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What Is The Difference Between 24K, 22K, 18K, 14K & 10K Gold?

India for long has been a jewelry centric society irrespective of community. From the primitive times to the latest millennial generation, jewelry has touched everyone’s life unbiased. From the humble floral beginnings to iron casting designs, from terracotta adornments to nature inspired necklaces, from petite beads to sterling silver, from strings of cooper to the dear yellow metal- we all have been touched by bodily adornments in some way or the other irrespective of the gender. From the times unknown, jewelry adornments have been linked to physical body benefits thus imparting an adornment regime. From the sacred thread men wear or the mangalsutra woman wear, from the holy Rudraksha men wear or the bangles woman wear- all are interrelated to religion, science & superstition. At the end, we cannot dispense the fact that we love wearing these adornments be it kinky metal or precious 22K gold.

Over the years gold has evolved in many forms in terms of colours and purity. Considering an Indian context, gold is primarily either 24K or 22K with deviations of 18K for diamond Jewellery. Other purity categories include 14k & 10K too. Most gold shoppers are speculative to purchase lower purity items such as the 14K gold & 10K gold. However, with increasing number of millennial shoppers there is a growing acceptance for 14K and 10K Gold Jewellery.

Here is what you have to know about Gold Purity

Difference in purity of Gold Necklace
Difference in purity of Gold Necklace

Since gold is a very malleable metal, it is used in combination with an alloy to make gold Jewellery. For all practical reasons an alloy of cooper, silver or nickel is added to increase the strength of gold, to turn it into precious jewellery

Gold Percentage

22k Gold Necklace
22k Gold Necklace
Gold Purity Percentage (%)
24K 99.9
22K 91.67
18K 75
14K 58.33
10K 41.67

Gold parts

Gold Coin with 24k Purity
Gold Coin with 24k Purity

Gold parts means the composition of gold and other alloys in respective in a given carat of gold. Considering 24 carat gold to be the purest of all with no alloys added, the gold parts in 22K is 22 plus 2 parts of alloys. Similarly, in 18K gold 18 parts gold and 6 parts alloy are mixed, 14K gold has 14parts gold and 10 parts alloy. Likewise, 10K gold contains 10 gold parts and 14 alloy.

While you search those 22K gold bangle designs with price, do not forget to check for 18K and 14K jewellery pieces too. You never know what would catch your eye or steal your heart.

In India 14k and 10k jewellery are shunned at the first look, however considering your style, frequency of use, clothing sense, the 14K & 10K gold jewellery are worth a try. They are very minimal in design, not heavily built, lightweight, subtle and not gaudy at all. They also have less shine compared to 22K gold Jewellery, making them apt on office wear. Another key point in owning lower carat jewellery is that they come at pocket friendly prices, which can be easily exchanged for newer styles & designs or can be passed to children in the family at a young age, which cannot be done with 22K gold that is pricey.

A 22k gold mangalsutra or 22K gold earrings designs with price or 22k mens bracelets etc are an easy find with many jewellers across the market. Though they are more appealing in terms of shine and gleam, they tend to be heavy on pocket. So, if you are in your early teens or have newly started your job, its better to try your hands on 14k & 10K  to experiment with different styles and then gradually shift gears to the 22K & 18K Jewellery.

A word of advice for Jewellery enthusiasts “whatever be the carat of your Jewellery, do not worry as long as it blends with your style”

Happy styling up!!!!

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