Diamond Pendants for Women

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    Zeenat Gold Pendant VBJ-Z | Zeenat Gold Pendant
    Zeenat Gold Pendant
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    The Youthful Y Pendant VBJ-Y | The Youthful Y Pendant
    The Youthful Y Pendant
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    XOXO Pendant VBJ-X | XOXO Pendant
    XOXO Pendant
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    Wholesome Pendant VBJ-W | Wholesome Pendant
    Wholesome Pendant
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    The Unique U Pendant VBJ-U | The Unique U Pendant
    The Unique U Pendant
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    The Trendy T Pendant VBJ-T | The Trendy T Pendant
    The Trendy T Pendant
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    Stunning S Gold Pendant VBJ-S | Stunning S Gold Pendant
    Stunning S Gold Pendant
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    The Quirky Q Pendant VBJ-Q | The Quirky Q Pendant
    The Quirky Q Pendant
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    The Plutus Pendant VBJ-P | The Plutus Pendant
    The Plutus Pendant
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    The Oppulent O Pendant VBJ-O | The Oppulent O Pendant
    The Oppulent O Pendant
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    Naughty N Gold Pendant VBJ-N | Naughty N Gold Pendant
    Naughty N Gold Pendant
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    The Modish M Pendant VBJ-M | The Modish M Pendant
    The Modish M Pendant
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    The Lustrous L Pendant VBJ-L | The Lustrous L Pendant
    The Lustrous L Pendant
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    Karmic K Gold Pendant VBJ-K | Karmic K Gold Pendant
    Karmic K Gold Pendant
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    The Jazzy J Pendant VBJ-J | The Jazzy J Pendant
    The Jazzy J Pendant
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    The Hebes H Pendant VBJ-H | The Hebes H Pendant
    The Hebes H Pendant
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    The Gorgeous G Pendant VBJ-G | The Gorgeous G Pendant
    The Gorgeous G Pendant
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    The Elegant E Pandant VBJ-E | The Elegant E Pandant
    The Elegant E Pandant
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    The Dynamic D Pendant VBJ-D | The Dynamic D Pendant
    The Dynamic D Pendant
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    The Caerus C Pendant VBJ-C | The Caerus C Pendant
    The Caerus C Pendant
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    Blissful B Gold Pendant VBJ-B | Blissful B Gold Pendant
    Blissful B Gold Pendant
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    The Aether A Pendant VBJ-A | The Aether A Pendant
    The Aether A Pendant

26 Items

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Set Descending Direction

Diamond Pendant Online

Diamonds for long have appeased women across the world. The charm of this high-pressure carbon is such that every woman loves to own a piece of it. Diamond pendants are the most affordable diamond Jewellery one can own. They make a good gifting option that you can vouch for.

Coming in versatile shapes, designs, prices and weight ranges, Vaibhav Jewellers diamond pendants collection will have a pendant for every occasion, age and gender. Here are the top diamond pendant designs you can have a sneak peek at:

Diamond pendant designs

Diamond Small pendant:

Adorable petite diamond pendants that would steal your heart instantly are now a part of our diamond pendant collection. These petite charms can be effortlessly worn on every attire or as a second adornment along with a mangalsutra for daily use also.

Diamond Single Pendant:

Beautiful, radiant and ravishing, single diamond pendants throw an unseen charm.  They can crisply be paired with practically all attires. Like the small diamond pendant, a single pendant would go well as a second adornment, can be a super cool match with black beads. A single stone pendant can be worn with a gold mangalsutra.

Oversized pendants: 

Diamond Big Pendant designs are the new fad. They are singular pieces that can be either hung on a thin gold chain or can be put amongst a thick braided petite beads cluster. They best fit on traditional Kanjeevaram sarees, Indian wear and fusion wear such as floor touch gowns, crop tops etc. Find a range of these oversized diamond pendants on our online portal

Diamond Petite pendant:

The petite diamond pendants are famously called as Baby collection also. These pendants are cute, adorable charms that best go with children and teenagers. Apt for gifting on naming, christening ceremonies, 1st birthdays and age attainment functions, these petite diamond pendants are affordable.

Diamond Uncut Pendant:

If you already own an uncut necklace or wish to pair your gold chain with diamonds that are a notch lesser in gleam and shine, then the uncut diamond pendants are for you. A familiar match to diamonds, affordable and eloquent, the uncut diamond pendants can be worn together with dazzling CZs gold earrings, bangles and an uncut cocktail ring.

Diamond Heart Pendants:

Heart-shaped diamond pendant are famous, popular for the sheer shape and the feeling behind them. Find a large collection of diamond heart pendants on our online portal.

Diamond Round pendant:

Another pendant shape that brings out the beauty of the diamond is the round diamond pendant.

Diamond Alphabet Pendants:

Another classic gift item are the alphabet diamond pendants, for those of you who love to sync your name with every aspect, pick our diamond alphabet pendant or gift for them to your loved and express your feelings candidly.

Religious Pendants:

Holy, religious and sacred- The religious pendants are build to take your divine quotient to the next level. Find a range of religious pendants like the lord Krishna pendant, Hanuman, Ganesha, Om Pendant and other goddess and demi-goddess pendants.


While customization is a fad, we don’t want to leave our esteemed customers behind, liked something online? Bring us the latest Diamond Pendant image and we will have it customized for you. In terms of design, weight, carats, stones and any engraving (as possible), we will chisel the diamond of your dreams, bring it to reality for you to donor gift your loved ones.

Make special customizations on your diamond Jewellery, weave a story for your future generations on how you self designed a priceless piece. Not just diamond Jewellery, any gold Jewellery such as a gold haram online has stolen your heart, we can now replicate that for you.

Buying Diamond Pendant online

We all have our own qualms when it comes to buying precious Jewellery online as many of us perceive the online market as not trustworthy. However, with the advent of numerous online portals and digital revolution buying Jewellery such as buying diamond pendants online has not only become convenient but time-saving too. You can now at one go browse an array of diamond pendant designs with price.

Diamond pendant price

Diamonds pendant price varies from item to item, as the weight varies. The price is cumulative of the weight of the metal, diamond carats, making charges and GST. Find a range of affordable diamond pendants on our online portal starting from as low as INR 5,200 to INR 3Lakhs and above.

Diamond Certification

All diamond Jewellery at Vaibhav Jewellers comes with SGL certification. You can now be rest assured that even a small diamond studded in gold bangles or exclusive pendant- all come with an authentic certificate specifying the colour and clarity of the diamond.

Purchasing Diamond Jewellery on EMI

Here is your chance to purchase diamond Jewellery on Easy instalments/ Vaibhav Jewellers in association with JewelFina presents all its customers the ease of buying studded gold and diamond Jewellery on EMI. For further details, you may please contact our team at +91 9177403000

Why Vaibhav Jewellers?

Buy diamond Jewellery– Diamond bangles, diamond bracelets, diamond necklace, latest diamond pendant, diamond harams online in different workmanships, weight and price ranges. Take a look at all the latest diamond designer bangle sets, we at Vaibhav also offer an array of benefits to customers such as:

  • Virtual Try-On
  • Try@Home
  • State of art Live Video Shopping
  • Free transit insurance on International Shipments
  • Free Domestic shipping
  • Customization services
  • EMI Facility
  • Smart Buy options

Diamonds symbolize purity, eternity and a promise of a lifetime. Owning one is a pleasure.