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Gold Drop Earrings In 22k, 18k And 14k

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Buy Gold Drop Earrings Online

Gold drop earrings are something we all see often and an important adornment for daily use. Gold drop earrings come in varying designs, workmanship, weight, and price ranges. Given the range, there are plenty of choices available in gold drop earring designs. At Vaibhav, you can view the latest gold drop designs ranging from 14Kt, 18Kt, and 22Kt purity. 

Drop earrings are preferred as daily wear as well as an occasional one. The gold drop earrings can be everything- trendy, traditional, contemporary, quirky, and highly sought-after minimalist too. Like the gold Jhumka earrings, you can find several variations like pearl drop earrings, or long drop chain earrings.

The gold pearl drop earrings are in fact heavy, loaded with design and intricate chiseling that they can be used as a bridal adornment too. Not just that another beauty about the gold drops is that they come in a broad range of designs, weight ranges, and affordable too.

Gold drop earrings can be bought online in few simple steps. If you are someone who wishes to buy only the latest and trending designs then check out online for drop earrings and choose one to get it custom made from Vaibhav Jewellers.

Gold Drop Earrings Designs

Gold drop earring designs can be from simple leaves to abstract art forms, from simple floral inspirations to geometric shapes. Gold drop earring designs are often kept simple and hence they are an effortless adornment.

Another traditional version of gold drops earrings design is the tassel variety, they are also called the chain drop earrings wherein a bunch of 2-3 thin gold chains hand to the ear stud making it look like a bubbling tassel. There are plenty of drop earrings design that can be tried or browsed online. Similarly, you can also find crystal drop earrings where a crystal is used as a drop. This crystal can be either a pure white one or a matching color of your choice that is interchangeable with any other colors, it can also be detached from the stud. 

Long drop earrings are another variety that one should try. The length is what makes them ideal for cocktail parties, festivals, and western wear too.  You can search gold long drop chain earrings online to get an idea of the length, variations, dresses that they go well with, and styling tips. You can also look for gold Chandbali earrings and gold hanging earrings that are also close to gold drops.

Long gold drops

Gold long drop chain earrings are particularly very famous for the sheer length they have. They can be well accessorized with cocktail dresses,  party wear and fusion wear too. Long drop earrings in gold can you next buy considering their fanciness and ease of styling. You can now search for long drop earrings gold on our site and be amazed at the number of styles we have to offer. 

Rose gold drop Earrings

At Vaibhav, you can find plenty of options in gold drops such as the rose gold drop earrings bridal version that is cool and jazzy. Something that you can accessorize to any other social events, parties, and next-door functions. Another version are the rose gold pearl drop earrings, where a single pearl hanging will be rimmed to the drop making it swing in sync with you. The rose gold pearl drop earrings can be perfectly worn with casual and party wear.  

List of Popular Dangle Earrings @ Vaibhav Jewellers


Gold Drops Earrings Price and Weight

On our online portal, you can view the latest gold drop earrings designs with weight and price. A transparent gold drops earrings with price and break up is given explaining the cost in detail. The gold drop earrings with price can be varying with weight and design. They start from as low as INR 8,000 for a 14kt 1.7gms weighted piece. Drop earrings are available in the purity 14kt, 18kt, and 22kt. With a variety of design, range, purity, and price ranges shopping for gold drops are now simple.

Small drop earrings or long drop earrings in gold there are a number of designs that one can find in this earrings category. Unlike gold Sui Dhaga earrings that are simple and lightweight, you can find gold earrings drop designs in lightweight as well as heavy ones. 

Given the wide variety in design, weight ranges gold drop earrings are affordable by one and all. Gold drops are also the smartest way to gift your loved one. Precious gifts such as these are a great way to present someone with.

With today’s gold price you can view a range of gold drops online and get them delivered straight to an address of your choice. 

List of Popular Drop Earrings @ Vaibhav Jewellers

Product Name

Weight Range in gms

Price Range

22K Golden Ball Drop Earrings


8000 To 138000

22K Gold Chime Drop Earrings


8000 To 138000

22k Stylish Mayur CZ and Pearl Gold Drop Earrings


8000 To 138000

Vaibhav Jewellers 18K Yellow Gold Drops Earrings VER-2053


8000 To 138000

22K Yellow Gold Drops Earrings 80DG6078


8000 To 138000


Gold Drops Earring Models Catalogue

You can now reach our Jewellery experts to request for Gold drop earrings catalogue for viewing additional designs such as pearl drop earrings, mesh designs, gemstone drops, diamond-studded drops, simple gold vanity drops, clover gold drops, floral gold drops, and many more. You can also request to custom-make if you have a design in mind. 

The latest gold drop earrings designs can now be viewed in mere minutes in your inbox by simply reaching our Jewellery experts. You can request to view gold stud earrings or any other earring model that has caught your attention. All this in a choice of price range or a certain design. Our Jewellery experts will leave you with digital designs of women's drop earrings as per your preference.

You can also try your hands-on stone drop earrings too for adding a splash of color to your Jewellery chest. The gemstone variant in any earrings style is a wise way to accentuate your style 

Gold Drops Earring Collection by Vaibhav Jewellers

Simple floral imprints to abstract designs, from nature, inspired shapes to geometric angles- At Vaibhav,  you can shop every type of gold drops earring designs such as the long drop chain earrings or the gold pearl drop earrings with the assurance of free domestic shipping, purity, quality and BIS hallmark. 

We carry a legacy of 25years in the Jewellery industry and this clearly reflects in our designs and service quality. Our highly learned Jewellery experts are always at the forefront in enriching offering the best customer experience.

Buying drop earrings online is now super easy in few simple steps and easy payment options. Without burning a hole in the pocket you can reach our Jewellery experts on buying gold hoop earrings or gold dangle earrings or any other Jewellery item that is dear to you on EMI too. 


What is a gold drop pearl earring?

A gold drop with a south sea pearl is often termed as a gold drop pearl earring. They are designed independently, a gold drop pearl earring can have more than one pearl also depending on the size of the gold drop.

How is gold drop different from normal earrings?

A gold drop is often designed in a falling pattern with a dangle, whereas a classic gold earring can be made in different patterns. The drop can be a simple golden orb, pearl, gold tassel, or gemstone too. It primarily has a dangle that moves.

What is the ideal price to buy gold drop earrings?

The price largely varies on the design, purity, and weight. We have varying purity levels starting from 14KT, 18KT and 22KT. The price of gold drop earrings starts from INR 7,000.

Best suitable weight and carat to buy gold drops?

There is no ideal weight or carat to buy gold drops as it depends on your taste and preference. But to help you hop better we suggest you evaluate your use, for example, if it is for a wedding or bridal wear then you can opt for gold drops with higher purity and weight ranges. Ideal daily use and office use can be of 14KT and 18KT also.