellery
Antique Temple Pendant Jewellery

For those of you who are fierce nature lovers then you should check the vegetable oil painted lightweight diamond pendant sets that are a welcome addition to our fine Jewelry list. The traditional enamel painted Jewelry or meenakari workmanship is slowly deemed to change its very aesthetics, bringing nature centricity into Jewelry. We will also witness a generous use of perals, corals, tanazanites, morganites and other natural stones in the coming days.       

The Evergreen Diamonds

Evergreen Diamond Set
Evergreen Diamond Set

There is something about being subtle, to mark our presence in silent compelling ways and what better way than diamond Jewellery. The coming year let your Jewellery do the talk, find some really pleasant diamond pieces that are out of league, diamond mangalsutra bracelets are now a thing of past. Say hi!! To diamond mangalsutra rings, diamond Sui Dhaga earrings, solitaire mangalsutras, diamond brooches, diamond chokers and some very cool diamond necklace designs that are both elegant & affordable.

Seasonal Launches

Yoga Collection Jewellery
Yoga Collection Jewellery

Each year Jewellers across launch seasonal collections like the spring 2020 or fall 2019 etc. This year we see this coming to the Indian sub-continent too but with a little exception. In the name of collections, Jewellers have started launching designer Jewellery that is occasion specific for example: with the raise in yoga cult globally, there are jewellers who bought around gold Jewellery that marks this fervor with “Yoga Collection” on Yoga day. Similarly, on the occasion of Children’s day, a premium personalized designer kids range was being launched across by many.  In the year ahead, there is an attempt from the Jewellers and Jewellery designers to bring out versatile Jewellery that gives a means of self-expression beyond mere adornments.

Traditional gold necklaces with a modern twist : Bridal wear

Indian marriages are glorified world over for the great pomp and show they are celebrated with. Bridal Jewellery is one key trend that will be revamped over and over again. This year it is about restyling heritage South Indian Jewellery pieces with a scoop of modern elements. Example: a 4 or 6 layered Gullaperu is converted to a gorgeous bridal necklace with bride & groom embeds, Lakshmi Kasulaperu which has been a traditional grandmas haram all these while is rejigged to a graceful short necklace and conventional Indian temple art get a new lease of life by way of sculpting them to designer necklace such as a Ram Parivar necklace, Ashta Lakshmi necklace or the Lord Venkateswara pendant, etc. Overall the bridal ensembles  are a must watch  this season.

As we discussed some must have Jewellery, some “will stay” styles, some just arrived trends in Fine Jewellery trends 2020, explore a range of these @ Vaibhav- online and instore !!!!

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