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    Floral Bunch Ring Floral Bunch Ring
    Floral Bunch Ring
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    Soulful Beauty Ring Soulful Beauty Ring
    Soulful Beauty Ring
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    MayurNachRing MayurNachRing
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    ImperialPeacock Ring ImperialPeacock Ring
    ImperialPeacock Ring
  1. Zeal of Love
  2. Blinding Love
  3. The Mystic Eye
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    The Curly Vine Ring The Curly Vine Ring
    The Curly Vine Ring
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    Double Dazzle Double Dazzle
    Double Dazzle
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    The Smooth & Curvy The Smooth & Curvy
    The Smooth & Curvy
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    Hearty Trio Hearty Trio
    Hearty Trio
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    Love Crux Gold Ring Love Crux Gold Ring
    Love Crux Gold Ring
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    Dew Drops Gold Ring Dew Drops Gold Ring
    Dew Drops Gold Ring

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Buying Gold Rings- An Unending Addiction

Think rings think more, indeed this holds good for most of us reading this. It is true that one can’t have enough of gold rings. Gold Rings are those Jewelry items that qualify to be ageless and gender neutral. Simple gold rings are adored world over for their ease of wearing. There are plenty of options and variations to choose from when it comes to gold rings- gold rings for girls, gold rings for babies, gold rings for women and men too. One cannot dispense the fact that there are countless gold ring designs that catch our eye daily. We ourselves explore a variety of gold rings online.

While the gold rings are for all, there are a lot contrasts in them namely-

Gold Ring design variations

Antique Gold Ring Designs: The antique gold ring designs are a fad, their relic look gives an antique feel. These gold rings ideally go through a process of oxidation which leaves a dull aged look. These antique gold rings are perfect as family heirloom pieces to pass to your children or grand children.

Simple gold Ring Designs: Simple gold rings offer the flexibility to wear on any finger, any occasion, daily wear and above all comes in all price ranges too. Simple gold rings come in adorably small and petite designs that are quirky and bohemian in style, they are also fun to wear and at large the millennial woman wear them to reflect their persona unlike other serious gold rings such as the antique/Kundans/wedding bands or the so called engagement rings.

Kundan Rings in Gold: Kundans for long have been associated with the Raj Gharanas of the North from where it origins, especially the areas of Rajasthan, Jaipur. At Vaibhav you can find handpicked collection of exclusive Kundan rings that you can match with your kundan bangle or a Kundan necklace.

Gold Ring Karat variations

Gold rings come in different karats unlike the traditional Jewelry items like gold necklace, gold chains which only come in 22K. Latest gold ring designs start from a mere 10K and go up to 22k. The karat variations are merely a number for those who want to own a ring. The rings in the lower karats are more quirky in designs, they look more like jewelry trinkets and are priced lot lesser than the 22 Karat ones, because of their purity.

 Gold Ring Metal Variations

Having discussed the different styles of gold rings, gone are those days when only yellow gold ruled the jewelry space, now white gold and rose gold enjoy the fame of being on top. They are preferred choice amongst millennial woman for their understated nature. The white and rose gold rings are preferred for their subtlety and fine shine making them favorites among teenagers, office going woman and woman who prefer to be simple and minimalist. There are a lot of white gold rings that you can now browse online with us. From simple white gold rings to signature white gold cocktail rings we have them all for you.

Gold Ring Size variations

Gold rings come in different sizes, for different ages and are not specific to gender unlike gold necklaces, gold vaddanams etc. The sizes of the gold rings come as small as 1gm or even 0.5gms. They are mostly baby rings, these gold rings cost between $50 to $150. The gold rings price varies as the size increases example men’s rings come pricier when compared to ladies gold rings. At Vaibhav Jewellers size is not a constraint and we have a piece for all.

Gold Rings Customization

At Vaibhav we resize your favorite designs to give you a right fit or did your eye catch a beautiful gold ring image online, bring us the design and we will have it custom made within a record time span.

Gold Rings for Couples

If you are the one waiting to get engaged then choose from an array of gold bands coming in dual tone or pure white gold bands with a single solitaire on it for your special someone. Another prominent design for couples are the “Fill me” collections that have a dual hearts or a key& lock or geometric bands that fill each other’s spaces. Like our Congenial Couple Rings, The Unity Heart Bands or the lovely Complete me couple rings in our gold rings section. Designer antique wedding rings have picked popularity for their matte finish, oversized design and relic feel. If you are looking for multiutility then try the antique rose gold ring which would also go well with casual wear.

Gold Rings at Vaibhav

Explore a plethora of beautiful gold rings in vivid breathtaking designs at throwaway prices. Gold rings price at Vaibhav Jewellers online portal starts as low as $76 to $470. You can find an assortment of design, workmanship, and stone studded rings – corals, rubies, pearls, diamonds, CZ, emeralds and other rare gemstones. Peacock rings, cocktail rings, floral patterns, mesh work patterns, geometric shapes, plain bands, heart shapes, abstract designs and many more patterns and shapes.

At Vaibhav Jewellers we now offer arrange of customer friendly services like engraving your names/anniversary dates/milestone dates on your rings, cleaning of your rings. We also offer free gemological consultation service for all our customers looking to purchase birthstone gold rings based on their zodiac sign and astrological star. This is an exclusive service available offline (in store). On a request basis you can seek their review for any online gemstone purchase too.

Why Vaibhav Jewellers?

A Jewellers true identity is by his design"- At Vaibhav we breathe this motto. For decades now, we have been showcasing the best gold jewelry designs coupled with an unparalleled shopping fiesta. Get spoilt by choice of design, workmanship, patterns, collections and trends. Buying gold rings online or for that case any gold jewelry comes with a lot of questions in mind regarding aspects like quality, trustworthiness and safety of items. At Vaibhav you come not just to shop your coveted pieces but to takeaway a golden experience. We are a home to grand South Indian gold Jewelry since 25years, at Vaibhav we take you through the journey of your memory lanes from the past and into the future by way of our timeless gold Jewelry. We understand the price you pay for the Jewelry and the emotion you carry along with each of your priceless purchase. You can now weave a story and tell a tale of best gold Jewelry shopping experiences with Vaibhav Jewellers online portal. We offer our customers with gold Jewelry sets & diamond Jewelrybangles, bracelets, necklace, latest pendant sets, Chokers, harams online in different workmanships, weight and price ranges. Take a look at all the latest gold designer rings, along with gold and diamonds you can also buy silver articles online, a range of silver accessories like- pens, pen stands, miniature Kitchen replicas, Jewelry boxes online with us. You can get an update on our gold Jewelry price rise and fall so that you can now plan your purchase well in advance. There are a host of other benefits that you can avail as an international customer while you buy gold Jewelry online with us:

 You can alternately WhatsApp us on +91 9177403000 to stay tuned on the latest Jewelry updates, latest gold & diamond designs, offers and discounts and daily gold prices.