What is BIS Hallmark in Gold Jewellery | Know Your Hallmark Jewellery
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What is BIS hallmark in gold Jewellery & how to identify hallmark gold Jewellery

Indians quest for BIS Hallmark gold Jewellery is unending since centuries; it is our thirst that made us the top gold consumers in the world, which is not a merry picture though. However, as a silver lining we are proud to say that every Indian has a contingency household fund kept aside in the form of an ounce of gold or more.

In our long journey with precious yellow metal, we have for years tried to make its worth known to the entire world and vice versa. We have constantly searched ways to own the best and purest form of this metal, for which we devised ways to certify the same.   

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What is BIS?

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), a government body, certifies the purity of gold bought by you. The process of certifying the purity of gold called is hallmarking. In public interest according to the BIS website, there are two main objectives behind hallmarking of gold in investors perspective

1.To protect the public against adulteration

2.To obligate manufacturers to maintain legal standards of fineness/purity

BIS Hallmark
BIS Hallmark information

How can identify Hallmark Gold Jewellery in India?

BIS hallmark logo consists of four components to ensure the purity of gold which are as follows:

1.BIS Mark

2.Purity in karat and fineness

3.Assaying and hallmarking centre’s identification mark

4.Jewellers logo/identification

Wondering if all these would make your coveted piece clumsy, then do not worry, these are microscopically and can be seen through a jeweler’s loupe, however you can see the hallmark triangular symbol.  

What is the difference between Hallmark Gold and KDM?

KDM means that an ornament is soldered with cadmium. The intricate design in the gold ornaments are done by soldering gold with an alloy, in the ancient times the alloy was copper with a mix of 60% gold and 40% copper. This sort of gold gave more impurities while melting the ornament; this is where the KDM gold came in, where the soldering is done with a mix of gold and cadmium in the ratios 92% and 8% respectively. On the other hand hallmark gold is called BIS 916 i.e. it provides the guarantee on purity and fineness of the gold jewellery as it is certified. KDM on the other hand provides no guarantee.

Does Indian gold have a Hallmark?

Unlike many countries, India does not have any compulsory regulation of selling only hallmarked gold. However, with the growing competition in the market, majority of the jewellers are selling hallmarked gold for building their reputation among customers, for winning their trust and for reassuring that gold is of the highest purity and fineness. So, yes we all need to check with Jeweller before making a purchase if the gold is BIS hallmarked or not.

Antique Gold Haram
Antique Gold Haram

Can I get my gold Jewellery Hallmarked?

If you have old legacy jewels of your grandmother or mothers which are unlikely to have hallmarking on them, then no worries, there are a lot of places that are exclusively run by goldsmiths and authorized agencies that actually certify your Jewellery. There is a nominal BIS hallmark charges that are incurred, and you will be all set to rate the purity of your legacy pieces.

We all buy gold for different reasons, most of all as an investment purpose or for a use which we foresee in the near future. Another great way of accumulating gold is buying BIS hallmarked gold coins that you can later exchange for 22K BIS hallmark gold jewellery.

Here is where You Can Buy BIS hallmark Jewellery

All the major retail jewellers and many small time gold shops sell BIS hallmarked Jewellery. Because of the awareness in the public, every gold consumer is now looking to buy hallmarked jewellery only. The increased customer perception has led many Jewellers to sell only hallmarked Jewellery, also in a market with growing competition Jewellers also want to differentiate themselves on purity and fineness elements. You can buy BIS hallmarked Jewellery online on our ecommerce portal too.

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