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Bangles collection you can’t turn your eyes off

There are tons of memories associated with bangles especially Gold bangles. They are the first most important item a woman possesses in her lifetime. Many people purchase gold for wearing at special events since there is no other substitute to grand and regal gold jewellery. Gold is one metal whose value does not really diminish in spite of minor fluctuations and it actually makes for a family heirloom, one that can be passed down for generations even! This is what we believe enhances the sheer allure of gold and our obsession with it. Of course, there is no denying the affluence and nobility that gold signifies. While there are several kinds of jewellery items that can be crafted with gold like Haram, Necklaces, Vanki, Vaddanam, other gold accessories like hair clips, cufflinks, buttons etc. nothing quite beats gold bangles for woman.

Gold bangles for woman like in the previous times are not restricted to simple daily wear bangles which most woman wear. There are unlimited bangle designs which have surfaced over the years, each better than the other in terms of design, craftsmanship and ease of wearing. Talking about workmanship Antique gold bangles, Temple gold bangles, Polki gold bangles and many other kinds have come up, off which the hot selling one are always plain gold bangles for the sheer ease of use and simplicity.

Bangle design transformation:

Gold bangle designs initially were made in a plain form; Karigars started redesigning them by carving floral vines and abstract designs on the top of the bangles. Slowly they tried making broad bangles; this gave them a freehand to carve intricate designs. Added to this they also worked on studded gold bangles which are not only heavy but attractive too. They used different gemstones to stud in the bangles, such as CZs, white stones, rubies, emeralds, corals, pearls, black beads, diamonds and many other precious and non-precious gemstones to enhance the bangles beauty. This ignited the tradition of matching bangles with the attire.

Antique gold bangles when compared to its peers plain gold bangle are made to get that sought after Antique look. Temple gold bangles when compared to other are painstakingly handcrafted. Any temple Jewellery would take an average of 30-40 days to finish, hence the associated cost. Antique bangle set and temple bangles are made broad to support a lot of design aesthetics and highly populated designs. 

Now, shop at Vaibhav to choose from a wide range of gold bangle designs and - Antique, diamond, pachi, polki & navratna bangles.

Types of Bangle Designs

Gold Bangles
We feature a huge range of gold bangle designs in all sizes and patterns. One can choose gold bangle sets or Single gold bangles/Kadas based on the occasion like daily wear bangles, office wear bangles, occasion wear etc. We source a large collection of latest bangles from across the country. Our gold bangle designs range from simple plain bangles to intricately crafted South Indian wedding bangles.

Antique Bangles
Stay trendy, stay vogue with our antique gold bangle designs. Wear them and flaunt your style with elegance of a bygone era. Antique gold bangles are specially oxidized to get a matte finish and a dull leer giving them a relic look. They have picked their popularity in the recent times and have slowly become a must have during weddings, festivals and other auspicious celebrations. Antique bangles are accompanied with intricate detailing along with gemstones, filigree work, temple carvings, floral designs etc.

Diamond Bangles
Simple, elegant and priceless are all synonyms to diamond bangles. We have a matchless collection of diamond bangles that would sweep you off. They are available in all cuts, clarity and carats. Diamond bangles represent the grace of the highest order; they shine every occasion irrespective of attire.

Pachi bangles 
Bring home the traditional Kutch workmanship-pachchikam that is fondly called pachi; choose from a range of handpicked designs brought from our select Karigars. Pachi bangles offer sheer beauty to your hands, pachi bangles or the pachi workmanship items closely represent Kundans, but they differ as pachi bangles are made with a silver base that closely resemble platinum.

Polki Bangles
Polki’s bangles or the uncut bangles are a cousin of CZs & diamond bangles. The subtle elegance of Polki bangles coupled with their grace makes them ideal on every attire. They are usually broad, hence are populated with design. Some polki bangles come in a kada fashion where there is a central polki designed piece tapering to plain gold along the length of the bangle. Some polki bangles form concentric style circles which are accented with pearls or precious gemstones.

Navratna Bangles
Spectacular stones balancing the right polarities in your life are beautifully crafted into Navratna Bangles. Splendid arrangement of yellow, blue sapphires, emerald, ruby, diamond, pearl, cat’s eye, red coral and hessonite gemstones in a circular elegance brings Navratna bangles to life. Shop from our exclusive Navratna gold bangles online and bring home your luck.

Bangles weight and price range
Bangles come in practically every weight range. Unlike gold harams, Necklaces or Earrings bangles can be made in 14k, 18k and 22K purity also. They are highly tensile and can carved into any design, a gold bangle design can literally be of any shape, size and weight given the present day Karigars expertise. We at Vaibhav virtually design gold bangles of all ranges in terms of weight, price, usage and workmanship. 

A typical baby gold bangle pair comes in the weight range of 12gms to 20gms depending up on the design and size. Ideally baby gold bangle models come as adjustable sizes keeping in mind the growing age. They are never available as single but come as a gold bangle set, these gold bangles price starts from 30,000 and above. They are ideal for gifting new born, also if you have gold bangles image, it can very well be customized for you.

Likewise, latest gold bangle designs for adults also come in various price and weight ranges. The design options are unlimited, you can explore hundreds of gold bangle designs either from our online portal or request to view digital gold bangles designs catalogue through whtasapp. The price range is directly proportional to weight, design and workmanship. Adult gold bangles start from 6gms to 50gms and above. The gold bangles price is also dependent on the number of pieces you wish to pick up. Unlike Baby gold bangles, adult bangles come as singular pieces too. These single bangles are very ideal and offer a subtle look on office wear and business casuals. They are designed to suit the office wear. At Vaibhav, we offer the flexibility to search gold bangle design depending up on the usage like Daily wear bangles, office wear bangles, single bangles, bangles sets in 2, 4, 6 & 8. The price of gold bangles starts from 10,000 and goes to 5lakhs and above.

How to Choose Bangles

Choosing bangles is easier than said. We may have different ranges, varieties and huge bangle styles. Hence, one look at that will leave us haywire as to what to select. Here are few tips to help you choose your perfect set of gold bangles

1. Before we start our voyage of buying gold bangles, we need to primarily understand the reason behind buying i.e. if we want for a specific reason like office wear, daily wear gold bangles, occasion wear like gold temple bangles which are specific to workmanship, the supreme purpose of wedding or the sole purpose of acquiring one etc.
2. Once we have decide we need to understand the workmanship like antique bangles designs or temple bangles or plain gold bangles etc. Once we understand that it would be easy to guess the price of the bangles based on the workmanship.
3. It is important to see the clasp if it is hook types or screw type or seamless round bangles of your own size. A clasp and hook type bangles give the flexibility of not checking the size but care should be taken while buying size specific bangles, if you are buying online make sure you know the size first and then place a order.
4. There are other designer bangles such as the Kada Bangles, Antique rose gold bangle bracelets which can be considered as 2-in-1 as they can be worn as a gold bangle set or as a single bangle. Check for the latest gold bangle designs with price, do a thorough research, visit few retailers if possible, understand the price and design range and then make an informed decision.
5. Look for billing elements like making charges, wastage etc we at Vaibhav have a transparent billing system to help our customers understand each and every minor detail.

Here are our top picks to shop from

At Vaibhav Jewellers, you will certainly have a lot to choose from. If you are looking for something regal, elegant and an once-in-a-lifetime purchase, you can opt for the Antique Floral Bangle which is an example of exquisite craftsmanship. Vaibhav Jewellers offers several such signature offerings in this category like the “Double Patterned Temple Kangan Set” which takes back to the golden nostalgia of the past, sporting an enchanting and unforgettable design. If you want sheer exclusivity, you can also go for the “Enchanting Autumn Bangles” which depicts a contemporary patterned design that is masterfully abstract that complements the solid gold excellently.

Other top picks include “Traditional Ruby Bangles” which are always popular options for those who appreciate aesthetic appeal. The “Empowering Ruby Bangles” and “Cheery Beaded Bangles” are two other product types which will awe anyone instantly. They are crafted with care; bear the hallmark of authenticity, genuineness and premium quality like all other products. These are some signature products that you can wear at your wedding or any other special event that only comes once in your lifetime. The “Arangetram Bangle” represents another design style which is hugely in vogue at present. This is inspired seemingly by the irresistible jaali design style borrowed from the Indian architecture. Some of the other options available to you include “Oblong Ruby Bangles” which are stylish, enticing and definitely worth picking if you pride yourself on your good taste! You can also check out other offerings like the “Cut Work Gold Bangle” with Rubies, “Vintage Gemstone Bangles” for an elegant touch or even the “Royal Epitome Bangles”.

From affordable to premium gold bangles, you can choose Online from a wide range

Vaibhav Jewellers’ collection encompasses gold bangles across multiple designs, craftsmanship and price parameters. You can find something within your desired budget here and your design and material weight preferences will also be met with ease. You can also take a look at some of the more affordable options for gifting needs or if you prefer to keep it light in today’s fast-paced world. These offerings include the “Sophisticated Ruby Bangles” which represent the perfect fusion of style and class and also the “Polki Stone Kada” which are cheerful and vibrant. The “Holy Deity Broad Bangle” is one of our top picks- you can certainly expect to add more zing to your look for the wedding season with this marvel or you can also experiment some more with the “Zirconia Ruby Bangle” which is certainly a treat for eyes. You will literally find innumerable such options as far as gold bangle models are concerned. 

Vaibhav Jewellers endeavours to offer you the most contemporary collection of gold bangles along with the latest designs under one umbrella. You can browse through countless gold bangles design images here and check out the gold bangles designs with prices. Saving time and energy is a big priority for people in today’s times. Here is an easy option to check out the very latest and best gold bangle designs without having to hop about from store to store.

Vaibhav Advantage

With Vaibhav Jewellers you can shop online and save on time and money in the bargain. Our Jewellery promises quality hallmark which safeguards and authenticates your purchases. Online shopping is always about convenience and comfort and this is what you will experience here too. We at Vaibhav Jewellers offer our customers a state of art video shopping facility or live shopping experience where a customer can book a slot and request to view their favourite items and our customer executive would guide through the process. We are also proud to be an exclusive Jeweller for generations of customers and have been a trusted Jeweller for over a lakh of weddings. Shop online with us and enjoy an array of benefits such as: 
• Lifetime exchange
• Free 15 day return policy
• State of art Live Video Shopping
• Free transit insurance on International Shipments
• Free Domestic shipping
• Customization services