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Diamond Earring

Sparkling Diamond Earring - Touch of Glamour to any Outfit

The attention of anyone who lays eyes on a pair of diamond earrings for women is guaranteed.

Whether you've just bought the world's most exquisite pair of diamond ear studs for women or your spouse has surprised you with a dazzling set of diamond jhumka, you'll want to flaunt your new bauble every chance you get. Earrings with diamonds are a classic accessory that can elevate any look. The right earring can set off any outfit, from a fierce and daring outfit to a sweet and girly one. Adding a pair of earrings can instantly elevate even the most casual look to something more appropriate for a formal event. In deciding how much gold diamond earrings for women will cost, the three most essential elements are gold's rate, the stone's brilliance and the quantity of light it reflects at its highest point. Consider the dazzling shine of a pair of diamond earrings from Vaibhav Jewellers as an illustration of the moment. The carat value of the gem is also a factor. Generally speaking, the larger the carat, the more expensive the diamond. Our whole stock is now viewable on our website for your convenience. It includes everything from a tiny stud to an oversize dangler. In addition, the Virtual try-on feature allows you to test them before buying. 

Check Out Elegant Diamond Earring Designs for Every Occasion at Vaibhav Jewellers 

We at Vaibhav Jewellers have many earrings in our diamond earrings designs catalogue to try on today, depending on your style and personality.

Daily Wear Diamond Earrings Designs

A tiny diamond can do the trick if you want to feel special even on the most ordinary of daily commutes to work, school, or a new destination. Common wisdom holds that diamond jewellery must be saved for special occasions, although this is not true. If you've wondered how to pick the ideal pair of diamond earrings for everyday use, you've come to the correct place. We have designed a wide selection of daily-use diamond earrings for you. Our daily-use diamond earrings design catalogue ranges from dainty studs to large hoops with glittering jewels. 

Wedding Diamond Earrings Designs

The diamond wedding earrings you wear on your D-day will always have a special place in your heart. Choosing something that makes you feel beautiful is essential, leaving a lasting impression on the onlookers. A diamond's beauty is undeniable regardless of its size, hue, or cut. When a woman puts on these gems, her appearance is unquestionably elevated. We have designed a remarkable collection of bridal earrings for the bride who wants something more extraordinary than the conventional stud or hoop for her big day. Check out our diamond gold earrings designs if you have wondered whether these precious stones would be more appropriate for your wedding day. 

Explore Different Types of Diamond Earrings

If you're interested in or in the market for a new pair of spectacular diamond earrings, you'll find a wealth of information on our website. We showcase unique patterns, helpful information, and tastefully arranged product images, ranging from the simplest stud solitaire to elaborate drop earrings.

Simple Diamond Earrings Designs

You don't often need a reason to break out the jewellery. It can be for a short movie or a night out on the town on a Saturday when you do not need a lot of glamour. For such instances, we have created a selection of simple diamond earrings. Typically these tiny trinkets feature one single or a few small diamonds. Since the ornamentation is less, they merge with the background easily without overwhelming your look. You can amp up the style and appeal by pairing these ornaments with anything from a formal gown to a slouchy tee and jeans. These diamond earrings are on-trend but simple to accessorise with.

Drop Diamond Earrings Designs

In recent years, as more people learned to appreciate diamond drops for their looks and versatility, they began to spread to new social contexts. Diamond drop earrings for women today can be either static or free-flowing, and they can change in hypnotic ways to mirror your every move. The variety of styles, which often combine white diamonds with opals, amethysts, and other coloured jewels, allows for more daring style choices.

Vaibhav Jewellers carries a stunning assortment of diamond drop earrings, from classic to contemporary, all made with genuine precious stones and metals. The best part is you can team up these baubles with conventional and modern dresses.

Stud Diamond Earring Designs

It's impossible to go wrong with a pair of timeless diamond stud earrings. They can complement almost all styles and suit women of all ages. Considering the variety of options, shopping for new diamond earrings might be a lot of fun. However, as a renowned jeweller, we can shed light on the process's finer points. The standard range for stud earring total carat weight is from 0.25 CTW to 2.0 CTW. These diamond stud earrings for women range slightly in size, depending on the cut and shape of the diamonds used. 0.25-carat diamond studs for women would have a 3-millimeter round cut, on average (0.11 inches.) A 2-carat stud's maximum diameter is roughly 6.5 millimeters (0.25 inches). 

An Overview of the Price and Weight of Diamond Earrings

Vaibhav has ensured that you will not have to look at solutions outside your family's budget due to India's high diamond earrings price. You can find many affordable diamond earrings in stylish designs and shapes crafted to add to your glow—our lightweight diamond earrings with prices between 0 to ₹1,000,000. Similarly, high diamond earrings for women's price can go beyond ₹1,000,000.  If your preferred pair of diamond stud earrings price exceeds your set budget, you can opt for our EMI plans.

 It's essential to keep an eye on the diamond earring with price as it is affected by market conditions. Diamond earring weights are entirely subjective. Depending on your fashion and occasion, you can pick a simpler or more elaborate design. We have earrings ranging in weight from 0 to 2 grams, 2 to 5 grams, and 5 to 10 grams; the weight goes up to 70 grams and beyond. Regarding quality, you can rest assured that every piece is genuine because they are all BIS Hallmarked. 

List of Popular Diamond Earrings @ Vaibhav Jewellers

Product Name

Weight Range in gms

Price Range

Traditional 7 Stone Diamond Stud Earring

2gms- 10 gms

₹ 11000 To ₹1100000

Classy 7 Stone Diamond Studs Earring

2gms- 10 gms

₹ 11000 To ₹1100000

18K Diamond Sui Dhaga Earrings 155DH2992

2gms- 10 gms

₹ 11000 To ₹1100000

18K Diamond Earrings 155VH3095

2gms- 10 gms

₹ 11000 To ₹1100000

Nakshatra Diamond Stud Earrings

2gms- 10 gms

₹ 11000 To ₹1100000


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Faq's for Diamond Earrings

1) How much is a 1-carat diamond earring cost? 

Diamond earrings weigh 1-carat range widely in price depending on several parameters, including the diamond's clarity, cut, carat weight, and other 4C grades. A precise figure cannot be given here because of this. 

2) Which diamond is best for earrings? 

Princess and round diamonds are preferred for stud earrings. Both are noted for their classic, symmetrical design and brightness. Use the princess cut diamond's four-prong metal basket for an edgier look. 

3) What is the suitable weight and quality to buy Diamond earrings Online? 

The weight of diamond earrings is arbitrary. You may choose a simple or elegant design according to your mood and the celebration. We have earrings ranging from 0 to 2 grams, 2 to 5 grams, and 5 to 10 grams, and the weight goes above 70 grams. Regarding quality, our entire collection is BIS Hallmarked to confirm the authenticity of your jewelry. 

4) Can I wear my diamond earrings every day?

Diamonds are some of the most abrasive substances known to man. When not taken care of, though, they might be damaged. If you use them roughly, the stones can be scratched or fall out of their settings.

5) Which are the most popular diamond earrings online?

Studs, hangings, jhumkas are the most popular diamond earrings available online at Vaibhav Jewellers.

6) Where to buy diamond stud earrings?

Both in-store and online, Vaibhav Jewellers is the best place to buy a pair of diamond earrings. Our online store lets you look at all of our products, try them out, and buy them from the comfort of your own home.