EMI Calculator

Terms & Conditions

  • Credit Card EMI transactions can be done on Gold Studded Jewellery, Platinum Jewellery, Silver Jewellery and Diamond Jewellery
  • Credit Card EMI transactions are not allowed on Gold Bullion in any form, Gold Coins in any form and Plain Gold Jewellery
  • Upon approval of transaction, for any disputes with the approving entity, customers need to directly workout a resolution with the approving financial entity or Credit Card company. Jewelfina shall not be held responsible for any such disputes.
  • Invoice should always be made in the name of person as given on the credit card used to complete the transaction. A proof of delivery should be maintained for every transaction when every delivering the product to the customer for future references. Invoice and proof of delivery should be in the name of person as mentioned on the credit card and not in the name of person who is picking the product.
  • Charge Back: In case if the customer ask his bank to stop payment after the transaction is approved in such a case jewellery has to be returned to jeweller. Return and refund of jewellery is as per jeweller policy. Jewelfina is not liable of return or refund after approval.
  • Transactions once approved cannot be cancelled from our end, please contact your bank for the same.