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Gold Jewellery Set

Indian Jewellery Trends

India has always been a home to numerous cultures, traditions, rituals, religions, cuisines, art forms, languages and dialects. World looks at India for its versatility, many tourists are attracted to the sub continent for its sheer multifaceted nature. In such a diverse culture, gold occupies a prominent place. In the umpteen festivals that each of us celebrate- some seasonal, some religious, some to connect us to nature, some to invite people home and some for gifting- Purchase of gold is an inescapable mandate.

While we all love buying gold Jewellery, it is highly advised to seal the deal after careful research of latest Jewelry trends. Unlike olden days where each family used to have a dedicated goldsmith and one had to necessarily settle for the designs carried by him. Now, exploit the power of internet, research for standalone pieces, take time, plan your budget, understand your preference- Preference of style, usage and wardrobe fit. Well, you may think does my fine jewelry need this ton of a research? Yes indeed it does.

South Indian Latest Jewellery designs are more populated, heavy and traditionally patterned, however with growing millennial woman and their increasing interest in Indian gold Jewelry, designers across have reinvented their styles to suit the thought process of new age woman. Here are the new Jewelry trends sprouting up this season:

Use of beads, coral & rare nature inspired stones:

Rare Pearl Gold Necklace Jewellery Set
Rare Pearl Gold Necklace Jewellery Set

Fine Jewelry no longer is about precious stones or just diamonds; it is all about usage of rare elements of nature, getting a fresh perspective to jewelry design. Combining corals, natural beads, tourmalines, Russian morganites and a range of other naturally available stones with gold is growing Jewelry trend this season. There is a touch of nature with every piece that is crafted with beads.

Rare combinations:

Rare polki diamond jewellery style
Rare polki diamond jewellery style

Have you ever imagined the use of diamonds and pearls, or minimal gold & bold beads, indeed now you should. Audacious color combinations were a strict no in Jewelry designing, but now these combinations are most sought after and a luxury to own. Experimenting with varied color palettes is the new norm. A gold necklace combination made in pearls and diamonds can be experimented with pastel color dresses too as they are subtle, simple and reflect warmth.

Designer Jewellery:

Designer Gold Necklace and jhumkas Set
Designer Gold Necklace and jhumkas Set

Unlike the traditional goldsmiths, we now have new age designers who are qualified, educated, know the elements of gold and above all passionate. Geometric patterns, asymmetric skews and ultra trendy reflective Jewelery are few of the indicative benchmark Jewelry trends in India. Bespoke Jewelry is also seen fast picking among millennial woman as a means of self expression

Gold Chokers:

Designer Choker Set
Designer Choker Set

Another fast moving item in today’s times is the gold choker. Simple yet proves a statement, subtle yet stylish- The gold chokers are everything you can ask for. Small functions, big fat Indian weddings or just a casual occasion, gold chokers peeping their way out from the 1960s have made a comeback under the latest jewellery designsnecklace trends.

Enamel Jewellery:

Considered to be of the Mughal era, the enamel Jewellery designs are intricate and painstakingly painted in bold blues, ravishing red and bright greens. The enamel Jewellery popped to prominence in the recent years for its sheer distinctive nature. Bridal gold Jewellery are specially made in Kundans, gold and enamel painted.

Lightweight Gold Bangles:

Inspired from the Millennial woman’s inclination towards minimalist lifestyle, Jewellers have now come up with a range of light weight designs. Threaded bangles with a centre gold finish, light weight 18K Jewellery in gold and diamond, use of rose gold and white gold have been some f the noticeable trends.

Traditional Jewellery with a twist:

Traditional Jewelry has never lost its sheen A bend towards traditional gold Jewelry with a modern twist is increasingly seen. For example all these while a Kasulaperu was used as a Haram, but nowadays the traditional Lakshmi Kasulaperu is redesigned as a necklace which is a modern approach to traditional Jewellery.

Precious chandbali haram
Precious chandbali haram

Bringing Multi utilization into Jewellery:

Millennial woman prefer to adorn the Jewelry they buy, utilizing them to the maximum possible extent rather than locking them away in lockers. As a result, Jewellers have come up with 2-in-1, 3-in-1, 5-in-1 Jewellery pieces that find utilization in multiple ways. Example a choker can also be used as a vanki, replaceable Jhumkis with a single top are also widely popular along with 5-in-1 Vaddanam that can be used.

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    Diamond special jewelry has been making very popular recently for the bridal in india. The love, effort, and art take it to another level. It might take less investment but definitely will take more time to produce these beauties.

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