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Shop Here For The Best Diamond Earrings

Diamonds have been regarded as the most precious element man had ever invented from the earths crust, this element has been in the earths crust and known to be the hardest of all to break. Besides being precious, diamond teaches us a lot – to be hard on the outside, not get deterred by everyday grind, to maintain the shine they have for eternity. Diamonds for these very same reasons are considered as priceless.

Diamond Jewelry unlike gold Jewelry does not lose their sheen over the years with wear and tear, perhaps this is the reason why many prefer to buy diamonds- for the lasting feeling it gives. Diamonds have also been famous since centuries to present your loved ones, they have been also a famous subject in many heist movies including Hollywood and Bollywood. The reason for buying a diamond has not changed, but what changed was the trend in buying. With increasing purchase power every individual can now afford diamond Jewelry- namely diamond rings, diamond earrings, diamond bangles and offcourse what better combination that a diamond mangalsutra to signify the eternal bond. At Vaibhav you will be perplexed with choice of availability of diamond earrings for woman. The extra swinging drops, the silent studs, the very cool diamond hangings, umbrella cut Jhumkis and many more.

At Vaibhav jewellers you can find an unending range of diamond ear wear in varying lengths i.e. small diamond earrings, long diamond earrings, stone studded diamond earrings such as the emerald diamond earrings, ruby diamond earrings etc.

Here is How to accessorize your Diamond Earrings

There are a million ways we can adorn our diamond earrings with. They sit in a subtle way on every attire, from Lehanga choli to office formals, from western casuals to elegant Indian wear, from crop tops to belly cut dresses- with eyes closed, they can be your best match to adorn.

Unlike pure gold earrings, gold diamond earrings give a tough fight to any other category of earrings. They not only suit on every attire you choose to wear but practically every hairdo you style in. With your hair pulled back in a neat bun or left free or plaited in a French tail, diamond earrings would suit with every hairstyle. Example you can experiment round diamond earrings with office formals, while simple gold and diamond earrings on Indian dresses.

Diamond Earring designs at Vaibhav Jewellers

At Vaibhav Jewellers you can find a tempting array of varied diamond earrings collections. From petite diamond studs for babies to the typical traditional seven stone diamond studs for aged woman. We at Vaibhav do not believe in stereotyping designs as per age. We believe diamonds are ageless so are woman who adorn them. Hence we recommend all of you to experiment with your looks and style. Vaibhav Jewellers presents different collections in diamond earrings such as diamond hangings, diamond hoops, diamond studs, diamond Jhumkis, diamond loops, diamond huggies etc. The type of earrings are endless, what’s different with us is the nature inspired designs, usage of metal in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold variations, the intricate designs, easy to wear and clean elements of design and a host of other elements including

Vaibhav Design Inspirations

We always strive to keep our art and craftsmanship alive, for this our Karigars work hard to bring age old vintage designs back to life. We also extensively use petite ruby, emerald, pearl beads, corals, rubies, emeralds, tourmalines and other naturally available stones in creating our unique diamond earrings designs. We try to culminate refreshing art works using them. Many of us perceive that expensive diamond earrings are the real diamond earrings, however that may not be the case. A princess cut diamond earring pair may be priced less than that of a round cut diamond earrings for the sheer difference of the cut which reflects the amount of light it helps the diamond radiate. Similarly, a 22k diamond earrings might be cheap than a 14k gold diamond earrings, for the usage of number of diamonds. Though the gold is 14k Purity, the diamonds used may be more in them. Hence, once cannot see and judge the price of diamond Jewelry.  


Did a diamond earring design steal your heart or have you been thinking lately to gift a coveted piece to your loved ones, wait no more- get us the design and we will have it recreated just the way you want. Personalization of Diamond Earrings for girls, Newborns, teenagers and also men’s diamond studs are our specialty.

Diamond Earrings Price

The price off diamond Jewellery isn’t fixed by bullion exchange like that of gold which changes on a daily basis. There are various factors that play a role in deciding the final cost of diamonds. i.e. diamond carat, cut and clarity along with the weight of gold, karatage of gold, making charges and mandatory GST of 3%.

 Diamond Earring online

We all have our own set of doubts surrounding on how authentic it is to buy diamonds online is. We at Vaibhav fairly understand this and hence all our diamond Jewelry is accompanied with a diamond authenticity certificate issued by SGL- A premium diamond grading laboratory. The certificate clearly states the colour, clarity and carats of the diamond with the picture of the Jewelry along with number of diamonds. Apart from our online portal you can also visit to any of our 12 brick & mortar stores spread across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to get your doubts answered or to service your jewelry in case of any issue. Apart from this we also have a very customer friendly return and exchange policy. And you can now enjoy refreshing designs whenever you wish to with our lifetime exchange policy.

Vaibhav Jewellers is indeed best place to buy diamond earrings that are out of league both in design and workmanship. Here are a few facts that would help you choose diamond jewelry with us

Why Vaibhav?

“A Jewellers true identity is by his design” - At Vaibhav we breathe this motto. For decades now, we have been showcasing the best gold Jewelry designs coupled with an unparalleled shopping fiesta. Get spoilt by choice of design, workmanship, patterns, collections and trends. Come home to Vaibhav not just to shop your coveted pieces but to takeaway a golden experience. We are a home to grand South Indian gold Jewelry since 25years, at Vaibhav we take you through the journey of your memory lanes from the past and into the future by way of our timeless gold Jewelry. We understand the price you pay for the Jewelry and the emotion you carry along with each of your priceless purchase. You can now weave a story and tell a tale of best gold Jewelry shopping experiences with Vaibhav Jewellers online portal. We offer our customers with gold Jewelry sets & diamond Jewelry – bangles, bracelets, necklace, latest pendant sets, Chokers, harams online in different workmanships, weight and price ranges. Take a look at all the latest diamond designer bangle sets, along with gold and diamonds you can also buy silver articles online, a range of silver accessories like- pens, pen stands, miniature Kitchen replicas, Jewelry boxes online with us. You can get an update on our gold Jewelry price rise and fall so that you can now plan your purchase well in advance. There are a host of other benefits that you can avail as an international customer while you buy gold Jewelry online with us:

You can alternately Whatsapp us on +91 9177403000 to stay tuned on the latest Jewelry updates, latest gold & diamond designs, offers and discounts and daily gold prices. At Vaibhav we just don’t sell jewelry we pass a legacy to you.___________________________________________