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Quality education is the foundation for equitable societies; an equitable society directly leads to the development of nation. Education as we all know is the backbone of every economy, today we take a grand standing on having the highest ratios of millennials in the world, it would be like squandering our nation’s future if we don’t tap this roaring growth potential. This can be only achieved by building a strong educational system and getting all the millennials under this umbrella, this helps in inclusive long term growth of the nation..

For years we at Vaibhav Jewellers have been giving back to society incrementally by contributing to the field of education by providing basic amenities to schools at Village and Mandal level.We also inculcate this culture in-house by awarding meritorious children of the staff annually, secondly we also allow our employees to complete their education under “Education continuity program”. Ever Year we conduct an exclusive research to understand the needs and requirements of primary schools and ZPH schools in the neighboring Mandals and Districts to plan our CSR activities.