How to Clean Jewellery at Home - Best Jewellery Tips from Experts
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How to clean gold Jewellery at home?

Buying first watch, buying first car, buying a new house have their own share of memories attached to it. Let us all not forget one item to this list i.e. buying gold Jewellery. Gold wedding rings, bridal Jewellery, and the numerous sets of gold earrings we buy for occasions big and small usher happiness of a kind. Every time we buy gold Jewellery we experience a chilled moment of exaltation.

Touching the soft glow of newly owned gold wrapped in a beautiful velvet Jewellery case is surely a take away to enjoy. Though we may all have the lightness of pocket, it is surely balanced with the smiles on the face, the awestruck reactions of family members and a truck load of satisfaction of asset building.

Over the years the feeling of sheer owning remains with us along with little glimpses of how we possessed them, the memory fades away and the shine wears off. Gold Jewellery tends to tarnish with time and usage. Here are a few tips to keep them gleaming:

Removing Grim and Dirt

South Indian traditional Jewellery
South Indian traditional Jewellery

The primary effort that we all on a regular basis try is to remove the grim and dirt sitting on our gold Jewellery. This can be done by brushing your Jewellery with a soft cloth or baby brush with soft bristles that is dampened in mild soap water. Indian gold jewellery especially south Indian jewellery or ethnic Jewellery sets often comes with intricate designs and For her to reach spots, gently comb the area with brush.

For Kundan Jewellery, stone embedded Jewellery or other stone studded gold Jewellery designs you can clean them at home without causing any damage to the gemstones. An important consideration with such jewelry pieces is that you should never immerse them into the water since the water can end up getting trapped in the setting, thus causing rust or the discoloration of the setting or stones as well as cause the stones to fall out after some time.

Storage Tips

Best Jewellery Storage Box
Best Jewellery Storage Box

Another option is to stretch out the chain in an anti-tarnish tissue and roll it up and position in your jewelry box in a flat position. It helps prevent the chains from getting knots that can minimize the occurrence of tarnish.

One can even store precious jewelry like gold necklace, gold chains & gold bangles in a plastic zip bag. Just make sure you will tapper out all the air before closing it.

You should ensure to store your gold Jewellery in a soft, dry cloth, keep away from sunlight and it is recommended to store in a dust free environment.

How To Keep Your Pearls/Rubies/Emeralds and Other Stone Jewellery Shining?

Clean your own jewellery
Clean your own jewellery

A simple tip which often eludes everybody is how to care for your pearls, corals, rubies, emeralds and other precious stones. Although this is a good practice to follow for all your non stone jewellery also. When you are getting ready to leave the house your jewellery should be the very last item you put on before you go out the door. Many people fall into the trap of putting their jewellery first and then spraying themselves with perfumes or hairsprays.

They being alcohol and chemical based can literally eat away the shine and substance of your jewellery, also if they are strung on silk thread it will cause it to fray and unravel. Along with this exposing jewellery to these sprays would also lead to tarnishing the soft glow of stones gradually fading their texture.

How often to get your Jewellery cleaned at store?

Old Jewellery Exchange in Showroom
Old Jewellery Exchange in Showroom

Unlike Gold Jewellery sets, gold rings, gold bangles, gold bracelets are considered as daily wears and that which you adorn on a day to day basis need to be serviced once every year at jewellers place for a more elaborate cleaning process. At Jewellers place your gold Jewellery gets inspected for any loose ends, open links, cuts, rough ends along with aspects like gold shining, finishing etc. 

Indian traditional Jewellery is often very intricate with eloquent design, example Indian bridal Jewellery which is over casted with stones, design and miniscule inlay work. Such gold Jewellery sets do not often come out of our lockers, for these type of Jewellery cleaning and servicing can be done once every 2 or 3 years to basically eliminate dust deposits on them and bring back the shine.

Having detailed on how to clean your Jewellery, we at Vaibhav offer these services at all our 12 brick & mortar stores. Apart from Jewellery cleaning, servicing, polishing, shining and minor repairs you can also sell back your old Jewellery in exchange to new BIS hallmarked Jewellery available instore or online.

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  • Riddhi
    Posted at 17:08h, 25 November Reply

    Cleaning gold jewellery requires a delicate enough hand as sometimes small grains of gold can shed down decreasing the value of the piece of jewellery.

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