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Diamond Bracelets- A Luxurious accessory for every woman

Classic, sensuous and very striking- Diamond bracelets are way different from any other diamond accessory. They are luxurious, affordable and trendy and on item that you can go on flaunting irrespective of attire and occasion. Leveraging on their luxury millennial woman adorn diamond bracelets as a customary accessory to offices, kitty parties, temple visits and on every other casual occasions that you wish to make a mark on. Jewellers for long have restricted to making womans bracelets but now mens diamonds bracelets have been gaining popularity. The simple plain gold kada is transformed to macho fashion Kada by interspacing diamonds in a beautiful way.

Gold diamond bracelets are famous for their ease of wearing, the simplicity they offer and their ability to match every attire from traditional Indian sarees to floor touch gowns, from conventional chudidhars to crop tops, from Anarkalis to western office wear. Many of us may get confused over CZs, Swarovski crystals and non precious white stones to be diamonds, though they are not even a close match of diamonds we tend to get muddled. However one should remember that gold and diamond bracelets come with a tinge of yellow and striking white shine.

Here Are Our Diamond Bracelets Designs

There are various Diamond bracelets for ladies available. Out of an array of designs the below are the most commonly adorned ones:

Rose gold diamond bracelet: A fab rose gold diamond bracelets are simple, subtle and elegant. They come in a no fuss design, very plain and are often your companion on office wears. They have gained popularity for being a workplace Jewellery item. They come in different abstract designs and in very trendy geometric shapes.

Gemstone studded diamond bracelet: The gemstone studded diamond bracelets add accentuate the already existing awe factor of the diamonds. Whether it is an emerald cut diamond bracelet or a ravishing ruby diamond bracelet, they are sure to glam you up. While ruby and emerald diamond bracelet throw their charm in an attractive way, the lesser known gemstone combinations such as tanzanite and diamonds, corals and diamonds, pearls and diamonds are rare, that you can see at Vaibhav Jewellers. Ask for these rare combos or have one made for you both in store and online.

Single line diamond bracelet: Single line diamond bracelets can deep dive into practically any outfit, with the right bling this single line diamond bracelet can create an instinctive charm. Single line diamond bracelets are fondly called tennis bracelets also. Famous tennis players were bitten by a diamond bracelets charm that they even wore in matched and then rest was history. The single line bracelets come in either a elongated diamond spread or in a close knit fashion.

They get a highlight when matched with deep coloured dresses/ western wear or pastel inked Indian wear. They come in either yellow, rose or white gold, for those of you who like white gold can surely try this type of bracelet, and for those who want an all-purpose adornment can try buying a diamond bracelet in rose & yellow gold.

Gold diamond bracelets: The artistic curves and modern twists of a bracelet lashes charm. Breaking the stereotypes our designers bring to you latest designs of diamond bracelets both for men and woman in al weight and price ranges. The very popular designs include leafy vines, floral blossoms, squared charms, mystic chakras, a number of other geometric patterns and asymmetric motifs.

Antique Diamond Bracelet: A simple search online for “Diamond bracelets woman” would practically throw hundreds of pages. Having known the styles and types one can also look into specific workmanship i.e. antique, temple or pachi and then make a choice as per the occasion. Antique Diamond bracelets are more of a kada style with heavy detailing and intricately chiseled design. These type of diamond bracelets for girls bring out traditional motif styles such as floral patterns, dancing damsels, goddess Lakshmi devi surrounded by elegant peacocks etc with diamonds positioned perfectly in synchrony. They also portray glimpses of Indian temple architecture. They come in higher weight ranges.

Diamond Bracelet designs at Vaibhav Jewellers

We at Vaibhav have a wide range of diamond bracelets, of which the most common are the gold diamond bracelet. The gold diamond bracelets come in the form of a bangle, most of the times either the clasp or the front of the bracelet is meddled in design. The most popular designs include a diamond studded conch bracelet, floral entangled design, high polished plain rose gold bracelet, Ruby/Emerald studded bracelet, and the designs are very traditional with a nature inspiring touch. They are embellished with petite diamonds, gemstones etc. They are also available in dual tone i.e. in a combination of white and yellow gold and in also in rose gold or white gold again.

Diamond Bracelet price and weight

Gold diamond price varies on a number of factors such as the gold price, gold purity, number of diamonds, diamond carats and diamonds clarity, making charges etc. At Vaibhav you can find a mix of 22k and 18K purity gold diamond bracelets for men and women, an 18K purity bracelet is generally looked down up on as a inferior version, however it is not the case. Jewellers tend to design a heavily loaded diamonds piece with 18K purity as the diamonds can be held tightly and will not fall or loosen with wear and tear over a period. Ideally an 18K gold diamond bracelet would cost less than 22k one, for the simple reason of purity difference.

Unique diamond bracelets at Vaibhav start from $190 and go up to $4300. The minimum weight range is around 2gms and go upto 15-25gms.

Buying buy diamond bracelet online

While you decide to buy diamond bracelet online, we help make an informed choice. With Vaibhav Jewellers you can now be rest assured and shop care free as we have the quality assurance in terms of BIS hallmark. All the gold Jewellery is BIS hallmark certified i.e. they carry a micro hallmark on each and every item that can be viewed with a magnifying loupe. All diamonds carry a certification of authenticity issued by SGI – A premium diamond grading laboratories specifying the colur, clarity and the picture of the ornament.


Liked a woman gold diamond bracelet or a mens gold diamond bracelet or want to surprise your spouse on that milestone anniversary, wait no longer just get us the design and we will have it custom made for you. We have no minimum order amount or weight, as long as the piece is viable to be made in gold. Not just gold, you can order solitaires; silver items and a host of other precious Jewellery can be made to order. With Vaibhav Jewellers personalization take home a thrilling design that stole your heart.

 Why Vaibhav Jewellers?

“A Jewellers true identity is by his design” - At Vaibhav we breathe this motto. For decades now, we have been showcasing the best gold Jewelry designs coupled with an unparalleled shopping fiesta. Get spoilt by choice of design, workmanship, patterns, collections and trends. Come home to Vaibhav not just to shop your coveted pieces but to takeaway a golden experience. We are a home to grand South Indian gold Jewelry since 25years, at Vaibhav we take you through the journey of your memory lanes from the past and into the future by way of our timeless gold Jewelry. We understand the price you pay for the Jewelry and the emotion you carry along with each of your priceless purchase. You can now weave a story and tell a tale of best gold Jewelry shopping experiences with Vaibhav Jewellers online portal. We offer our customers with gold Jewelry sets & diamond Jewelry – bangles, bracelets, necklace, latest pendant sets, Chokers, harams online in different workmanships, weight and price ranges. Take a look at all the latest diamond designer bangle sets, along with gold and diamonds you can also buy silver articles online, a range of silver accessories like- pens, pen stands, miniature Kitchen replicas, Jewelry boxes online with us. You can get an update on our gold Jewelry price rise and fall so that you can now plan your purchase well in advance. There are a host of other benefits that you can avail as an international customer while you buy gold Jewelry online with us:

You can alternately whatsapp us on +91 9177403000 to stay tuned on the latest Jewelry updates, latest gold & diamond designs, offers and discounts and daily gold prices. At Vaibhav we just don’t sell jewelry we pass a legacy to you.