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Mangalsutras have been attached with sentiment, emotion, love and trust since ages. Buying a mangalsutra has always been governed by rules in many communities, such as:  buying a mangalustra on an auspicious day, buying it in a certain weight range etc. mangalsutras hold a special place in a woman’s life. Some woman have black beads as their mangalsutras while some others adorn a thick gold chain as their mangalsutra with two gold sutras that are family specific.

Mangalsutras are adorned by every Indian woman, though in different designs. Hence ne cannot box mangalsutra designs in terms of weight, height or size. They are very neutral in their making. Example: if we take a diamond choker, we have a predefined length that a choker is general made of, but in mangalsutras designs you as an adorner and we as a jeweler have lot of freedom to experiment, do and redo styles. Our latest mangalsutra designs allow you to adorn them o different attires. Not just that you can now try and buy with our all new virtual try on option.

Modern Mangalsutra Design adornments 

In the olden days simple mangalsutra/black beads were only restricted as a neckwear. But, millennial woman nowadays love to adorn a mangalsutra in a variety of ways. Here are few unconventional yet very modish adornment styles you can get inspired on:

Types of Diamond Mangalsutra

Every diamond mangalsutra is unique in its own way, in terms of design, weight, length and price. Depending up on the size and mangalsutra design, latest mangalsutras are classified into the following categories:

Trellis Diamond Mangalsutra: The umpteen floral models that we get to see online are categorized as the Trellis Diamond Mangalsutras. These Indian mangalsutras are lovely, charming and nature inspired. The entire length of the mangalsutra is plain, filled with balck beads with a horizontal diamond pendant that stands as the heroine of the piece. These are come in both long and short mangalsutra designs.

Tassel Diamond Mangalsutra: We at Vaibhav Jewellers give a free hand to our Karigars to reinvent designs that stand apart, one of their creations are our tassel mangalsutra, similar to the tassels of a saree, these tassels are either made of gold balls, petite pearl, ruby or emerald beads and hung down to the pendant. With the richness of yellow gold and a beautiful color palette of beads these tassel black bead mangalsutras look versatile. A tassel mangalsutra comes in both short and long lengths.

Star lit Diamond Mangalsutra: An unseen royalty engulfs the star lit mangalsutras. A long mangalsutra with a striking diamond pendant gives it the star status. The pendants are so eloquently designed that it dazzles on any attire, bright, light or mellowed color making you look like you have stolen the gleam of the night. This type of mangalsutra designs is most ideal for gifting your loved ones on a personal milestone event or anniversaries.

Single Solitaire Mangalsutra:  The Single Soiltaire mangalsutra is one of its kind beauty. It is minimalist in design and adornment. It oozes beauty and grace- The bollywood newlywed celebrity brides adorn these designs to showcase their glam quotient. A solitaire mangalsutra is the best when designed in shorter length, for it will bring out the beauty of the black beads along with your neckline and attire.

Short Diamond Mangalsutra: Very chic and modern, the short mangalsutras are called short by its sheer length. There are numerous designs of these short mangalsutras online. The ease of adornment they offer is what makes them popular. One can style them on daily wear, Indian sarees, Kurtis, Lehanga cholis, western and fusion wear too. They are light weight, affordable and not very design centric. They lash out a professional subtlety making them apt for office formals too.

Double Layered Diamond Mangalsutra: The double layered mangalsutras are rich, graceful carrying a feminine vibe with them. They can be styled both on traditional and modern couture. They beautify the neckline by offering a tinge of shine, given the Indian womans skin tone any black bead mangalsutra would blend. These double layered mangalsutras are priced slightly higher than the short mangalsutra as the amount of gold used in these is higher.

Diamond mangalsutra price and weight ranges

A diamond mangalsutras price is directly proportional to gold weight, design, pendant type, diamond cost and statutory GST.  The weight of typical mangalsutra typically starts from 3gms to over 50gms depending upon the usage of metal either yellow gold or white gold or platinum. You can find black bead mangalsutra designs with pendants that are made in two tone gold i.e. a mix of white gold and yellow gold or rose gold too. White gold mangalsutras are trending these days as they are subtle and ideal for office wear. Diamond Mangalsutras are usually plain with a rich designer pendant. The price range of mangalsutras starts from as low as $300 and goes over $3500.  Another important point to note that the weight of black beads is never priced as a part of billing; it is only the gold that is weighed and paid for. In a way to all those newbie Jewellery enthusiasts black beads come free of cost. 

 Diamond certification

At Vaibhav we follow a very rigid and strict quality check across all Jewellery irrespective of gold or diamond. All our gold Jewellery is BIS hallmarked and diamond Jewellery comes with SGL certification (Solitaire gemological laboratories).  The grade, clarity and Carats are clearly written on the certificate. This makes them very authentic and trustable.

Why Vaibhav Jewellers?

“A Jewellers true identity is by his design” - At Vaibhav we breathe this motto. For decades now, we have been showcasing the best gold Jewelry designs coupled with an unparalleled shopping fiesta. Get spoilt by choice of design, workmanship, patterns, collections and trends. Come home to Vaibhav not just to shop your coveted pieces but to takeaway a golden experience. We are a home to grand South Indian gold Jewelry since 25years, at Vaibhav we take you through the journey of your memory lanes from the past and into the future by way of our timeless gold Jewelry. We understand the price you pay for the Jewelry and the emotion you carry along with each of your priceless purchase. You can now weave a story and tell a tale of best gold Jewelry shopping experiences with Vaibhav Jewellers online portal. We offer our customers with gold Jewelry sets & diamond Jewelry – bangles, bracelets, necklace, latest pendant sets, Chokers, harams online in different workmanships, weight and price ranges. Take a look at all the latest diamond designer bangle sets, along with gold and diamonds you can also buy silver articles online, a range of silver accessories like- pens, pen stands, miniature Kitchen replicas, Jewelry boxes online with us. You can get an update on our gold Jewelry price rise and fall so that you can now plan your purchase well in advance. There are a host of other benefits that you can avail as an international customer while you buy gold Jewelry online with us:

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