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Gold Temple Necklace

Long And Short Gold Temple Necklace In 22K For Women

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Temple Gold Necklace Online For South Indian Bridal

Temple sets jewellery has been an inherent part of a South Indian woman's jewellery box. Temple set gold jewellery draws its inspiration from historic architecture, paintings and statues of temples, gods and goddesses. Right now, the Temple jewellery necklace is all the rage. However, it's never a great idea to thoughtlessly follow anything which is on-trend. Flip through our latest stock of Temple necklaces, pick up the right one for yourself and create your own style statement instead.

Temple necklace is predominantly made of gold and embellished with beautiful gems and stones. This craftsmanship is recognised as one of the most exquisite and dramatic forms of traditional South Indian jewellery. We have an extensive collection of Temple Jewellery— from chic women gold bangles to earrings, Vanki (armlets), Vaddanam (waist belts) to suit your taste. As mentioned above, a Temple gold necklace is usually chunky and heavy; it is more suitable for grand occasions like weddings. 

Stylish Temple Necklaces Design

You can never go wrong with gold Temple jewellery designs! In the Southern part of India, such craftsmanship can be seen in all types of ornament worn from head to toe. 

From the elaborate designs exhibiting Hindu gods and goddesses to ideas inspired by the stone carvings on the walls of the temples like elephants, peacocks, mangoes, swans, crocodiles, lotus and other natural figures, Temple jewellery necklace design possesses an unusual grace. Whether it is a Kamar bandh, Maang Tikka, Jadas, toe rings, finger rings, bangles, necklaces, or women gold earrings, temple jewellery is believed to invoke divine presence in everything.

Temple design gold necklace has been a staple at wedding functions and formal events. Indeedy! Exquisitely crafted and studded with colourful gems, there're multiple designs that work well with traditional apparel!

Floral Design

Floral patterns in Temple design necklace gold are in trend. Usually, lotus is a regular motif in a floral Temple design necklace gold.  The lotus is profoundly symbolic. It signifies the soul's evolution from the primaeval mud of materialism through the water of knowledge and into the glorious sunshine of wisdom. Other than lotus, many other floral patterns are also being used in Temple gold necklace designs by modern designers. Each floral Temple design necklace is a sparkling example of intricate design in colourful gems ranging from traditionally deep, rich hues to delicate colours. It brings out the art in the look.

Traditional Design

The traditional Temple design necklace set is bulky and chunky, inscribed with intricate designs of deities, temple tops and religious figurines. As temple jewellery is making a massive comeback to the fashion milieu, we have developed lighter alternatives, maintaining the traditional look at its best. Our 22K Gold Temple Necklace series is a great example. Decorated with multicoloured gems, they are the new favourites for all for upgrading desi getups. Why not? They steal the spotlight everywhere you go. 

Beads Temple Necklace Design

Apart from stones and gems, beads also play a major role in Temple jewellery making. The 22k temple pendant necklace is indeed a delicate piece that is worth a mention here. Suppose a classic necklace seems too flashy for you. In that case, this is a simple yet excellent substitute that will have you looking superb at your next grand event. This Temple gold necklace is primarily made of fancy white seed beads and gold beads. The oversized Goddess Lakshmi pendant embellished with colourful gems is the actual showstopper here.

Temple necklace has always been an essential part of a South Indian bride's wedding day look. Owing to its charisma, it has also paved its way to many other brides' bridal vestures. 

Temple Necklace Collection at Vaibhav Jewellers

Temple jewellery is a preeminent and vital asset of South Indian jewellery. As the name suggests, these artistic delights exude a religious vibe —the faces of gods and goddesses, religious figurines and many more elements. Our Temple Jewellery collection is among one of our crafted treasures. Each piece holds a timeless charm, made out of pure gold and embedded with precious and semiprecious stones and gems. Let's take a look at our exclusive selections of a Temple jewellery necklace set. Ideally, a Temple jewellery necklace comes with elaborate designs showcasing deities or royal symbols. We have everything from Temple jewellery long necklace, Temple choker necklace to Temple beaded necklace and Temple haar design, to enhance your beautiful neckline. 

Temple Pendant Necklace

The 22k temple pendant necklace is indeed a fine piece of Temple jewellery necklace set. This beaded jewellery with a heavy pendant is genuinely incredible. The large, oversized Goddess Laxmi women gold locket creates a focal point here without overwhelming the beauty of the beads. It is handcrafted diligently by skilled jewellers and artisans.  

Temple Laxmi Necklace

Among all the characters, the most popular carving is Devi Lakshmi. Our Temple Lakshmi Gold Necklace is like a divine intrusion in fashion. The gold-coin women gold necklace has some attractive intricate detailing. The defined Gajalakshmi motif at the centre makes this piece of jewellery more exquisite. Another name from this list is 22K Gold Temple Necklace. A gorgeous arrangement of 13 gold Lakshmi figures decorated with colourful gems. Other than this, we also have Temple Lakshmi Devi Women Gold Pendant, which you can wear with a simple gold chain to any traditional function.

Temple Choker necklace

Versatile, stunning and harkening to an era gone by – a temple jewellery choker necklace is the type of ornament that can upgrade the simplest of traditional outfits. There are a few marvellous chokers in our temple jewellery section like Temple Choker Necklace, 22K Antique Gold Choker, 22k Antique Gold Temple Choker etc. Each of these statement pieces illustrates how intertwined fashion and art are. Have a look at Vaibhav Jewellers' 22K Gold Temple choker necklace. It combines classic style with contemporary designs. This temple choker features numerous gold balls at the bottom and the Lord Krishna motif at the centre. The complete intricate work all over the body of this neckpiece crafts a classy look. If chokers are not your cup of tea, go for a pretty long Temple necklace. Crafted to perfection, the tiny detailing given to these long neckpieces is also equally extraordinary!

Check Out Temple Necklace by Price and Weight

Trends come and go. Designs become an instant hit and then fade away. But one thing remains steady – the love for traditional jewellery, such as Temple jewellery. The timeless and classic charm of Temple Jewellery has been a central part of a woman's jewellery case in the Southern part of India.  

All said and done! Many people still get hesitant about purchasing a Temple necklace! The reason is simple—the continuous rise in the gold price. How to overcome such dilemmas? All you need is a few little nuggets of knowledge. It will ensure that your Gold Temple necklace designs with price offer the best value for money without upsetting your budget!

Price Range from 2.5 Lac to 10 Lac

The price will increase in line with the purity in the karat, as well. The purer the gold is, the bigger the price tag. Depending on the intricacy of the piece, our Temple jewellery gold necklace price ranges anywhere from 2.5 Lac to 5 Lac, and it can go up to 10 lac.

Weight Range from 5 gram to more than 90 Gram

The Temple jewellery necklace set with the price may grow exponentially as the ornament's weight gets heavy. Our weight starts from 50 grams and can go above 90 grams. We also have excellent women gold haram that will add to your beauty and make you look like a gorgeous diva.

You can pair them with a pair of elegant gold Temple bangles to complete the look. If bangles are not your thing, try something from our stunning women gold bracelets.
Temple jewellery necklace is highly customisable, too. However, the customisation can take between a few days or months, depending on the complexity of the design.

Benefits of Shopping Temple Necklace at Vaibhav Jewellers

Temple Jewellery is an essential part of prayer due to it being designed in various forms of Gods and Goddesses. You can buy it from any jewellery store, and they have a lot of benefits. So, here are the benefits of shopping for a Temple necklace set online with us at Vaibhav Jewellers. 

Shop Online:

Due to the global pandemic, it has been challenging to go outside to buy jewellery due to potential health risks. We understand that, and we have developed a website so you can purchase temple necklaces online safely.

Free 15 day return policy:

With every helpful thing, there are disadvantages. We understand we can tend to make mistakes. That is why we have a fifteen-day return policy. If you are dissatisfied with your necklace or damaged somehow, you can return it for free within fifteen days after purchase.

State of art Live Video Shopping:

Shopping online has its disadvantages, and one of them is choosing the perfect jewellery in every way. You cannot know how big is too big just by mere numbers. However, we have a live video shopping option where an employee will walk you through video calls as a fix. 

EMI Facility:

Due to the pandemic, there has been a financial acute, and you may not be able to pay off the entire cost of your necklace upfront. Fret not! You can shop on EMI instead, where you can pay a fragment of the total cost every month. All you need to do is accept some terms and conditions and spend a little money upfront.