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Gold Harams- Adorning Your Neck with Opulence

The magnificence and majestic aura of a gold haram cannot be described in words. Such is the effect of this quintessential piece of jewellery in the sub-continent, especially in South India, that no wedding could be complete in its absence.  It adorns the neck splendidly that anything else fades in comparison. No wonder that there are so many cherished and unique variations to this exquisite piece of jewellery.

 There are scores of gold haram designs. You will invariably find the Lakshmi haram or the kundan gold jewellery not just in traditional styles but also in the latest designs.

 Types of Harams in the Vaibhav Collection

1.       Gold Harams and Temple Jewellery

Harams come in different types depending on the material and usage of stones in it. Conventionally a haram is made of gold with different pendants that are typically named after the workmanship. Such as Antique Haram, Temple Haram or a plain gold Haram.  Gold Haram models with a traditional design are still very popular amongst all age groups.

2.       Ruby and Emerald Harams for the Royal Colours

Harams made of gold are also combined with precious stones like ruby, emerald, and coral to enhance the design and add a splash of royal colours. Pearl insets too are very popular as are Kundan jewellery.

3.       Polki and Pachi Harams with Nakashi

Several Harams come with fine filigree and lattice designs. They are a fine sight to look at with diamonds and other stones set into the work. Gold Haram design catalogues are filled with a number of Haram models that have exquisite Pachi and Polki work. Look for the gold Pachi Haram while shopping online.

4.       Solitaire and Diamond Harams That You Can Shop For

There are harams where the soul of the pendant is a resplendent solitaire, shining as brightly as the sun. Other haram designs involve the use of many smaller diamonds set in unique shapes of peacocks, mangoes, deities, and geometric shapes like ovals, rectangles, and triangles.

 5.       Antique Harams for Those Who Value Tradition

The value of an antique design depends on the design intricacy and its delicate workmanship. Our antique harams come with Lakshmi, peacock, mango, and one-of-a-kind designs.

 Haram Styles and Designs to Suit Every Desire of Yours

 1.       The Lakshmi Haram

Traditionally, a haram pays obeisance to the Goddesses of wealth, strength, or knowledge and thereby depicts Lakshmi, Amba, or Saraswati in its pendants. These are very important additions to weddings and other auspicious occasions.

 2.       Resplendent Peacock Design

The peacock design is a coveted one because nothing speaks beauty like the eloquent peacock does, with its striking colours and splendid plumage. The peacock is not only part of the pendant in some cases but also adorns the length of the necklace.

 3.       Kasuluperu Harams- The Reign of Coins

These latest gold haram designs have coins embossed with an image that are strung together and joined to a pendant of equal grandeur. The most auspicious embossing on a coin is Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. Other less common embossed designs could be elephants, Ganesha, or flowers.

 4.       Flower Bunch Design - The Garden of Dreams

The trendy and stylish design also popularly known as guttapusalu haram come with petite pearls. In the form of buds, Guttapusalu creates a stir as one walks along. Gold Haram collections are never complete without the famous guttapusalu.

 5.       Ram Parivar- A Unique Design Drawn from Centuries of Devotion

If you like jewellery designs that draw inspiration from Indian epics, then there is nothing like paying obeisance to the Gods of Treta Yuga by adorning yourself with the 22 carats Heirloom Ram Parivar Haram, which is every bit beautiful as it is exclusive.

 6.       3 In 1 Design for a Woman of Many Choices

Gold Harams designs are also recognised as a single string, dual, or multi-string harams where there could be two or more rows of beads in gold, pearl, or other stones strung together and attached to a pendant.  Not only that, these harams conveniently convert into a stylish and classy Vaddanam.

 7.       The Cherished Mango Design

There is nothing that matches the comfort of seeing jewellery with the famous and beloved Mango design. Everything from our grand sarees to our earrings, bangles, and bracelets has that distinctive mango pattern. It could be combined with rubies, emeralds, or corals or it could be pure gold, but the mango design gives us the warm, familiar comfort anytime.


A Haram for Every Occasion

 Harams can be chosen based on what the occasion is. Certain harams like the temple jewellery Haram would be apt for marriages, temples, and during smaller household celebrations. New model Gold Harams with paisley designs can be worn during festivals like Deepavali, Navratri, or Sankranti. Each day we see new gold haram designs hit the market, yet the traditional ones never seem to run out of fashion. Create Jewellery set of your own with unique nose pins, bangles or necklaces to go with your haram for each of these special occasions.

 Haram sets that you Should Own

Gold harams are best bought as a set with an exquisite neck choker, earrings and the long necklace. The gold haram sets come in gorgeous designs like Lakshmi seated on a lotus with swans flanking her. These designs are opulent and indulgent while still retaining the tradition and modesty of Indian Jewellery. You can pair your haram sets with resplendent vaddanams, radiant bangles, and dazzling anklets to deck yourself in splendour for any occasion.


22 Carat Gold Haram Price and Weight range

Gold Haram designs with price and weight range vary vastly depending on the amount of workmanship, usage of precious stones, the purity of gold, and the size of the piece in question. Plain gold haram models with price starting at INR 1.2 lakhs with 22-carat gold purity can weigh around 34 grams including the weight of stones. The latest gold haram designs with price ranges from INR 1.5 lakhs to over INR 10 lakhs can dazzle your eyes, like uncut diamond mini haram designs, solitaire designs, and beautiful paisley designs. The weight of such exquisite harams can go over and above 60 grams.


Tips while buying Gold Harams

Having gained insights on the latest gold haram designs with weight, one should now look at tips to shop smartly when settling for their dream harams and gold haram sets.

Keep in mind that the length of your neck is very important while you choose your haram designs. A long neck will be suitable for horizontal patterns on the haram while if you have a shorter neck, you should find vertical and smaller patterns when looking for your gold haram image of choice.

The size of your haram depends on what you plan to wear it with. Ideally, the star of the gold haram is its pendant, and for better visibility, it must cross your chest and avoid your saree pleats if you are wearing it with a saree. If work with a heavy ghagra or kurti, make sure the length is enough that it doesn’t clash with the filigree work on your apparel of choice.

 Be aware that the neck is a delicate part of the body that carries the entire weight of the head. If your haram is heavy, then your neck can only take a few minimal hours of wearing it, beyond which you may make yourself susceptible to muscular spasms, or neck pain.

 The harams exquisitely have 22-carat purity. Do check the purity before you buy your jewellery because you do not want an investment of such a high cost to have low value. This can be achieved by purchasing from retailers like Vaibhav Jewellers where we always sell 100% certified and hallmarked Jewellery only.


Vaibhav Is Unique- Here is how

 Vaibhav Jewellers offers you a variety of harams like none other. The collection houses special pieces like the 22carat Heirloom Ram Parivar Haram, the Antique Mango Motif with Royal Pendant Haram, various designs of guttapusalu harams, kasuluperu harams, and many more.

 The Vaibhav Advantage

 Vaibhav carry’s years of experience coming from the most trusted Karigars. With a special eye for design and Video shopping Vaibhav Jewellers have a lot to offer. Let your journey towards handcrafted, fine jewellery begin at Vaibhav jewellers with your resplendent haram adorning your neck and making you the queen of any event that you are a part of.

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