Diamond Vaddanam for Women

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    Stunning Diamond Vaddanam Stunning Diamond Vaddanam
    Stunning Diamond Vaddanam
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    GajaLakshmi Diamond Vaddanam GajaLakshmi Diamond Vaddanam
    GajaLakshmi Diamond Vaddanam

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    Majestic Diamond Vaddanam Majestic Diamond Vaddanam
    Majestic Diamond Vaddanam
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    Classy Diamond Vaddanam Classy Diamond Vaddanam
    Classy Diamond Vaddanam

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Shop For The Best Diamond Vaddanam Here

Vaddanams for long have been the home to lockers, Jewelry chests, vaults and safes and if it is particularly if it is diamond Vaddanam then it is sure to stay there a little longer. Woman in the grand olden days used to adorn Vaddanam as a daily Jewelry accessory like earrings, bangles or a necklace etc.  However as time passed, it slowly lost its relevance and swept itself to the storage units.

As the millennium generation, diamond jewelry such as diamond vaddanams are being looked back at ass bridal wears. However we at Vaibhav jewellers like to put a full stop to stereotypes by way of our diamond Vaddanam designs. We as a brand believe that jewelry is a way to communicate who you are and when it comes to diamonds, there’s nothing more precious than diamonds and the lovely woman who adorn them.

Design Centric Diamond Vaddanam Models    

Simple diamond Vaddanam models have swept through the market and many jewelry stores showcase some great designs, what differentiates us is the fact that we break the traditional design realms and try to bring in the reusability along with fine jewelry, thereby creating value to anything you buy. We design 2-in-1 vaddanams, 5-in-1 vaddanams and 7-in-1 vaddanams (on order basis)

The 2-in1 & 5-in-1 designs offer

  1. Multi usage of your Jewelry
  2. Trendy in design and a very flaunty piece to own
  3. A legacy that you can pass to generations

The multi use diamond Vaddanams can be used as Haram, pendants, Vanki, Necklace, bracelet etc. not just that they are also interchangeable. Wondering what interchangeability is all about? Example we craft diamond vaddnam latest designs with other gemstones studded in them such as rubies, emeralds, blue sapphires etc. These stones can be removed and can be matched with another set i.e. with either emerald or blue sapphires as per the demand of your attire.  Hence, you can easily accentuate your looks with simple plug and play precious gemstones. These sort of latest diamond Vaddanam designs give us a sense of spending our money on the right and valued item than any showcase adornment.

Apart from pure diamond Vaddanam which may be heavy on the pocket, a tempting array of uncut diamond Vaddanams are now a part of Vaibhav jewelers collections. The uncut diamond Vaddanam designs are graceful, eloquent illuminating a subtle laid back shine that gleams in synchrony on every Indian wear.

Diamond Vaddanam Design Inspirations at Vaibhav

Unlike the Gold Vaddanam, diamond vaddanams can sometimes be made in 18K gold purity, for the simple reason to hold the diamonds firmly in their place as one cannot afford a spillover of diamonds. You can find a lot of diamond vaddanam designs with price on our online portal. The general design inspirations are that of the natures floral elements, vines, intricate designs of the inlaid art forms. Other diamond Vaddanam include a central locket model decked with diamonds and gold chains running along the length giving you the much needed flexibility, the Ashta Lakshmi belt model diamond Vaddanam, the gemstone studded diamond Vaddanam, the golden orbs & South sea pearls skirted diamond vaddanams and peacock or elephant motifs diamond vaddanams.

Diamond Vaddnam price & weight ranges

Simple diamond vaddanams online with us start from $13400 at 100gms net weight and go up to $35000 at a net weight range of 220gms approximately. Did a diamond Vaddanam online catch your eye, well get us the image and we will have it customized for you. The diamond Vaddanam cost will be dependent on the proposed design, details of which will be shared with you. You can also decide on weight modifications as long as our karigars preapprove it.

Why Vaibhav Jewellers?

“A Jewellers true identity is by his design” - At Vaibhav we breathe this motto. For decades now, we have been showcasing the best diamond Jewelry designs coupled with an unparalleled shopping fiesta. Get spoilt by choice of design, workmanship, patterns, collections and trends. Come home to Vaibhav not just to shop your coveted pieces but to takeaway a golden experience. We are a home to grand South Indian gold Jewelry since 25years, at Vaibhav we take you through the journey of your memory lanes from the past and into the future by way of our timeless gold Jewelry. We understand the price you pay for the Jewelry and the emotion you carry along with each of your priceless purchase. You can now weave a story and tell a tale of best diamond Jewelry online and the endless options you get Vaibhav Jewellers online portal. Vaibhav Jewellers is undoubtedly the best place to buy diamonds online and a reputed gold and best diamond store which takes care of all your Jewelry needs.

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