Here is How to Style Your Antique Jewellery | What is Antique Jewellery
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Antique gold Jewellery Set

Here is How to Style Your Antique Jewellery

Antique Jewellery is like reading a Shakespeare classic on a cozy winter night, sipping a steaming mug of freshly brewed hot chocolate. While the comparison sounds good, the Jewellery is tempting. Like they say “Don’t judge the book by its cover”- rightly said, Antique Jewellery- The term signifies Jewelry that is a good hundered years old but that is not so. Antique Jewelry gets its name from the relic look it is given by processing the Jewelry through an oxidization stage, whereby it gets its beautiful gold tone.

Antique Jewelry is currently enjoying a hall of fame amongst other Jewellery items for the sheer allure and matte finish it produces. Antique gold Jewelry’s trademark is their dull sheen, low key brilliance for which many millennial women go head over heels for. Ever wondered why millennial crowd would go bonkers for antique Jewellery, while they rightly do not belong to the age or thought too, well the answer remains nestled in the fact that South Indian Antique gold Jewellery designs offer a sublime simplicity, a whimsical aura that is hard to ignore, disregard or shun from.

Antique jewelry is most famous in South Indian weddings, considered a pure indulgence; many jewellers have started showcasing bridal antique Jewellery sets that are way out of the league from the normal ones. These bridal sets are clearly crafted with the “Bride” in the brain; they carry an indefinable festive vibe, an instant killer Jewellery that sits well with the red, yellow and green hues of bridal outfits, for those brides who defy the color codes, the ombre antique Jewellery with tones of yellow would be a wise choice to style themselves for their big day. Here are few endorsements coming from our very own Jewellery experts on how to team up your Antique Bridal Jewellery sets or your regular antique Jewellery collections:

How to Style your Antique Jewelry Designs

Antique Locket

Antique Gold Locket Jewellery Design
Antique Gold Locket Jewellery Design

Wear an antique Radha Krishna Locket with a Goddess inspired kanjeevaram saree, ensure you pull the elegance out of the Antique Jewellery you adorn with the right outfit.

There are rich silk sarees that are weaved in peacocks, lotus, elephants linings, they can be pretty much matched with an Antique locket, that is cradled in ropes of petite pearl beads, ruby or emerald beads which would blend into the gloss of traditional Indian wear.

A second option is to pair the Antique locket with oversized corals, pearls and wear it effortlessly on Indian fusion wear such as umbrella cut chudhidhars, long frocks, floor touch gowns etc.

Antique Jewellery Earrings

Antique Traditional Gold Jhumkas
Antique Traditional Gold Jhumkas

The charm of Antique Jewellery thrives when kept simple, keeping this in mind allow add long antique chandeliers Jhumkas or antique gold hangings  with floor touch dresses or over flowing dresses with a plain neck. This eloquently emphasis your hangings along with your style.

Another great option for simple gatherings, family functions and low key everyday events are the Jhumkas- that are available in gold and silver antique Jewellery sections at Vaibhav.  The Antique Jewellery Jhumkas are a great addition to short tops, crop tops, long length kurtis with eloquent gold thread work and on a range of native Indian attires.

Antique Haram

Antique Gold Haram Design
Antique Gold Haram Design

Let the on lookers explore the milgrain details of your Antique Jewellery, you allow this to happen only when your attire is subtle and Jewellery is striking. Style your Antique Harams effortlessly on high neck/Chinese neck blouses, patterned belly cut leghanga styles with hair tied in a neat bun or left lose to flow with the air.

Secondly if you want your Jewellery to do the talk, then dress in an understated humble pastel leghanga or Ghagra and team it up with an Antique step haram designs that offer three or four step adornment on your bossom, with hair left to hover the ears or in a simple pull back fish tail plait.

Antique Necklace

Antique Temple Jewellery Gold Necklace
Antique Temple Jewellery Gold Necklace

Antique necklaces come in numerous designs, variations, patterns and infinite styles such as Antique kundan Jewellery, antique temple Jewellery, antique pearl Jewellery and Antique diamond Jewellery designs too. These variations are either stone or design variations keeping the Antique workmanship constant.

Over the years Karigars haven’t departed from the cliché patterns of peacocks, elephants, lotus, paisleys, flower bloom motifs etc, but have extended their design elevations to bring out geometric patterns, asymmetric casts, abstract contrasts that are preferred by the millennial woman. One can find Antique necklaces in both seasonal patterns as well as the trendy light weight designs too.

Antique Kundan Jewellery sets or a fusion of antique necklaces that are studded with divine gemstones like Rubies, Emeralds or corals and pearls can be a feast to adorn to your own weddings or to celebrate weddings of your dear and near ones. Simple styles can also be mix and matched with office events, on festival days and they can be styled popularly on sarees along with traditional pull back hair style.

Antique Kadas & Bangles

Antique Temple Jewellery Gold Bangles
Antique Temple Jewellery Gold Bangles

Another favorite woman adornment are the kadas and Bangles, and when we talk about Antique gold bangles, one cannot have enough of them.

They start from simple patterns to milgrain designs that are nothing short of magnificence. The Kadas especially are a great add-on to any Indian attire. They would undoubtedly suit on all colours, dresses and patterns such as Anarkalis, long regular Kurtis, frock model tops, and umbrella cut kurtis and on every festive wear too. If you are looking to style yourself for an evening outing with a saree, then a kada can fill the Jewellery blank of your attire.

When woman look for simple, stylish yet traditional options then broad Antique Kadas with a latch hook closure can come to their rescue, the kada designs do not limit to floral patterns unlike the olden days. They have dancing damsel motifs-  The Arangetram style, the extended stone studded arrays, intricate gold mesh designs. Bangle style Kadas, peacock kadas and countless sundry styles.

Look here for the Best Antique Jewellery Designs in gold

Antique Gold Jewellery Sets
Antique Gold Jewellery Sets

As we spoke at length on how to style up your antique Jewellery Vs your apparel choices, we would also judiciously suggest you to look for antique Jewellery design catalogues available with jewellers like us. We maintain a digital catalogue and an instore book as well.  Buy antique Jewellery online with us that not only complement your style and substance but talk about who you are in a simple rhythm..!!! Whatever may be your Antique Jewellery cravings, come home to Vaibhav Jewellers to preview big, bold, beautiful & bounty collections of some of the finest antique Jewellery designs that you would treasure for generations to come.

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