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Gold Necklace
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Gold Necklace for Women

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Buy Gold Necklace Online Collection

Buying a necklace has always been a pleasureful experience given the number of options, designs, price ranges, weight, and several variations available in today’s time. Several gold necklace patterns have cropped up in recent times. The new model gold necklace is very different from the regular traditional models i.e. they are lightweight, trendy, and simple. For those of you who prefer minimal designs then the lightweight gold necklace designs with price can be viewed online. For those of you who prefer to keep in small, the short necklace designs in gold are apt. Similarly, a number of necklace designs with price can now be viewed online to budget your purchase well in advance. 

Alternately, if there is an image of a simple gold necklace with price and weight that swept you off, you custom make it with us. Selecting a gold necklace design with price and weight gives a fair idea of the break up of gold, making charges, value addition, applicable GST etc. While a gold necklace comes in varying sizes in terms of design, it can also come in varying lengths. You can also search from the latest gold long necklace set designs with price to a super cool, powerful gold choker design. 

The choice of gold necklaces is practically unlimited, with the refreshing range that is available you are sure to find your coveted piece with us. Not just that you can also choose from different workmanship,  weight ranges, and design themes like the florals, gemstones, abstract models, asymmetric etc.

Types of Gold Necklace Designs

Necklace designs in gold with weight is a common sight you tend to see everywhere but what's trending is definitely not something most of us come to know regularly. We at Vaibhav make sure each of our customers is updated on the latest gold necklace designs with price and weight through our newsletters and various other social media channels.

Vaibhav is home to every kind of designer gold necklace set, fancy gold necklace designs, office wear lightweight necklace designs and many more. We are also famous for our bridal collection, these heavy gold necklaces are design populated, they come in varying workmanship, temple designs, varying price and weight ranges too.

Wondering where to search online for gold necklace set with weight, simply log on to our portal and visit the gold necklace page. You can apply the filters to zero down your search in terms of required price, weight and designs. For example: if you wish to see the lightweight gold necklace with price use the filters to refine your search further. Similarly, you can also search for long necklace gold designs with prices to view all the designs.

Plain Gold Necklace Designs: Simple and small designs in gold have a lot to offer to the attire, they can be worn as a second adornment, can be worn for smaller occasions too. The lightweight gold necklace sets is gaining momentum in all social and cultural events for the ease of wearing and the price factor they are tagged at.

Antique Gold Necklace Designs: Want to bring relics to life, then it's time you own an antique necklace. Browse from our range of antique necklaces and bring home the beauty of aging. Antique necklaces can be adorned for weddings, can be used as bridal wear or for any festivities at home.

Polki Gold Necklace Designs: Bring home the glitter of Polki, designed to allure Polki necklace add a dash of glamour to your attire. You can mix and match Polki necklaces with a plain gold haram or Polki necklace with a simple pearl mala. Polki necklace goes best on a Kanjeevaram and even on a bridal lehenga equally. They can be your perfect partner for Haldi, Mehandi functions along with household ceremonies.

Temple Gold Necklace Designs: You can now bring the ancient sculptures to your jewelry box with our temple necklaces. These are featured Bridal Jewellery editions that you can’t miss owning. Shop from the comfort of your home for heavy necklaces in temple workmanship and bring home the pleasure of a handmade item. You can most commonly see a Lakshmi motif necklace in this workmanship.

Ruby Emerald Gold Necklace Designs: Every woman should have at least one gold stone necklace, maybe a ruby, CZs or emerald necklace or a combination of all the three in her Jewellery chest for the sheer fact that they can be worn on every attire. The ruby emerald necklaces along with gold earrings for women are usually laced in floral, paisleys and other similar traditional patterns. These are perfect for evening parties, get-togethers, house warming functions and on all festive occasions.

Pachi Gold Necklace Designs: Pachi necklaces are the end result of labor-intensive and time-consuming workmanship of Indian Karigars. They are traditionally called Pachchikam workmanship, where first a silver encasing is made on which gold is cast or stones are studded. They are perfect for evening celebrations, receptions, weddings, and other religious events.

Long Gold Necklace Designs: Gold long necklace designs are the ones that come in longer lengths than the usual necklaces. They come in between 8 to 12 inches in length, they are also called semi harams by some Jewellers. The long necklace sets offer a mixed package, they are both apt as bridal wear and festive wear. The long gold necklace designs are usually made of motifs along the length of the necklace such as the peacock motifs, Lakshmi Devi motifs, kasulu or guttapusalu to name a few. These designs are intricate artworks, they are also found in different workmanship such as antique, temple, Pachi etc.

Short Gold Necklace Designs: Attractive, affordable and trendy the short gold necklaces account to the largest chunk of purchased items in gold. Unlike any other item, the gold necklace price is more cost-effective as they come in different weight and design ranges. A short gold necklace design can be made in as low as 10-15gms making them a good bargain. The shorter models can be plain with a small running pendant or small designs that run along the length of the necklace. They come in floral vines models, blossomed flowers, abstract forms of designs etc.

Traditional Gold Necklace Designs: Traditional necklace sets preserve the grace of our Indian heritage. They are populated with temple designs or the authentic design of the place they come from. Some of the traditional gold necklace designs borrow their art from the age-old designs such as Lakshmi kasu mala, guttapulsalu, gullaperu, chandraharalu, palakasarulu etc. At Vaibhav, you will see a refreshing range of traditional necklace sets that come along with complementing earrings and bangles too. A traditional necklace is a great addition to our jewellery collection. You can adorn them on sarees, lehengas and fusion wear too.

Vaibhav Jewellers is home to a classic collection of stunning gold necklace sets that depict our royalty of the bygone era. You can now view the necklace set with price and weight along with adorning them online with our virtual try-on option in just a few clicks. The choice of gold necklaces for women are many, you can select them as per occasion, weight, price and even by the workmanship of your preference. There is a welcoming range of choker necklace sets that come with a pair of charming earrings. The chokers come in pure gold, in a combination of stones, south sea pearls, CZs, polkis and many more bridal gold necklace set designs that are simply blissful.

Gold necklace designs for women have changed in the recent past. They are no longer heavy, typical, and traditional all the time. Instead, they are now replaced by smart, unique, lightweight designs which can be used casually too. There are varying types of gold chains that are broad, thick, decked with orbs & dangles to which an empowering gold pendant can be added.

Numerous gold necklace designs are available online, here is to help you classify the necklace as per the size and occasion. Presenting you with a world of gold necklace models and designs that are suitable for every occasion. Browse through our latest gold jewellery and stay trendy.

Gold Necklace Set for Women

Another impressive range of the latest necklace designs is stone-studded necklaces. These are simple gold necklace designs that offer an attractive look, they come in with a single stone studding or in combination. The most sought after are the Ruby, emeralds, corals, and fusion of stones- the navratnas. Stone necklace designs are usually heavy in comparison to pure gold necklaces as they carry the stone weight too. Antique necklaces and the gold stone necklace designs offer a streak of supremacy over the others, making them ideal bridal wear. If you are a bride-to-be then do not miss to explore our latest collection of gold necklace collection.

Find going outside to a jewellery store too risky? Want a safer alternative to buy gold jewellery for an occasion? Need something urgent? Do not worry; Vaibhav Jewellers enables you to buy a gold necklace online!

To buy gold necklace online, all you need to do is go to our website which we update every day with the catalogue we have in our physical stores. On this website, you can look for a gold necklace to fit your occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, and more. You can look for specific prices to go with your budget to find something cheaper. Not only that, but you can also purchase gold bracelets to match your brand new necklace. You can also browse through our Gold Mangalsutra collection. We have gold jewellery of 18k and 22k purity and weights ranging from 5 grams to 50 grams if you prefer something thinner and compact instead. Our gold necklace prices range from ₹ 36,000 to ₹ 2,000,000. We not only have the latest trendy designs, but we also have traditional and antique necklace designs. Not only that, but you can also try out our video shopping, where we connect you to an agent who will show you the necklaces through video! You can also try your favourite necklace gold virtually right from your home.

Checkout Gold Necklace Price with Weight

Beware of any fraud or duplicity store, while buying a gold necklace. Always check out the Gold necklace price with weight before purchasing it. Generally, shopkeepers or big stores manifest wrong gold necklace prices according to its weight, so it's advised to check the weight advancing towards payment. You can find a wide range of gold necklace with price and weight Vaibhav jewelers. 

They have a huge collection of gold necklace design for wedding and gold pendants. If you’ll go to the market for buying the original standard of the gold necklace set then you may find some fraudster, who’ll provide you the low-quality gold but will charge the full price. To prevent this situation from happening, you can go for an online purchase from Vaibhav jewelers. 

On their official website, you can find gold necklace designs in 10 grams with price and 12-gram gold necklace designs with price. During the time of the wedding, we see a lot of glittery environment due to the jewelry display of several women, and to escalate this glamour, Vaibhav jewelry is here for you. They have a quality collection of gold neck design and gold necklace set to help you out with the right choice of selection. 

The chances of getting the original value of gold from a microscale market. Vaibhav jewelers offer flexible gold jewelry at a nominal cost. You can also pick out the best and quality marriage 10-gram gold necklace designs with price and 5 gram gold necklace designs with price.


Collection of Gold Necklaces at Vaibhav Jewellers

Want a unique Gold necklace for your special gold occasions? Vaibhav Jewellers has your back with the latest Gold necklace designs, which will make you the star of the show!

Our outstanding necklace designs will give you the shine you need on any special occasion, and at any time you need it! Our website can help you browse for the most beautiful gold necklace design we have in store for you! You can also filter between the latest gold necklace set designs with prices and weight on our website to find that specific necklace for your needs! For example, we have a 22K Gold temple necklace, a 22K Precious Gold Ramdarbar necklace, including more to choose from! 

We have available for you some of the most beautiful traditional South Indian gold necklace design you need! For example, we have a 22k gold Antique Nagash Necklace, a 22K Antique Cow and Calf Gold Necklace, and more for you to browse! We have necklaces of 22k and 18k purity of gold. Our weight range goes from 5 grams to 50 grams. We even have budgeted necklaces you can purchase without haggling. We have easy EMI options too; you can choose to pay a sum of cash monthly until you reach the total cost. 

As for trying out our necklace gold designs, we have a virtual try-on so you can try out the necklaces you're interested in buying digitally. Want something to match with your new necklace? Please have a look at our gold jewellery rings collection and our gold jewellery earring collection as well! 

Are you interested in gold chains? We have a collection of the most beautiful chains as well!

Interested in some necklaces other than gold? We have diamond necklaces you can browse through as well, as we are well aware that there are two separate communities for diamond and gold jewellery. We have a diamond necklace set price in India. When buying jewellery you should embrace every opportunity to stand out. Our Diamond necklace price in India ranges from ₹ 60,000 to ₹ 40, 00,000.  Each piece is designed to radiate excellence in every aspect of your personality.

Latest Gold Necklace for Wedding and Anniversaries

 In India, a wedding is celebrated as a grand occasion, with lots of decoration and observance. During this period, women try to display their beauty queen look with jewelry added to their resemblance. Vaibhav jewelers bring you the ultimate collection of marriage and anniversary jewelry. Their collection includes varieties of bridal gold necklace designs for marriage and antique gold necklace designs for anniversaries.

Gold necklaces and gold necklaces set are the centers of attraction for most women during the time of weddings and marriages. There is a wide range of marriage bridal gold necklace designs available in the market, but what’s the surety of refined gold? For your assistance, Vaibhav jewelers are offering refined and unmixed gold mangalsutra and gold necklace at a modest price. 

You can take a look at a wide range of gold necklace design for wedding.  An Indian wedding is full of lasting celebrations and elaborate preparation for food, fun, etc. The most precious jewels and wardrobe. Women flaunt their beauty with attractive gold necklace jewelry and gold necklace set. 

They search for numerous gold necklace design in the market but are unable to find one of their choices. But there’s a twist in the story, Vaibhav jewelry presents an extensive collection of gold necklace design for wedding and gold mangalsutra. 

Buy Gold Necklace Jewellery on EMI

Here is a chance for you to buy a necklace set on EMI. Vaibhav Jewellers in association with JewelFina offers its customers with EMI option on studded gold & diamond Jewellery. You can now reach our customer care to know more details or visit our online portal for details.

Customize Gold Necklace Set: Wondering where to buy a gold necklace set of your choice - Vaibhav Jewellers now brings you the customization of gold necklaces sets as per your taste and preferences. Like something online?? Give us the necklace design image and we will recreate the same for you. We also take orders to redesign a plain neckpiece to a beautiful diamond necklace as per your choice.