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Silver Jewellery Collection

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Latest Silver Jewellery Online

For long India has been home to heritage, tradition and royalty- This being said one cannot dispose of the role precious metals like silver and gold play in boosting the economy back then and now. Invaders across the world were attracted to India for the sheer abundance of our precious resources like gold and silver.

Silver in India is a household metal for many centuries, silver Jewellery is the most common since the Rajas and Maharajas time. Indian silverware, silver Indian Jewellery, silver pooja articles, general silver articles are world-renowned. Unlike other countries where only the rich and the affluent use silver, in India almost all households will have at least an ounce of silver in their daily use.

Silver as a metal is said to have a lot of health benefits apart from being precious. Its antibacterial properties, non-toxic properties, cooling effects (in tropical climatic conditions such as India), durability are among few of the many factors that make silver an extensively used metal in India. Silver thus enjoys a fame of being affordable precious metal.

Silver Jewellery has made its way from the grand old days and is the most trending way to style yourself. The ease and flexibility that designer silver Jewellery sets, antique silver Jewellery and silver temple Jewellery offer are what makes them popular. They can be worn on contemporary Indian wear, they offer a great rustic look, the flash of colours used in the Indian fabrics set very aptly with silver Jewellery. Oversized Silver Jhumkas, silver Jewellery sets, Silver cocktail rings, oversized silver pendants and a range of other silver temple Jewellery and silver antique Jewellery has become a new fad. You can now view and buy silver Jewellery online too on www.vaibhavjewellers.com. Buy silver Jewellery online in a few simple steps.

Silver Gift Articles

Silver is the most prominent metal which is used as a big time to gift across various occasions big and small in India, whether it may be a formal Bajan organized at home or to weddings, from a birthday party to house warming ceremony, from casual kitty parties to – Silver gift items are unbeatably the best giveaway. You can now look at the latest silver gift articles with price online in different weight and price ranges. Silver gift items come in various budget ranges that fit one and all. Silver gifts are also presented as a token or as a commemoration etc. If you are looking for a wedding presents you can search for silver plates for gifts- they make a wonderful gift for newly married couples. You can also search for silver gift items online.

Vaibhav Jewellers - Buy Silver Jewellery Online

For ages, Indians have been visiting silver stores to buy, however, with the advent of online shopping, we now bring the shop to the convenience of your house through our online portal. You can view an array of silver articles from unique silver photo stands to Antique Diya sets, from silver Payal to select silver chembulu, from religious idols to silver baby items, from silver slates to silver dining set, from something as mundane as feeding bottles to pooja articles we have them all. You can browse through the latest silver articles with price on our portal. You can also reach our Jewellery experts for digital catalogue to view, select and buy silver jewellery online

Didn’t find what you are looking for online, then book a video call, request and view a range of items with minute detailing. You can see the intricacies of pure silver Indian jewellery online, right at the comfort of your home.

Silver Coins

Unlike gold coins, silver coins are more affordable and can be used for numerous occasions. Silver coins in various denominations come embossed with religious idols, animal figurines like a peacock, elephants etc. They also come in the form of plain silver bars which you can buy for investment.

Silver baby sets

Silver baby sets include a range of articles that can be bought for newborns of the family or can be gifted as a part of numerous ceremonies that take place such as the namkaran, annaprassan, cradle function, 1st birthdays etc. At Vaibhav the options are unlimited, they include a whole range of items such as:

Silver toys set

Silver feeding bottles
Silver soapboxes, powder box
Silver baby spoons, bowls,
Silver cartoon collection baby mugs, sippers,
Silver combs
Silver slates
Silver baby anklets & armlets
Silver miniature toys
Silver framed cradles
Silver lockets
Silver certificate holders
Silver photo frames
Silver baby earrings/studs
Silver Articles weight and Price Range

Silver items come in various weight and price ranges, a simple silver item can start with 1gm and can go up to 5kgs and above. The weight of silver items largely depends on the type of article, example there will be a lot of variations in silver Jewellery itself. i.e. you can find 1gm silver studs to 200gms silver haram. Likewise one can find a silver spoon ranging from 5gms to 20 gms or above, these variations are the main reason why silver is affordable by all or why silver metal is the most popular precious metal. At our online portal you can view silver plate designs with weight, silver pooja items with weight. They are directly proportional to the silver jewellery price prevailing on that day coupled with the making charges.

Silver Jewellery price or the silver articles price depends on a few factors such as metal rate/gm, design, workmanship (plain silver or antique silver), making charges & GST

Why Vaibhav Jewellers?

silver jewellery online shopping is easy and simple with our eCommerce platform. Buy silver articles online, a range of silver accessories like- pens, pen stands, miniature Kitchen replicas, Jewellery boxes online with us. Apart from precious silver Jewellery and articles we also offer our customers with gold & diamond Jewellery – bangles, bracelets, necklace, latest pendant sets, Chokers, gold harams online in different workmanships, weight and price ranges. Take a look at all the latest diamond designer bangle sets, we at Vaibhav also offer an array of benefits to customers such as:

Lifetime exchange
Free 15 day return policy
State of art Live Video Shopping
Free transit insurance on International Shipments
Free Domestic shipping
Customization services
EMI Facility
Smart Buy options