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    Mayura Lakshmi Gold Necklace Mayura Lakshmi Gold Necklace
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    Dazzling Rose Gold Necklace Dazzling Rose Gold Necklace
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    Empowering Ruby Gold Bangles Empowering Ruby Gold Bangles
    Empowering Ruby Gold Bangles
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    Ornate Golden Orb Gold Bangles Ornate Golden Orb Gold Bangles
    Ornate Golden Orb Gold Bangles
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    Lakshmi Ruby Gold Necklace Lakshmi Ruby Gold Necklace
    Lakshmi Ruby Gold Necklace
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    Vikriti Beaded Necklace Vikriti Beaded Necklace
    Vikriti Beaded Necklace
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    Lord Krishna Gold Necklace Lord Krishna Gold Necklace
    Lord Krishna Gold Necklace
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    Ruby Mugappu Kasu Maala Gold Necklace Ruby Mugappu Kasu Maala Gold Necklace
    Ruby Mugappu Kasu Maala Gold Necklace

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    Lakshmi Coin Gold Necklace Lakshmi Coin Gold Necklace
    Lakshmi Coin Gold Necklace
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    Royal Egyptian Gold Choker Royal Egyptian Gold Choker
    Royal Egyptian Gold Choker

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    Divine Coin Gold Necklace Divine Coin Gold Necklace
    Divine Coin Gold Necklace
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    Majestic Royal Gold Necklace Majestic Royal Gold Necklace
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    Majestic Ruby Gold Necklace Majestic Ruby Gold Necklace
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    Twin Peacock Gold Haram Twin Peacock Gold Haram
    Twin Peacock Gold Haram
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    Peacock Gold Choker Necklace Set Peacock Gold Choker Necklace Set
    Peacock Gold Choker Necklace Set

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1762 items

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Gold Jewellery - Every Indians way to Wealth

For long gold has been a driving factor for wealth building in India, it would continue to be so in the coming few decades also. Indian Jewellery designs since centuries have gone through numerous variations in terms of

  • Workmanship
  • Use of metal
  • Purity
  • Price etc.

None of these factors have ever deterred Indians from buying gold Jewellery or gold bars. Over the years the demand for gold Jewellery has only been raising exponentially making it one of the most sought after ways to create wealth.

We all purchase gold on various occasions like:

  1. Marriage: This is one of the biggest events of our lives where gold is purchased practically for every Indian wedding. Gold Jewellery sets are brought from the groom side as well as the bride’s side and we tend to see a heavy buying of gold Jewellery during this time. Vaibhav Jewellers launches exclusive bridal gold Jewellery releases every wedding season to enable its customers to get the latest Jewellery designs on their big day. Kundan Jewellery, Antique Jewellery, temple, Jadavu, Polki Jewellery and designer Jewellery are the most popular among bridal Jewellery designs. There are different type of bridal Jewellery that are available in store and online.

  2. Gifting purpose: Gold Jewellery as a gift depicts our utmost affection to the person; also gold gifting had been in our roots since centuries. In today’s time this is increasingly seen as a gifting option for various reasons. One, gold being costly will be treated as the best thing to give your dear ones. Secondly, high disposable income in the society is another factor why gold is chosen as a gift. Third, there are variations in gold like 22K, 18k and 14K etc. In comparison to 22K an 18K ornament would cost much less making it pocket friendly and also prestige factor. Lastly, people are able to afford gold gifting as there are a number of systematic plans which enable you to save gold for a future purchase.

  3. Festivals: Indian Festivals are another reason for us to buy gold Jewellery. We at Vaibhav Jewellers offer festival specific Indian Jewellery in gold and silver, such as the famous Ashta Lakshmi “Kalash” for Varamahalakshmi Vratham, gold coins starting from 1gm for occasions like Dhanteras, Akshaya Tritiya etc. Simple Jewellery sets for festivals like Ugadhi, Sakranthi and other big festivals like Eid, Diwali and Dushera.

  4. Personal Milestones: Our lives are filled with umpteen big and small milestones like first salary, first pay hike, first anniversary, first birthday and many such similar events. There is definitely a mood for celebration, and celebrations cannot be complete without gold. Indian Jewellery stands very apt for this purpose as they come in different styles, designs, weights, sizes and above all price ranges making them very apt to cherish. 

Gold Jewellery Price

The price of gold Jewellery has been exponentially growing day by day making it a main component for wealth building. Many Indians have a mindset that no investment avenue can overtake the charm of gold and indeed it is true.  Now, more and more westerners are also eyeing this closely.

Gold Jewellery price is largely dependent on metal rate, making charges, value addition, stone weight and GST. Though this may not be a standard pricing structure across all Jewellery items, but these components form the overall bill value.

Gold Jewellery Variations

Latest types of Gold Jewellery include

  • Light weight Jewellery
  • Heavy Bridal sets
  • Office wear Jewellery essentials
  • Daily wear gold Jewellery
  • Designer gold Jewellery

With the passage of time gold Jewellery which was traditionally made in 22K gold is now being made in 18K, 14K and in some instances 10K. Ideally the variations are nothing but a mix of alloys and the percentage of gold.

A second variation in gold Jewellery is the colour of yellow gold which has been the order since centuries. The colour variations in gold Jewellery gave birth to rose gold, white gold and green gold etc. This colour variation is as a result of differing copper percentage in each of them.

Trends in buying gold Jewellery

  • Goldsmith-Specialized designs/personal touch: There were times when our grandmothers used to call the goldsmith home and get the designs done through him or the goldsmiths used to get home designs and woman shopped from them. This was the most traditional style of buying or rather in the modern times we call “Private Viewing” which many Jewellery houses provide.

  • In Store- retail gold Jewellery stores(family business): As times changed, families with generation of goldsmiths took advantage of their skills and knowledge in various Indian Jewellery workmanships such as antique gold Jewellery, Kundan Jewellery, temple gold Jewellery etc and started small retail outlets to sell their gold Jewellery design expertise to everyone.

  • Giant business houses: The above trend was seen fruitful and giant business houses did not want to be left behind and hence they too invested in Jewellery industry with higher capital expenditure and more marketing strength thereby gold Jewellery business as a whole became recognized as an industry.

  • Online simple Jewellery:  While retail Jewellers and large business houses established a physical market for gold Jewellery, online marketers have not left any stone unturned in bringing the millennials to browse through gold Jewellery online. There is a new wave of online Jewellery shopping and slowly the rest of the established Jewellers followed it. Today practically every customer and Jeweller had adapted to online sales. Gold Jewellery online shopping had created a trust factor between the consumer and the Jeweller.

  • Online Wedding Jewellery: One notch higher is the purchase of gold Jewellery sets for marriage online. Wedding Jewellery has become very famous and Jewellers launch bridal collections every wedding season. One can now search exclusively for wedding gold Jewellery sets with prices online. Millennial brides are also selective in what they choose to wear. Unlike traditional wedding Jewellery they tend to pick Jewellery that could be used on a regular basis leading Karigars to redesign their trademark styles.

  • Designer Jewellery online: The latest gold Jewellery designs are nothing short of designer pieces. These are specifically made to order, can be customized, have a free design style and not bounded by traditional Jewellery making concepts. They are available in various price, weight and purity ranges. These designer Jewellery pieces come in different tones of gold such as white gold, yellow gold and rose gold or pink gold. They are also studded with versatile gemstones like aquamarines, natural garnets, Russian morganites, Lapis Lazuli etc. One can now find such designer Jewellery online at vaibhav Jewellers.

Why Vaibhav Jewellers?

We as a Jeweller carry 25yrs of legacy and expertise with us, we are a 360 degree Jewellery mall having a retail presence of 55,000sqft spanning across costal Andhra and Telangana. Our 11 stores have been catering to the needs of lakhs of customers since 1994. We have many accolades to our credit for quality and innovation in the Jewellery industry. Our designs have been selected and handpicked time & again, had been selected by who and who’s of Hollywood during prestigious Academy awards too.  We are also proud to be an exclusive Jeweller for generations of customers and have been a trusted Jeweller for over a lakh of weddings. Shop with us for latest South Indian Jewellery, designer Jewellery and rose gold Jewellery in different workmanships, weight and price ranges online, we at Vaibhav offer an array of benefits to customers such as:

  • Lifetime exchange
  • Free 15 day return policy
  • State of art Live Video Shopping
  • EMI Facility
  • Free transit insurance on International Shipments
  • Free Domestic shipping
  • Customization services