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Among all the accessories, jewellery is the most talked-about part of a bridal trousseau. You will be the centre of all attention on your D-day. It is probably will be one of the occasions where you will be shot the most. Even every guest will be sure to use their phones to click you. The pressure to look great – at any angle and filter – is high. It's the time when people tend to mark every tiny detail from head to toe, and your elegant bridal jewellery collection can grab all the attention altogether. To help you in the process, we have created an Indian bridal gold jewellery collection of the latest and trending designs. While some are the ultimate crowd-pullers: polkis, ruby, pearls and emeralds, the rest have fancy settings in Pachi, Kundan and meenakari. If you're someone who wouldn't mind indulging in a dose of bling, browse through our catalogue. Be ready to adorn your bridal jewellery case with some gorgeous pieces like gold haram for women, bangles, maang tikka, vanki and whatnot!

Bridal Collection Category

Picking up the right wedding collection jewellery gold is one of the most challenging tasks for a bride before her big day. She gets confused about what type of jewellery to buy and what would look better with what outfit. However, now you are in luck because we have come up with the ultimate guide to help you make the right decision for your wedding collection of jewellery gold. 

Gold Bracelet

Bridal gold bracelets are available in different shapes, sizes, colours, patterns, and materials. Also, there is a trend of customised bracelets for the bride to look more stunning and allow the styling of your trendy wrist pieces. You have millions of options to choose from when you decide to buy your wedding bracelet from Vaibhav's gold collection for wedding.

Gold Chain

Suppose you, as a bride, are courageous enough to break conventional norms and choose minimalistic wear instead of the traditional heavy set of jewellery. In that case, go for a beautiful gold chain. It has the potential to bring out the divinity in you without embarrassment. We have a vast collection of gold chains to choose from, including Thali, rope and fancy. The goal is to make you look and feel no less than immaculate each time you put on your jewellery.  

Gold Watches

One of the most underrated and ignored bridal accessories would be a watch. Most of us focus only on the obvious accessories like a gold necklace for women and a fantastic bangle set. As the times change, more and more women are taking an interest in the value of watches. We have gold watches in our bridal gold jewellery collection perfect for brides — classic, elegant, and truly exquisite. Not just that, you can also choose from different styles of dials like rectangular and round.  

Gold Bangles

 Bangles carry a traditional value in Indian culture and are considered to be auspicious. In the Southern states of India, bangles are famous with names like kadas, valayal, gajju, bale. We have an extensive range of bangles in the latest bridal jewellery collection to enhance your wrist on your D-day. For example, Kolkata bangle set in gold crafted to perfection with filigree details. It is a perfect choice for the bride who wants to rock a traditional look.

Gold Vaddanam

A gold vaddanam is worn around the waist by the new bride for the personified grace. You can flip through our catalogue for traditional and modern vaddanam designs. We have redefined them all with a typical history of the past and the sparkle of the present. The intent is to encourage the modern-day young brides with jewellery that clings to traditions and brings a new definition with bling.

Gold Necklace

A detailed and elegant traditional necklace works wonders on your look. We have many necklaces to choose from in our gold collection for wedding. From Polkis to Kundan, from antique to contemporary, the choices are plenty to match your taste in jewellery. If you're a sucker for voguish jewellery gold necklace from our bridal temple jewellery collection won't leave you disappointed. 

Gold Vanki

In the southern region, women usually wear different gold Vankis or baaju bands for various functions. Wedding collection jewellery gold is never complete without the vanki beautifying the Mehendi-clad hands of the bride. If you are going for antique jewellery for your bridal look, make sure your vanki falls into the same category. For example, a Temple jewellery vanki must be paired with other Temple jewellery pieces. Our vankis are intricately crafted and typically involve much handiwork and carving. Each of them depicts a story and consists of motifs of different Hindu deities like Lakshmi, Krishna and Ganesh. Those brides who are into modern designs can choose from our casual, chic and delicate vankis.

Gold Mangalsutra

Mangalsutra depicts the marital status of a woman in Indian Society. It is in known as Mangalasutramu, Thirumangalyam, Maangalyam, Ramarthaali and Minnu mangalsutra in South India. Apart from the traditional importance, the mangalsutra is a style statement jewel for modern age brides. Many varieties of mangalsutra designs are available in our latest bridal jewellery collection, right from personalised mangalsutras to traditional gold designs and diamond-studded in both short and long patterns.

Diamond Necklace

Diamond jewellery is also gaining much popularity among customers. We also have a dedicated diamond bridal collection. Necklaces in diamonds can be simplistic, and they can also be suave and sophisticated. You get to see the authentic pieces -spectacular designs in necklace sets, chokers, fancy necklaces, pachi diamond necklaces, stone decked necklaces, layered necklaces and so forth. You can complement a stylish diamond necklace with a pair of earrings studded with pearls or diamonds.

Gold Jadalu

A South Indian bridal look is incomplete without the Jada Billa or jadalu. Our heavy stone-studded jadalu in gold design looks exceptional on long braids. It is one of the most popular ways of styling hair in a South Indian wedding.

Wedding Collection for Bride at Vaibhav Jewellers

The jewellery industry is constantly upgrading. That's why we have decided to create a stunning wedding jewellery collection for the bride and let it play the lead. So much so that the onlookers couldn't help but ask each time, "Who created these wonderful jewels." Our wedding collection for bride includes jewellery pieces that suit just about any motif you have in mind. A classic wedding theme goes along well with an intricate craftsmanship and gold combination in ornaments. Vaibhav Jewellers' wedding collection for brides has a neat design that displays absolute glamour without stealing the spotlight from its wearer. You may also go for diamond-studded designs if you're looking to add a little sparkle to your bridal trousseau. Be it a grand or understated theme, our gold accessories for women will be awe-inspiring additions to your D-day, and you will love to wear them post wedding too.

Wedding Collection for Groom at Vaibhav Jewellers

At a wedding, a fair number of eyes are also on the well dressed, smart groom. While we always focus on bridal jewellery, we miss out on charming groom jewellery trends. Therefore, we have created a groom collection for wedding for the dapper grooms who love to compliment their brides with their unique groom jewellery ideas. We are sure that looking at our groom wedding collection, you will be in awe. We have kept some mind-blowing options for all grooms-to-be: from striking necklaces, brooches to cufflinks and kalgis.

Additionally, we have 25+ couple ring sets comprising gold or diamond rings for women and men. If gold is what sets you aglow, go for a swanky gold bracelet with a character. Nawabi bracelets, casting gold bracelets, Italian bracelets, gold Kadas– there is a world of golden opportunities out there for you! Suppose you want to take a break from regular high-end watches. Check out our gold designs that many men adore due to their chic appeal. 

Benefits of Shopping Wedding Collection at Vaibhav Jewellers

When you are finally marrying someone, you need jewellery to touch yourself up. However, there are thousands of stores to buy bridal collection jewellery, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are the benefits you can unlock when shopping with us at Vaibhav Jewellers.

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If you are not satisfied with the quality of one of our pieces from our bridal jewellery collection, you can always return it. However, if you return it within 15 days of purchase, you can return it without extra charges!

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We have crafted a live video shopping so you can choose the perfect piece from our bridal jewellery collection. When you use this feature, you are connected to a professional in one of our stores, who will walk you through the collections.

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If you cannot afford a piece in a single purchase, you can always Shop on EMI instead. When you do so, we will divide the price into pieces for monthly payment.