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Gold Bracelets for Men

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Men's Bracelets Online

Men’s Jewellery for long has been associated with women; however as the Jewellery industry matured, designers started their bit in designing an exclusive men’s selection in the fine Jewellery segment. As times passed, we have started a special focus on men’s Jewellery like the olden days. Though the collection and the items are limited when compared to women, men still have a lot of adornments. One such item is the men’s bracelet.

Difference between men’s and women bracelets

Men’s bracelets at the first look are sturdy, heavy and common in design while the women bracelets are sleek, stylish and design-oriented. A Woman's bracelet comes in lower weight and price ranges while men’s bracelets weigh more, just like gold rings for men in comparison with ladies rings.

Type of gold bracelets for Men

Traditional men’s Bracelet:

The traditional bracelets are a chain model with a simple "S" hook or a clasp to hold it together. These bracelets have a medium width, apt for daily wear, they come in modest designs that have a touch of tradition. The traditional Men’s bracelets are pouched by alternating petite gold plates, square models, circular strings and more abstract patterns.

Designer men’s Bracelet:

Designer bracelets come in two-tone, trendy in design and are designed to be lot flexible than the traditional ones. They are designed in specific patterns example few of the Men’s gold bracelets styles are do not carry a hook or a clasp they are open-ended, some have elephant head, lions head etc designed on one end.

Men’s Beaded Bracelet:

The beaded bracelet is made in a very simplistic fashion. The predominant design in the beaded bracelets is the Rudraksha bracelets with golden finishing on either ends or simply designed in an alternate pattern of gold beads and Rudraksha.

Type of chains in Men’s Bracelets

Men’s bracelets are largely dependent on linking. Various links are popularly used to craft the bracelets. Unlike woman bracelets, men’s bracelets are predominantly machine made with very little or no design elements. Chain designs that feature industrial and maritime items are one of their favourites. Chain gold bracelets for men are typically thick. They feature a few links. Chain bracelets come in classic and traditional designs but there are also modern options added to it. These bracelets are very flexible and take the shape of your wrist with ease.

There are three main types of gold chain model bracelets namely Cable Chain, Rope model, Byzantine and wheat chains. These are the famous chain models based on which majority of the Men’s Chain model bracelets are designed. The Chain model bracelets are popular among the western countries also but with varying metal variants in place of gold.
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Men’s Bracelet Collection at Vaibhav Jewellers

Broad Men's bracelet:

The broad bracelet is sturdy, voluminous and fits aptly in full strength on a strong wrist. The broad bracelets are heavy and pricey when compared to other models.

Strap type Bracelet:

Strap type bracelet are very Indian, they are in the form of a belt with abstract designs on the entire bracelet running across on either ends. They come with an adjustable hook or an "S" clasp. There are no specific patterns in the strap patterned bracelets, the design in interspersed along the length of the bracelet. This is lightweight and delicate when compared to its counterparts.

Link Men’s Bracelet:

The link patterned bracelets are very traditional in design, popular and most common design in Men’s Jewellery segment. They are available in different thickness and lengths. There are different link based stylish bracelets and men’s designer bracelets that are now available at Vaibhav Jewellers.

Kada Type Bracelet:

These types of bracelets are very popular in Northern India. Simple and elegant Kadas shine in their way. Simple Kadas bracelets are also called as Punjabi Kadas. These Kadas are plain with a line running in the middle of the kada that makes it look like a swollen plateau on either side. The sharp centre line offers the entire Kada a sparkling tinge. There multiple varieties of Men’s bracelets online that you can search from.

Braided Men’s Bracelet:

As the name speaks braided Men’s bracelets are in the form of a braid, beautifully crafted in a perfect knot. The braided bracelets come in different braid designs making them look extremely tough and rugged. These bracelets reflect true masculinity in the way of their sturdiness and strong make.

Other Varieties of Men’s Bracelets:

Other men’s gold bracelet styles include a leather bracelet with a golden nameplate, unique and rare bracelets such as the elephant hair bracelet, lions head open bracelets, rhodium-plated bracelets, dual-tone bracelets i.e. gold and Rhodium coated.
Men’s gold bracelets in India, unlike women gold bracelets, are not made in specific workmanship, they come in three types i.e. signets, casting and plain.

Gifting Options

There are many gifting options for women like a diamond mangalsutra or gold ring and many more, however for men, out of the limited options available men’sJewellery is a great idea such as gold bracelet, rings, gold chains designs and gold watches.

Price and weight of men’s bracelet designs

Men’s gold bracelets start from 10-12gms and go up to 35-50gms. A regular wear Kada or bracelet would be in the range of 15-20gms. The higher weighted bracelets are more deign populated; however, there are also some chain and link model bracelets that weigh heavy and can be used as daily wear too.

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