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Diamond Vaddanam

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Highlight your waistline with a Jazzy Diamond Vaddanam!

Vaddanam is an essential component of a South Indian bridal trousseau. It's a belt-like accessory worn around the midsection. Vaddanam has changed from simple gold patterns to heavily embellished diamond ones. When finding the perfect diamond vaddanam to match your outfit, look no further than Vaibhav Jewellers' outstanding inventory. We can accommodate your needs if you plan an intimate gathering or a lavish wedding. All the baubles in our collection are worthy of a prominent display in a museum. Take a look at some of our diamond vaddanam latest designs, which range from classic pieces to cutting-edge modern creations that are as beautiful as timeless. Our simple diamond vaddanam models are your best bet for those who believe in a minimalist fashion. On the flip side, the maximalists try our big, flashy ones to accentuate your waistline. They have exquisite decorations that feature the figures like floral, peacocks and the like. Choosing the perfect diamond vaddanam can be a time-consuming process. Thus, we've made it easier for you to browse for diamond jewellery by offering a wide selection at your fingertips. Experiment with all these styles while you buy diamond vaddanam online on our website to find which model looks best on you. For a special occasion like a wedding, a dazzling diamond necklace for women is an excellent choice to go with your fancy vaddanam as well as outfit. We've kept our prices in check so anybody can easily buy a piece of fine jewellery. 

Purchasing Diamond Vaddanam Online is a cinch at Vaibhav Jewellers 

Vaibhav Jewellers diamond vaddanam is very much in vogue just now. We have created an extensive range to please your jewellery longing. Every piece of fine jewellery in this diamond waist belt collection is precious in its own right.  

Diamond centred Vaddanam 

This is one of our best diamond vaddanam for women. The design features diamonds on the waistline and gold chains at the end of the piece. These Vaddanams highlight diamonds in the proper places and allow the rest to gold chains. They inspire awe when worn even on a simple ensemble. The credit goes to the sheer brilliance of the design and the superb artistry and precision. If fancy-cut diamonds are not your pick, go for the uncut ones. You will find polki vaddanam featuring a similar pattern too. 

Multi-use Diamond Vaddanam 

Try these models if you're seeking a multipurpose diamond gold vaddanam online. It is a gold and diamond pattern that is a visual feast for the eyes. The precious metal and stones are blended in the correct proportions to give you the beautiful brilliance around your waist. We call them versatile because you can wear them practically everywhere and with almost anything. 

Traditional Diamond Vaddanam belt 

As the name implies, this is a traditional design meant to be more ornate than conventional ones. Because of the intricate pattern, it is strictly a wedding accessory. This diamond-encrusted trinket is the right glint for your swanky wedding outfit. If you wish to create gravity-defying bridal attire, wear intricate uncut diamond vaddanam designs. Add magnificent accessories, such as a gorgeous Polki choker, a dazzling diamond mangalsutra for brides, a long trailing matching necklace, earrings, a nose ring, and a maang tikka to round up your look. The combo gives you the appearance of a princess on your D-day. 

Diamond Locket Vaddanam 

This design is a standout in the diamond vaddanam online checklist. These waist ornaments have a diamond pendant in the middle, held by a gold-plated belt or laced in gold to highlight the charm. For extra oomph, pick up a piece from our collection of diamond bracelets for ladies. Wear one statement design or sport multiple wristlets in different lengths and widths to make things visually appealing. 

List of Popular Diamond Vaddanam @Vaibhav Jewellers

Product Name

Weight Range in gms

Price Range

Precious Pearl and Diamond Vaddanam


₹1000000 To ₹3100000

Majestic Diamond Vaddanam


₹1000000 To ₹3100000

Floral Filigree Diamond Vaddanam


₹1000000 To ₹3100000

14K Diamond Vaddanam 584VA1


₹1000000 To ₹3100000

Dazzling Emerald Diamond Vaddanam


₹1000000 To ₹3100000

Choose Most Elegant Diamond Vaddanam Designs for Women 

The vaddanam is the one piece of jewellery that any woman can afford to spend money on without second thoughts. The joy doubles when it is bejewelled with sparkling diamonds. The diamond vaddanam designs by Vaibhav Jewellers not only cinch your waist and envelop the tiniest part of your body but also draw attention to your body's inherent contours. With our diamond vaddanam latest designs, you can transform any look into a work of art. Not just saris or lehengas, but these trinkets, can look fantastic with western clothes.  

Uncut Diamond Vaddanam for Ladies 

Diamond vaddanam comes in various styles; nowadays, it's common to see both brides and guests wearing them. Traditional Polki or uncut diamond vaddanam designs are just the beginning of a long array of such fashionable accessories. Polki jewellery has been there for a long time. It is a raw, untreated diamond in its natural state, with no synthetic enhancement. Polki's colour is more rustic than that of lab-processed diamonds. A vaddanam studded with Polkis exemplifies the finest of a bygone era. You can always compliment it by adding timeless pieces like a stunning matching Polki choker necklace and bangles. Wear a sparkle on your finger from our superb range of diamond rings for women for an extra ounce of drama. Our diamond jewellery assortment is all-embracing, available in all sizes, and at the best prices that transcend all ages. 

Select Wide Range of Diamond Waist Belt for Bridal at Vaibhav Jewellers 

You will be left breathless when you witness Vaibhav Jewellers' stunning assortment of diamond vaddanam. We have gathered a selection of grandeur and magnificence for you. If you're looking for a bold diamond waist belt or a dainty one, we've got it. 

Diamond Vaddanam With Price 

Before acquiring a diamond vaddanam, especially if you are a beginner, you should do some homework. The price of jewellery varies depending on the setting used. Some stones are more affordable than others. Uncut diamond vaddanam price, for example, is more than a fancy-cut diamond waistbelt. A plain diamond waist chain belt is also less expensive than a more convoluted one. At our store, you'll find an abundance of attractive options to beautify your waistline. While looking through diamond vaddanam latest designs with price, you will find out pieces ranging from 0 to ₹1,000,000 and upwards of ₹3,000,000 in our stock. 

Diamond Waste Belt With Weights and Sizes 

The weight of a vaddanam can range from 70 to 90 grams and above, depending on the design. The size of a stone also influences diamond vaddanam cost—the bigger the gem, the higher the price. The Vaddanams are 2-in-1, 3-in-1, 5-in-1 or 7-in-1 models where the entire length of the Vaddanam is designed to detach easily with the help of a hook and reuse a part of the Vaddanam either as a necklace, Haram, Vanki or purely as a locket and Maang tikka. These design capabilities and reusability factors make them a popular choice amongst millennial women and the bride to be.

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Q1. What is the ideal weight of Diamond Vaddanam? 

Ans: Depending on the design, a diamond vaddanam from Vaibhav Jewellers can weigh anywhere from 70 to 90 grams or more. 

Q2. What is the price of diamond Vaddanam? 

Ans: The latest diamond vaddanam from Vaibhav Jewellers runs from  0 to ₹1,000,000, ₹1,000,000 to ₹2,000,000 and even up to ₹3,000,000. 

Q3. Why do Indian women' wear hip diamond chains? 

Ans: Traditionally, Indian women use hip diamond chains to accentuate their ethnic attires (often a sari or lehenga) and to produce a waist-cinching appearance. 

Q4. How long should a belly diamond chain be? 

Ans: Ideally, you must go for a belly diamond chain two inches longer than your waist to provide a comfortable fit around your hips.