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Diamond Earring
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Diamonds for long have been associated with purity, preciousness and is priceless. If you want to create a lasting impression with any attire, then there is no better option than diamonds.

Indian woman and the woman world over have been adorning Diamonds for ages. Diamond earrings, diamond rings, diamond necklaces have been popular, in fact so popular that they have been a subject of many Hollywood heist movies. Diamonds lash an unknown charm that subtly celebrates feminism; it has always been a symbol of pride and prestige to own them. Diamonds have also been an indispensable and undefeatable gift that has no competition.

What makes Diamond Earrings for Women so special?

The best way to accessorize is through Diamond earring - the striking hue they create cannot be ignored, the shiny tinge, the significant radiance, and their unending brilliance is what keeps them at the top.

We at Vaibhav craft precious diamond with a traditional blend of Indian design. There are unlimited options one can find under the gold diamond earrings category and here are a few other types of earrings sets worth exploring.

Different Types of Diamond Earrings Designs

  1. Small Earrings: The small earrings come in hangings or petite diamonds surround the gold hangings. The petite nature of these earrings makes them very apt for newborns, baby girls, toddlers, and teenagers.
  2. Diamond Studs: The Diamond earrings studs are also known as ear tops, they come in different sizes. Many consider them as adult adornment but one can style these diamond tops very elegantly on western wear. The subtle elegance they throw can be exploited over office wear and low key events.
  3. Baby Earrings: Another category of earrings is the baby editions. They come in cute charms, animal figurines, cartoon characters like Mini & Mickey mouse, etc. The baby earrings are overloaded with cuteness and for those of you looking to gift a newborn, these are a must-see.
  4. Long Earrings: Long chandeliers swaying in the rhythm of your footsteps superimpose your look, attire and occasion and especially if these are diamonds then the elegance is a notch higher. Hanging diamond earring, with loosely left hair, a strand of hair tucked back of the ear would be perfect stroke to match your dress for any occasion. Try a range of long diamond earring at Vaibhav now.
  5. Single Earrings: Instigating beauty, the Single Earring comes with a pair of diamonds pronged and loosely hanging to a golden stud. These diamonds are mostly single diamonds which are either small or made to look voluminous by setting it in gold.
  6. Pearl Earrings: The combination of pearls and diamonds is a pro. The gleaming shine of diamond and the lustrous milky shine of pearls make the Pearl and diamond earring look like a snow-covered winter twilight star. It is a great pick to gift or pampers oneself with.
  7. Gemstone Earrings: A stroke of color to the brilliance of diamonds would make them look quintessential. The stroke of color can be that of Emeralds, Rubies, Blue Sapphires or any other stones like Amethyst, tanzanite’s, Russian morganites. Though the most common of this gemstone combination is the Emerald earrings and the Ruby earrings.

When can you wear Diamond Jewellery?

Practically at all times, diamond earrings are something which does not wear off even after prolonged use, their gleam can come down but can be easily restored after a small cleaning exercise- this is the reason why you can wear earrings at all times. Other diamond Jewellery such as a diamond necklace coupled with diamond bangles and ring can be adorned in special occasions such as weddings, gruhapravesam, festivals, etc. In order to further enhance the look, you can couple your diamond necklace with the latest gold haram during weddings, Sangeet, engagements, poojas etc.

Diamond Earring Designs Catalogue

From long diamond hangings to petite baby diamond studs, from diamond Jhumkis to fancy ear studs, from nature-inspired themes to abstract designs we have them all. If you are a bride to be, at Vaibhav you can now call for a private viewing facility with your wedding wagon and enjoy a host of fresh bridal designs coming straight from the Karigarstable.

Exquisite and eloquent, our diamond Jewellery stands out. Leagues apart from the usual, diamond earrings at Vaibhav are a culmination of different experimental designs, vintage craftsmanship, usage of beads, pearls, rosaries and a host of other precious and nonprecious stones coming straight from the lap of nature.

Diamonds Authenticity Certification

Buying diamonds has always been looked with skepticism for the fact that a common person cannot differentiate if they are real or cultured diamonds, however, you can shop gold diamond earrings hassle-free at Vaibhav Jewellers as they carry both BIS hallmarked gold and SGL certified diamonds which makes them 100% authentic.

Our knowledgeable Jewellery experts source the best diamonds that are of impeccable quality, they can help you guide to find the best diamonds in terms of quality and design.

Customization of Diamond Earring Online

We at Vaibhav have offer customization services of all the latest earrings. Search online for the latest earrings in India and get hundreds of designs. Liked anything online get us the Diamond Earring Images and we will have it redesigned for you. Personalization of Diamond Earrings for women, Newborns, teenagers and also men’s diamond studs are our specialty.

Diamond Earrings Price and Weight Range

The price off diamond Jewellery isn’t fixed by bullion exchange like that of gold which changes on a daily basis. There are various factors that play a role in deciding the final cost of diamonds. i.e. diamond carat, cut and clarity along with the weight of gold, karatage of gold, making charges and mandatory GST of 3%.

At Vaibhav Jewellers diamond jewellery earrings collection starts from INR13,000 and goes above a lakh of rupees.

Buy Diamond Earrings online have been argued by a number of people, there is a lot of cynicism surrounding it. Not just diamond Jewellery but in general Jewellery online has been seen welcoming by many. While we have 12 brick & mortar stores, at Vaibhav we understand the changing shopping dynamics thus enabling customers to shop online at Vaibhav Jewellers. Now, buying your coveted pieces is just a click away.

Diamond Jewellery on EMI

All your diamond-studded Jewellery purchases can now be converted to EMI when you pay through the Indian Credit card. We in association with Jewel Fina provide all our customers with an EMI option. To know more about the EMI facility contact our customer care @+91 9177403000.

Buy Latest Diamonds Jewellers Sets at Vaibhav Jewellers

Buy a range of diamond Jewellery – Diamond bangles, diamond rings, bracelets, harams, and diamond necklaces online in different weight and price ranges. Take a look at all the latest diamond designer bangle sets, diamond mangalsutras we at Vaibhav also offer an array of benefits to customers such as:

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Find diamonds that are perfect for gifting, perfect to pamper yourself on milestone events, perfect to refresh your bonds, perfect to stay with you a lifetime and perfect to pass through for generations.