Tips to Buy Traditional Gold Bangles | Best Gold Bangles Ideas for a Bride
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Antique Double Delight Kangan Set

Tips To Buy Traditional Indian Bangles

In a casual conversation, a Canadian friend asked me if I could write about various types of Indian traditional Gold bangles and the best way to choose from the umpteen designs we have, wait Are you serious. Yes, she was. She is an Indologist and a distant friend, also an author herself but Indian woman are her best bet to write this. Though I had my own qualms, I reluctantly agreed to help with a lingering doubt on how best I can bring the vibrancy, warmth, colorfulness of Indian Bangles to words!!

The Science Behind Bangles

Gold Kundan Bangle
Gold Kundan Bangle

In an Indian context there are various myths- some true, some practical, some religious attached to wearing gold bangles or rather bangles:

They Say: the clanging sound keeps the negative spirits at bay, though this is a myth, the reality is to bring more attentiveness with the sound and hence keeping us more active.

They Say: dozens of bangles adorned by a pregnant woman indirectly strengthens the nerves of the umbilical cord thus resulting in an easy delivery.

They Say: wearing bangles constantly gives a wrist exercise thus keeping the arms in strength, sleek and thin.

Whatever be the season or reason, wearing bangles is fun and helpful too.

Your First pair of Gold Bangles & The Preceding ones

22k Plain Gold Bangle Bracelet
22k Plain Gold Bangle Bracelet

Despite the myths, despite the modernity, despite the minimalist stands, Indians love for gold Jewellery is here to stay for many centuries to come, so is their fondness for gold bangles in particular. Every Indian woman owns atleast a pair of gold bangles which they either gain by themselves or received as a token of love famously called “Shagun” from someone dear. The first pair of gold bangles we receive are from when we are a kid in the form of petite & cute baby bangles or during age attainment or mostly during our wedding. Though we have not much choice of selecting our first pair of gold bangles or a gold kangan set, they are special as they hold a sentimental value with them. For all the preceding pairs of bangles we buy, here are three checks one can do before we bring home that lovely pair:

A Style Check:

22k Two Tone Daisy Gold Bangle
22k Two Tone Daisy Gold Bangle

Buying gold bangles never stops as they are an age neutral adornment, something which a teenager adorns and something which an elderly woman also adorns with equal grace. A second pair and the many more to come can be carefully planned based on your style thirst. Example: if you are that minimalist chic then go for gold kangan designs that are either with simple floral outlay design or left in plain gold.  If you are a fashion devout, then try styles that are fresh and new, check out our exquisite Polki bangle collection that posses a low key brilliance, flashy and are ethnically rooted.

An Occasion Check:

22k Self Designed Stary Designs
22k Self Designed Stary Designs

Occasion based shopping is on the raise, with high disposable income and low liabilities Indian woman are eyeing at buying Jewellery based on occasions in their family or upcoming life milestones. Jewellers nowadays have also designed gold bangles sets based on this. A simple online filter for anniversary gifts, birthday giveaways or wedding presents will give you scores of a gold bangle designs both traditional and contemporary that stand out from one another. From heavy design populated ones to simple daily wear bangles, from broad kada bangles to sleek bracelet bangle- you have plenty to choose from based on your celebration.

A Workmanship Check:

Multi-stone Gold Bangle
Multi-stone Gold Bangle

Many of us who buy bangles distinguish them by means of two types- one daily wear bangles and two-party wear. But a very few know that bangles are also categorized based on the workmanship. Example: Temple bangles- Practically hand carved in eloquent Indian temple designs, the temple workmanship is laboured effort of individual karigar for over 10-20 days for each piece. It is a luxury to own these legacy pieces. Other workmanship to name a few are- Pachi Bangle Designs, Antique Bangle Designs, Meenakari Bangle Designs etc Keep your eyes open to check the workmanship, it is indeed worth investing on such kind of traditional gold bangles such as the Kundan gold bangles or temple gold bangles/ Kada. Check for more traditional patterns on our online portal.

Shopping Your Bangles online

22k Ecletic Antique Gold Bangle
22k Ecletic Antique Gold Bangle

Before we give a clear panorama to my Canadian friend, it is wise for us to help her find a stunning pair of gold bangles. Jewellers with a reputed legacy, offering hassle-free international shipment with transit insurance inclusive is someone who would be helpful for customers such as her.

To experience a doubt free Jewellery shopping it is advised to choose a Jeweller providing state-of-the-art Live video shopping  facility with virtual Tryon- to take away a practical feel of shopping and a lifetime exchange option- least you get bored with the Jewellery.

As we close our suggestion bucket, to all those prospective Jewellery buyers or woman seeking help to buy perfect Jewellery, you can avail Vaibhav Jewellers exclusive Jewellery expert services free to get a wider shopping vista.

We sign off here leaving you to bring home not just Jewellery but a Golden Legacy!!!!

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    Posted at 13:19h, 03 December Reply

    Thanks for the tips admin. The content and bangles showed in the blog look great. Everyone should know about these tips before buying traditional bangles.

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