Gold Rings for Men

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  1. 22K TwoTone CZ Ring VGR710
    Special Price ₹33,674 was ₹34,299
  2. 22K Men CZ Ring VGR709
    Special Price ₹27,303 was ₹27,810
  3. 22K Men CZ Ring VGR708
    Special Price ₹33,219 was ₹33,836
  4. 22K TwoTone CZ Ring VGR707
    Special Price ₹31,854 was ₹32,445
  5. 22K TwoTone CZ Ring VGR706
    Special Price ₹29,123 was ₹29,664
  6. 22K TwoTone CZ Ring VGR705
    Special Price ₹32,309 was ₹32,909
  7. 22K TwoTone CZ Ring VGR704
    Special Price ₹28,668 was ₹29,201
  8. 22K Men CZ Ring VGR703
    Special Price ₹26,393 was ₹26,883
  9. 22K TwoTone CZ Ring VGR702
    Special Price ₹28,214 was ₹28,737
  10. 22K TwoTone CZ Ring VGR701
    Special Price ₹34,584 was ₹35,226
  11. 22K TwoTone CZ Ring VGR700
    Special Price ₹38,680 was ₹39,398
  12. 22K TwoTone CZ Ring VGR699
    Special Price ₹40,955 was ₹41,715
  13. 22K TwoTone CZ Ring VGR698
    Special Price ₹36,404 was ₹37,080
  14. 22K TwoTone CZ Ring VGR697
    Special Price ₹46,870 was ₹47,741
  15. 22K TwoTone CZ Ring VGR696
    Special Price ₹33,674 was ₹34,299
  16. 22K TwoTone CZ Ring VGR695
    Special Price ₹34,584 was ₹35,226
  17. 22K TwoTone CZ Ring VGR694
    Special Price ₹36,860 was ₹37,544
  18. 22K Men CZ Ring VGR693
    Special Price ₹31,854 was ₹32,445
  19. 22K Men CZ Ring VGR692
    Special Price ₹36,404 was ₹37,080
  20. 22K TwoTone CZ Ring VGR691
    Special Price ₹45,505 was ₹46,350
  21. 22K Men CZ Ring VGR690
    Special Price ₹43,685 was ₹44,496
  22. 22K Men CZ Ring VGR689
    Special Price ₹33,219 was ₹33,836
  23. 22K Men CZ Ring VGR688
    Special Price ₹45,050 was ₹45,887
  24. 22K TwoTone CZ Ring VGR687
    Special Price ₹40,955 was ₹41,715
  25. 22K TwoTone CZ Ring VGR686
    Special Price ₹34,812 was ₹35,458
  26. 22K Men CZ Ring VGR685
    Special Price ₹37,087 was ₹37,775
  27. TwoTone CZ Gold Ring
    Special Price ₹38,680 was ₹39,398
  28. 22K TwoTone CZ Ring VGR683
    Special Price ₹30,489 was ₹31,055
  29. 22K Men CZ Ring VGR682
    Special Price ₹33,265 was ₹33,882
  30. 22K Men CZ Ring VGR681
    Special Price ₹34,220 was ₹34,855
  31. 22K Men CZ Ring VGR680
    Special Price ₹33,219 was ₹33,836
  32. 22K TwoTone CZ Ring VGR679
    Special Price ₹36,404 was ₹37,080
  33. 22K Men CZ Ring VGR678
    Special Price ₹34,584 was ₹35,226
  34. 22K Men CZ Ring VGR677
    Special Price ₹30,943 was ₹31,518
  35. 22K Men CZ Ring VGR676
    Special Price ₹31,854 was ₹32,445

35 Items

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Set Descending Direction

Mens Ring- An ultimate Gifting Choice

It is an open secret that men have very limited choices when it comes to Jewellery or for that case each one of us are left with very limited and only a handful of options to choose from. With the luxury retail fast picking every product deemed to be men’s has a sky rocketing price tag with them. One lasting choice that we all have to gift as well as to make that signature mark is through men’s fine Jewellery. Out of the restricted choices that they have, a gold ring for men is an ideal way to pamper them.

 Common settings in Mens stone rings

Type of mens ring designs available at Vaibhav Jewellers

  1. Plain gold ring: A plain gold ring is simplistic men ring design that is affordable and savvy option to gift men and to adorn as well. Coming in smaller weight ranges, these rings are pocket friendly and serve as a great gifting choice. They are a right choice to match with a minimalistically designed mens bracelet or plain gold Kada.
  2. Rings with Stone Settings:  Having talked about different type of gemstone settings, a gemstone studded mens ring is worn by many to fight the polarities of life and to bring in good luck. We at Vaibhav Jewellers offer a free gemological review where you can now find out the gemstone that suits your zodiac sign, they would also suggest your birthstones here on request.
  3. Multi Gemstone rings: These are the famous Navratnas which are famously designed for only men by some Jewellers; however we offer a range of Navratna rings for both men and woman. The typical mens ring style is a square cut ring, studded with nine gemstones called as Navratnas.
  4. Two Tone Rings: The two tone rings are famous as mens engagement rings. They are plain and sophisticated with a dash of yellow and white tones that make these selection of rings very understated yet remarkable.
  5. Platinum rings: Platinum bands are special category mens rings that are out of league. They are very simple, rich and aesthetic by the look and feel. The platinum bands are also treated as a lasting promise of your bond with special ones. Apt as engagement rings and wedding rings platinum rings are a fad in today’s times. These are undoubtedly the best rings for men that one can choose.
  6. Religious Rings: These rings hold deity in a golden entanglement. Unlike women rings, the mens religious rings are strong coming in higher weight and price ranges. Few example of typical religious rings found at Vaibhav Jewellers are Lord Balaji ring, Sai Baba ring, The Om ring, Trishul ring, Hanuman ring, the very famous Govind Rajulu ring etc.
  7. Couple Rings: This category of rings is fast catching among millennial crowd. They are ideal as anniversary gifts, engagement rings and as gifts on milestone celebrations. These couple bands come in a set each complementing the other, the Mens band rings are definitely sturdy when compared to their female counterparts.

Collections at Vaibhav

At Vaibhav Jewellers we have a varied collection of mens ring designs in gold, platinum and in dual tone too.

Weight and Price range

Price of Mens gold ring largely depends on size than design, as mens rings are always simple in design. One can easily say that they are not design centric unlike women rings. You cannot find an entire section of cocktail rings as you find under women category. Though adornment is largely a women thing, at Vaibhav Jewellers we take equal care in bringing the best for our male clientele too. Having said this, mens rings start form 4-5 grams and go upto 10gms. The starting price range would be anywhere between 8000- 15000.

Why Vaibhav Jewellers?

We as a Jeweller carry 25yrs of legacy and expertise with us, we are a 360 degree Jewellery mall having a retail presence of 55,000sqft spanning across costal Andhra and Telangana. Our 12 stores have been catering to the needs of lakhs of customers since 1994. We have many accolades to our credit for quality and innovation in the Jewellery industry. We are also proud to be an exclusive Jeweller for generations of customers and have been a trusted Jeweller for over a lakh of weddings.  Shop from a varied collection of mens gold engagement rings, plain gold rings, men’s band rings, mens emerald rings and other gemstone, Navratna rings online in different weight and price ranges. Take a look at all the latest Kadas, mens bracelets and an array of mens gold chains online. To make your gifting easy, we at Vaibhav also offer an array of benefits to our customers such as: