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Diwali is around the corner. We all want to look jaw-droppingly beautiful, aren’t we? Diwali gives us a lot of chances to dress up like a diva and steal the entire spotlight. So, Vaibhav Jewellers brings you an incredible collection of jewellery for Diwali. Those who love to effortlessly pull an attractive festive look with an ethnic quotient in your style must try our sparkling Diwali jewellery collection. The global jewellery market has witnessed continuous growth in the past few years. While traditional designs remain prevalent, there has been a transformation towards minimalist designs. Keeping that in mind, our master jewellers created a fusion of gold and precious stones, gold and fancy stones, and gold with other metals. Be it an earring or a pair of gold bangles, a lightweight version of each jewellery piece is available in our collection. If picking up suitable jewellery seems to be a challenge for you, fret not! We have got you covered. Our jewellery experts are there to walk you through our jewellery Diwali collection and guide you to select what suits you the best.

Diwali Collection Category

Gold Kids Earrings

Diwali is a time to glow. Jewellery plays the most vital role to do so. Suppose you are looking for some of the most brilliant Diwali jewellery designs to shine this festive season. In that case, Vaibhav Jewellers can be your all-inclusive store. 

What do we have for you?

Diamond Earrings

Women's love for a diamond is all in rage. How about adding up some sparkle to your ears? It would be best if you pair your festive look with diamond earrings. We have something for everyone from studs to antique earrings beautifully studded with diamond. When wearing a casual look, go for the more oversized earring to steal all the attention. Even tiny earrings won't be a complete disappointment if you know how to carry them. Wear a bold necklace with them to top the fashion scoreboard.

Gold Mangalsutra

Our fine and designer mangalsutras are made of high-quality gold, beads and stones. The length also varies from model to model. The long ones with heavy work are most appropriate for grand events. At festivals like Diwali, they blend perfectly with a celebratory mood. In contrast, the short mangalsutras are suitable for all occasions – formal or informal. You can pair them with a beautiful pair of gold earrings to stand out in the crowd.  

Gold Chain

If you don't like to wear a gold necklace, try wearing a stunning gold chain from Vaibhav Jewellers. Our collection is extensive and unique. The designs are perfect to wear when attending something casual like a Diwali party. Our gold chains can enhance the look of an informal outfit and still appear pronounced in an outdoor setting. There are simple gold chains, rope gold chains, Thali gold chains, Fancy gold chains for women. Similarly, we have simple, everyday wear, rope and fancy gold chains for our male clientele. 

Gold Polki Studs

When you want to keep your festival jewellery fashion game on without disturbing your traditional side, a gold Polki stud is your perfect pick. Introduced to India by the great Mughals, Polki is one of the most conventional jewellery designs. The Polki stones are uncut, unfinished diamonds directly collected from mining which impart refinement and attractiveness to the jewellery pieces. For Diwali, pair up your festival attire with scintillating gold Polki studs to grab every drop of the spotlight.

Gold Pendant

Our gold pendants are attractive and chic. Also, they are super affordable. Name Gold Pendants. Alphabet Gold Pendant, Mythological Gold Pendant, Oversized Gold Pendants are a few popular categories of our pendant collection. CZ pendants are another fun addition to this! Yes, an inexperienced eye can never distinguish between a natural diamond and a CZ diamond pendant. Team up a gold pendant with gold chains and wear them over sarees, kurtas, denim, gowns and even LBDs and give people around you some actual fashion goals. 

Gold Rings

A unique and fashionable gold ring adds beauty to your appearance. Match the festivities around you by wearing colourful gold ring on your finger! Vaibhav Jewellers' vast range is sure to lure you. If you are love to keep things low-key, try our bespoke white gold ring designs that appeal to you with their matte finish and ultimate brilliance.  For someone searching for a perfect gift for their teenage daughter or relative, the simple gold ring patterns for girls are sure to sweep you off. Go the bold route with gorgeous, sparkly gemstones – think rubies, emeralds and make them shine on your finger. Our rings are available in various purities, sizes, designs, and weight ranges. They are all you can ask for charming, attractive, and, to top it all, coming at a great price. 

Gold Coin

Gold coins top the list when it comes to gifting something valuable to your loved ones on Diwali. We have a wide range of gold coins in 999 gold purity, ranging from 1 to 10 grams. Either you can make an in-store purchase or book gold coins online, pay, and get them shipped to an address of your choice. 

Gold Haram

Every South Indian woman loves gold Haram designs. We have all kinds of Haram gold necklaces to spice up your festive mood. Embellished with emeralds, rubies, stones, uncut diamonds, and pearls, each of them looks exceptionally artistic. A layered haram necklace with colourful stones and pearls all over also comes in the latest design of the haram gold set. Lakshmi Devi haram, Ganesha haram sets are also loved by the entire South Indian woman. Other standard embossed designs available with us are elephants, mangoes, coins, peacocks, or flowers.

Gold Necklace

Although the pandemic is likely to mean a toned-down celebration this year, our stunning gold necklaces are still there to maintain a festive mood. Each piece of the gold necklace from Vaibhav Jewellers is a work of art and utility. They are also elegantly personified. Any way you look at them, they shine with an impressive appeal. Made with gold, Polki, emerald, ruby, CZs etc., designed with care and intricately, our necklaces add a dash of sophistication to your jewellery box this Diwali.  

Gold Kids Earrings

In Hinduism, daughters are considered as Goddess Lakshmi. So at Vaibhav Jewellers, we try our best to adorn these young goddesses with gold. Gold earrings are adorable jewellery accessories that can be worn right from childhood without any hassle. Our kids' earrings feature light work to sit comfortably on tender ears. The designs are worth a mention too. From cute animation characters to uniquely-shaped earrings are there to brighten up your Lil one's festive mood. These are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear and remove. Our collection is light in weight as well as easy on the wallet. As it falls in the affordable range, you can buy more than one at one go. The gold kids' earrings also make for a great gifting option.

At Vaibhav Jewellers, we offer personalised gold jewellery for all made from 14k, 18K and 22k gold. We ensure that our Diwali jewellery collection must match your style. Plus, owing to their versatility, these jewellery pieces are perfect for all occasions. 

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Suppose you are shopping for your festive look. In that case, our Diwali jewellery collection is an apt choice and the latest in the market. Inspired by the traditional and modern designs of different regions of India, it is an out and out conventional jewellery range. Discover the other benefits of shopping at Vaibhav Jewellers.

Exchange Policy

Diwali is the perfect time to welcome new things to your life. Why not a fresh piece of beautiful jewellery? Now you can come to us and trade your old ornaments for fresh jewellery through our exchange policy!

EMI Facility

The pandemic made many of us re-evaluate our priorities. And some of those who used to celebrate things lavishly have taken a step back about making expensive purchases. So, we have introduced our EMI facility. It will help you pay the total amount of your favourite Diwali jewellery piece in small monthly instalments. Now there is no need for disturbing your family budget to upgrade your festive collection. 

Since the pandemic, our buyers have been increasingly comfortable shopping online for jewellery. Thus, we have launched our eCommerce shop with modern facilities like Virtual Try-on and Live Video Shopping to bring everything right to your doorstep this Diwali.