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Silver Articles – Best Gift to Give Anyone

India has been a home to many precious metals such as the gold and silver. History is evidence that Indian soil has been filled with precious metals since times unknown. The repeated invasions, external conflicts and British occupation on Indian soil has only been because of its rich store of minerals, metals and natural resources. Gold and silver has been at the centre of everything in India since centuries, whether it is wedding, trading, asset building or using in our daily lives.

Silver in India has been a household metal since the Rajas and Maharajas time. Silverware has been extensively used domestically. Silver articles have become an indispensible part of our daily lives example silver pooja articles like diya sets, silver gift articles, silver baby sets and a host of other silver sets like dinner sets, adornment items like payal, earrings, necklaces etc are used on a daily basis.

Pure Silver Articles

There are numerous to name under this category “pure silver articles” ranging from baby spoons to silver storage boxes, from silver return gifts to silver idols, from silver dinner sets to silver cradles. Using pure silver articles is considered good as silver has numerous health benefits thereby passing it to the food we eat in them or the water we drink through the silver glasses. Vintage silver articles are passed through generations in Indian families once again emphasizing the position silver holds in the Indian context.

Silver Gift Articles

Silver metal’s prominence has never shrunk since centuries, it has only increased with time. Silver is regarded as an affordable precious metal that is widely used for the purpose of gifting across various occasions big and small in India, whether it may be a formal bajan/Keerthan organized at home or a wedding at home, from birthday party to house warming ceremony, from casual kitty parties to - Silver is unbeatably the best giveaway.  At Vaibhav you can now browse through the latest silver gift articles with price online in different weight, categories and size ranges.

Buying Silver online

Buying silver made extremely simple and easy in just few clicks. Indians globally and locally perceive silver and gold equally pious. You can now find a range of pure silver articles online at takeaway prices without stepping foot out. You can view an array of silver articles from unique silver photo stands to Antique Diya sets, from silver payal to select silver chembulu, from religious idols to silver baby items, from silver slates to silver dining set, from something as mundane as feeding bottles to pooja articles we have them all. You can browse through latest silver articles with price on our portal.

Found something interesting online? Bring us the design, we will have it custom made for you. Silver articles online shopping is now hassle free, do you wish to look at the minute detailing then book a video slot to experience live video shopping facility. 

Silver Articles weight and Price Range

Silver articles come in multiple weights and price ranges, a simple silver item can modestly start with 1gm and can go up to 5kgs and above. The weight of silver items largely depends on the type of article you wish to buy, example there will be lot of variations in silver Jewellery itself. i.e. you can find 1gm silver studs to 200gms silver haram. Likewise one can find a silver spoon ranging from 5gms to 20 gms or above, these variations are the main reason why silver is affordable by all or why silver metal is the most popular precious metal.

Silver Jewellery price or the silver articles price depends on few factors such as metal rate/gm, design, workmanship (plain silver or antique silver), making charges & GST

Why Vaibhav Jewellers?

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