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Gold Pachi Necklace
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Pachi Necklace Online For Bridal Wear

Pachchikam, aka Pachi, is a particular jewellery making style. This craftsmanship had its roots in Kutch centuries ago. Still, records state that the Pachi jewellery was enhanced by European nobility in the early 16th century. We at Vaibhav Jewellers present a new version of this craft that is a fusion of both. If you take a look at our Pachi work necklace, you will find a solid ethnic background. It also resembles the type of Pachi necklace sets typically found in paintings of British dignitaries. 

The method of crafting a Pachi gold necklace is intricate, labour exhaustive and time-taking. The beauty and artistic appeal of a Pachi necklace lie in its inherent crudeness. Since Pachichikam jewellery appears to be heavy, they are ideal only for special occasions and celebrations. Now buy your Pachi necklace online with a few clicks. Wear matching Pachi women gold bangles with your gorgeous neckpiece. It is the quickest way to perk up your style. Keep your make-up as subtle and earthy as possible, and you are all set to steal the spotlight. 

Stylish Pachi Necklaces Design

Pachi work necklace bears striking resemble the Kundan jewellery of Jaipur. How? They both involve detailed stonework using single un-cut diamonds called Polkis and different semi-precious stones. However, if you look closely, you'll notice that the work on a Pachi necklace seems cruder and more fragile than Kundan. The former is more affordable than the latter. We possess an array of Pachi necklace sets that will channel out your inner diva in no time.

Floral Design

For centuries, flowers have been an essential part of the beauty arena. Thus, it is not surprising that floral-themed fine jewellery is a big hit among women these days. Our Four-Strand Pearl and Floral Necklace is a live example of it. This statement necklace is an artistic wonder that showcases a perfect amalgamation of metal, stones and gems. The Emerald Bloom Necklace set, Polki and Pearl Gold Necklace also share a similar flowery pattern. Such designer Pachi necklace sets have been an outstanding choice for women who prefer to experiment with their look and add a twist to the traditional outfit.

Pearl Cluster Design

The Pearl cluster design Pachi work necklace is a staple accessory. It is one of those timeless, romantic pieces that'll be admired long after other trends have slumped away. Check out our Divine Pearl Cluster Pachi Gold Necklace. This piece highlights a contemporary take on classic patterns. The huge Ganesha locket at the centre, embellished with gold and Polki, bears the old era charisma. In contrast, tiny pearls are being arranged together, reminiscent of a fresh flirty and fun mood.

Graceful Framework Design

Graceful Framework Gold Necklace is another example of excellent craftsmanship. Crafted in elaborate curvature, this delicate Pachi necklace is laden in gold, Polki, ruby pota and emerald. The gold rudrakshas act as extra pops to the overall design. It can make heads turn when worn by you, and the heartbeat goes frantic seeing your mesmerising beauty. To spice up the appearance, wear a pair of women gold earrings with it. 

Dainty Beads Pachi Necklace Design

From time to time beads are also used in Pachi jewellery. These may be glass, gemstones, metal, wood, shells, etc. The Dainty Beads Pachi necklace set in our collection can leave anyone hypnotised. It is primarily made of pink fancy seed beads accompanied by a beautiful fusion of Polki, gold, emeralds and diamonds.

Pachi Necklace Collection at Vaibhav Jewellers

Our love for Pachi jewellery is not new. We have treasured it and celebrated it from time immemorial. Be it a classic necklace setting perfectly on your collarbone or a long neckpiece, Pachi never fails to impress. With a creative coalition of precious and semi-precious stones - you will look majestic in a real gold Pachi necklace sets fiesta. Our collection of Pachi jewellery is truly one of a kind. From Pachi Kundan set to Pachi women gold pendant, we have something for everyone. Let's learn what we have in our necklace section.

Lakshmi Devi Pachi Necklace

There are different types of women gold necklace designs. And the goddess Lakshmi Devi Pachi necklace is one of the most popular ones. We highly suggest three notable names from this group, i.e.22K Gold CZ Lakshmi Devi Necklace, 22K Precious Gold Astalakshmi Necklace and Auspicious Coral Lakshmi Haram. These necklaces are adorned with colourful gems, stones, beads and prominent Lakhmi motifs, symbolising a heritage of excellence and attention to detail. We must admit that the sheer elegance of these neckpieces can take your entire look to a whole new different level.

Minakari Pachi Necklace

Rajasthani Minakari plays a pivotal role in shaping beautiful designs and carving modern-day jewellery. Whether you're looking for gaudy Pachi Kundan jewellery or simple Pachi Kundan Mina jewellery, shopping with us will leave you satisfied. Our collection of Minakari jewellery online comes from the home of our skilled artisans. For example, have a look at our exquisite 22K Jadavu Minakari Necklace. The design is bright and eye-catching. In a nutshell, this necklace is a complete style statement. 

Dainty Beads Pachi Necklace

Apart from stones and gems, beads also play a significant role in Pachi jewellery making. Beads made of glass, gemstones, metal, wood, shells, etc., are pretty regular. The Dainty Beads Pachi necklace set in our collection can leave anyone hypnotised. It is primarily made of fancy pink tiny beads accompanied by a beautiful fusion of Polki, gold, emeralds and diamonds. Multi-Strand Necklace Set, Agate Pachi Gold Necklace Set are two more notable designs of this category.

Ruby Emerald Pachi Necklace

Both our Ruby Emerald Necklace and Ruby Emerald Medley Haram with the intricate Pachi design look ravishing. They have the power to ornate you in divine beauty. They carry a harmonious blend of a variety of colours including red, green, white and gold. What’s more? Such vibrant design works well for any attire and complexion. 

If you are a fan of traditional women gold lockets, browse through our latest updates. We have some extraordinary pieces there to help you carry a stylish look.

Vaibhav Jewellers is your one-stop destination for the most desirable Pachi Kundan jewellery online shopping experience. And when we talk about this specific craftsmanship, Kundan Motif Gold Necklace is worth a mention. The pattern is arresting with a beautiful blend of traditional and modern ideas. While the black thread represents an old-world charm, the colourful attachments in artistic shapes exude a contemporary vibe.

Check out Pachi Necklace by Price and Weight

We have all our Pachi necklace designs with price and weight sorted and displayed on our site to make things simpler. You might be walking down the aisle taking your wedding vows, or you could be the bridesmaid. Either way, your choice of Pachi necklace designs would raise your societal status and highlight your divine aura.

Price Range from 1.7 Lac to 11 Lac

Whether you're looking to stash your jewellery box with lots of high baubles or with affordable finds, this price range has it all. Every necklace showcased here is a masterpiece on its own, with its design, vibe and aura. Handcrafted in gold and uncut diamond, studded with precious and semi-precious gems and stones, Pachi necklaces have the expertise to rock any look. A few names from the list are Kundan Motif Gold Necklace, 22K Jadavu Minakari Necklace, Four-Strand Pearl, Floral Necklace, and Multi-Strand Necklace Set, Agate Pachi Gold Necklace Set, Ruby Emeralds Medley Haram, Polki and Pearl Gold Necklace, Ruby Emerald Necklace and all that.

Women gold haram is in vogue these days. Browse through our Pachi haram designs with price and pick up the right piece for you. Let the richness of your haram make many heads turn as you step outside with élan. 

Weight Range from 5 gram to more than 90 Gram

Other than the purity of the metal, weight is another significant factor that needs to be considered while making a purchase. The usual range starts from 5 grams, but for heavy pieces like Pachi necklaces, the minimum weight starts from 20 grams and can go above 90 grams. The more the weight, the more the price!

Pachi necklace is indeed your go-to piece for all sorts of traditional wear! Pair it with a charming women gold bracelet to cement your status as a modern style icon.

Benefits of Shopping Pachi Necklace from Vaibhav Jewellers

There are a lot of benefits to shopping for Pachi work necklaces with us at Vaibhav Jewellers. Here are some of them:

Shop Online:-

Due to the rise of COVID-19, the conditions of going outside are very risky, and we understand that people are a little skeptical to go outside to purchase Jewellery. So, we have made a website where you can shop online so that instead of you going outside, we will bring things to your doorstep.

Free 15 day return policy:-

We understand that mistakes happen. For example, you may not be satisfied with the Pachi Necklace you got from us. If your product is damaged or broken, you can return it within 15 days from the date of purchase. Do read the terms and conditions listed under the return policy before moving ahead.

State of the art Live video shopping:-

Even online shopping has its downsides. You can't tell how big is ‘too big’ by just numbers. As a solution, you can do Live Video Shopping to see your favourite Pachi Kundan Jewellery online for better decision making.

EMI Facility:-

If you have a minor financial acute and cannot afford the total price in one day, we can give you time. You can Shop on EMI to pay us every month. All you need to do is follow some terms and conditions and pay a sum of money upfront. With this, you can pay small parts of the cost every month until the total amount is paid.