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Gold Jewellery / 15.10.2019

Indians quest for BIS Hallmark gold Jewellery is unending since centuries; it is our thirst that made us the top gold consumers in the world, which is not a merry picture though. However, as a silver lining we are proud to say that every Indian has a contingency household fund kept aside in the form of an ounce of gold or more. In our long journey with precious yellow metal, we have for years tried to make its worth known to the entire world and vice versa. We have constantly...

Gold Jewellery / 17.09.2019

India for long has been a jewelry centric society irrespective of community. From the primitive times to the latest millennial generation, jewelry has touched everyone’s life unbiased. From the humble floral beginnings to iron casting designs, from terracotta adornments to nature inspired necklaces, from petite beads to sterling silver, from strings of cooper to the dear yellow metal- we all have been touched by bodily adornments in some way or the other irrespective of the gender. From the times unknown, jewelry adornments have been linked to physical body benefits thus imparting an adornment regime. From the...