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Buy Glam & Glitz Collection for Women Online

We have recently launched a multicoloured fancy stone-studded jewellery collection called Glam and Glitz that contains a wide range of trendy designs. The jewellery range has pretty bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces, all set in 14k gold purity. These coloured stone pieces of jewellery give you a charismatic look. Plus, the lively vibe of the Glam & Glitz collection also helps to stimulate your mood instantly. 

Vaibhav Jewellers has always stood for fine, exclusive and high-quality jewellery designed produced by proficient craftsmen. Our Glam & Glitz is no exception! It displays the intricate artistry of our master artisans.

Studded jewellery never go out of trend. They can get along with almost all kinds of celebrations. Right from a cocktail party and a family reunion to an excursion with friends or a date night, Glam & Glitz has all the events covered. If you want a big neckpiece to enhance your neckline, gold haram for women can be just the thing for you. Take a look. 

Stylish Glam & Glitz Collection Design

We are here to give you the experience of the best jewellery scene anyone has ever seen. A stunning fusion of gold and different bright coloured stones is available in finger rings, rings, earrings and necklaces. The team of our skilled craftsmen ensure that every ornament they create continues to maintain the tradition of quality and style. The details of each piece in Glams & Glitz are intricate and perfectly fashioned.

Trending Design

Glam & Glitz Collection is designed by drawing inspiration from modern-day women. They follow the fashion mantra of 'less is more.' Bold, chunky pieces are a big no-no for them. So, we kept the designs subtle to help you to create a more attractive and impactful statement with your look. The Glam & Glitz Collection features brilliantly bright and colourful fancy stones set with shiny, slim 14K gold settings. 

Every piece of jewellery in the Glam & Glitz Collection speaks for itself with its modern urban finish— from fancy gold necklace designs and fancy gold earring designs to fancy gold ring designs and fancy gold bracelet designs. Apart from this, we also have an extensive collection of gold necklaces for women in simple patterns for people who love minimalistic fashion. 

Buy fancy jewellery from our Glam & Glitz Collection and flaunt them with élan. Now be ready to be the show-stealer everywhere you go.

Glam & Glitz Collection for Women at Vaibhav Jewellers

Our Glam & Glitz Collection is dedicated to those women who celebrate the magic in the little things. These jewellery pieces are perfect for worn alone for simplicity, from travelling to a special event and everything in between.  

The collection includes:

Fancy Gold Bracelet

The multi-coloured fancy gold bracelet has been gaining momentum in the world of jewellery design in recent times. Colourful fancy bracelet gold is always fun to experiment with. You can wear it with so many outfits. Pick up a wrist piece like 14K Cubic Zirconia Butterfly Ladies Bracelet from our Glam & Glitz Collection and see how it blows life into your minimalist look.

Fancy Gold Earrings

These fancy gold earrings feature sparkling stones mean to catch the light with every movement. There are dual coloured stone setting earrings as well as tricolour stone designs available in our Glam & Glitz Collection.

Fancy Gold Necklace

Precision-drilled with high-quality artistry, these stone studded fancy gold necklaces sit perfectly on your collarbone and radiate an air of confidence and poise. Pair your fancy necklace gold with a gorgeous gold pendant for women and add an extra dash of sparkle to your look.

Fancy Gold Rings

A tiny piece of the fancy gold ring makes much of a difference if you know how to represent yourself through style, fashion, and details. The fancy ring gold can be teamed with whatever you wear, whether a saree, gown or simple denim and tee. Blue, orange, green and red stones are some of the coloured stones you can find here in patterns like regular and top open rings.

Check Out Glam & Glitz Collection by Price and Weight

Embracing coloured stones in jewellery can bring a desired warm or cool tone to any of your outfits. They needn't be the chunkiest of jewellery—often, the best is simple and light. Our Glam & Glitz Collection showcases whimsical designs of jewellery that embrace stones of all hues. Going by the design philosophy of the hour, "Less is more," We have kept everything low here from weight to cost.

Price Range from ₹5,000 to ₹45,000 

Glam & Glitz Collection's price range starts from ₹5,000 and can go up to ₹45,000. If you are searching for a piece of jewellery that is stylish and peppy, go for ornaments made up of coloured stones. You cannot deny their exquisiteness. Other than necklaces and bracelets, gold accessories for women like rings or bracelets in the Glam & Glitz Collection can also completely change the way you style your look in no time. 

Weight Range from 0 to 10 Gram

In Glam & Glitz, we have ornaments weighing between 0 to 10 grams. Always remember, the more the weight, the bigger the price tag! e.g. Fancy gold necklace designs in 10 grams are perfect to look at as well as cost. However, the price will increase if you go for a heavier necklace. Fancy gold necklace designs in 20 grams might cost you a fortune if it has intricate work. It is understandable anyway; the beauty of our Glam & Glitz Collection is so outstanding that no one can be spared from its lure! Whether it is green, red, blue, or orange coloured stone studded jewellery pieces, they all offer a delightful magnificence to the wearer. 

Benefits of Shopping Glam & Glitz Collection at Vaibhav Jewellers

Glam & Glitz is our exclusive collection of fancy jewellery in lightweight. The range comprises everything from earrings, rings to necklaces and bracelets bejewelled with fancy coloured stones. Today there are many stores you can purchase jewellery from, then why Vaibhav Jewellers? Well, here are some benefits you can obtain by shopping with us.

Shop Online

For those too sceptical about going outside, we have built an online catalogue for them to purchase exotic, colourful Glam & Glitz jewellery. Here, you can shop safe and healthy without any risks.

Free 15 day return policy.

If you are dissatisfied with a product in one way or another, you can return it as cheap as free within fifteen days after purchase.

State of the art Live Video Shopping

To ensure that the product is 100 per cent perfect for you, opt in to our Live video shopping option, where we will connect you to a professional so that you know if a piece is perfect or not. It is as simple as a couple of clicks!

EMI Facility

If you cannot afford to pay an entire price upfront, you can shop in EMI instead. All you need to do is follow some terms and conditions to buy jewellery on finance.