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Exchange Policy

Exchange Policy

Lifetime Exchange/Buyback policy

We at Vaibhav Jewellers offer a very transparent Lifetime Exchange and Buyback policy for all the Jewellery purchased from us. Exchanges and Buyback are always subject to approval of Vaibhav Jewellers quality team. The below is realization value matrix for exchange & buyback.

Table 1A

Category Lifetime Exchange Buyback
Plain Gold Jewellery 100% of weight on the prevailing rate on the date of exchange 80% of weight on the prevailing rate on the day of exchange No Value for studded stones
Diamond Jewellery Gold Weight:100% ofweight at prevailing rate on the day of exchange.
Diamond Value: 90% of the value atprevailing rate on the day of exchange
Gold Weight: 100% of the weight at prevailing rate on the day of exchange
Diamond value: 80% of the value atprevailing rate on the day of exchange
Precious Gemstones/studded jewellery Gold Weight: 100% of gold weight at prevailing rate on the day of exchange
75% on stone value mentioned in invoice.
Gold Weight: 80%of gold weight at prevailing rate on the day of exchange.
75% on stone value mentioned in invoice .
Platinum 90% on invoice value 80% on invoice value
Gold coins 100% on the Prevailing rate 90% on prevailing rate
Solitaires NA NA
Loose gemstones NA NA
Semi-Precious stones NA NA
Silver NA NA
Courier Charges 700/- 700/-

FAQs on Lifetime Exchange & Buyback

Will the making charges/VA be deducted during product exchange?

Yes, please note that making charges/VAmentioned on the invoice will not be considered as part of product value for both exchange & buyback.The amount is calculated based on the prevailing market metal price multiplied by net weight of the item. All the items consisting of diamonds/precious stones will be valued as stated in the above table.

Are loose solitaires accepted?

No, loose solitaires are not accepted under lifetime exchange/buyback policy.

How do we know the prevailing market price?

Prevailing Gold/Silver/Platinum rate will be updated in our website www.vaibhavjewellers.com on a daily basis.

What if I am not able to find suitable jewellery after exchanging?

Please note that you need to select an item or customize your order from the website before exchanging your Jewellery.

How do I pack my Jewellery for exchange/buyback?

Once you choose to return the item, we will send you a tamper proof cover with a form asking the basic details. The product along with original product certificate and invoice/bill has to be returned along with the product in a tamper proof cover.

Mail Instructions will be sent, on how to pack Jewellery once we receive the request.

How is the exchange/buyback amount calculated?

After the receipt of item, Qualityteam would check whether the product is falling under the Exchange/Buyback Policy.

If so, product valuation is done based on the received physical Item in terms of Weight andPurity, same would be multiplied with the prevailing metal price and for Diamonds/Precious Semi Stone valuation will be done as mentioned in the Table1A.

If Quality team raises a concern in considering item to be part of exchange/buyback policy then same will be communicated to customer and item would be returned back.

Can I Exchange/buyback customized jewellery?

Customized jewellery does not qualify for Exchange/buyback.

What if I misplace the original bill?

If the original bill is misplaced, customers are charged a nominal fee to trace the product details.

Can I give any jewellery for buyback?

We accept Jewellery that qualifies under Exchange/Buyback policy and purchased through Vaibhav Jeweller’s website only.

When will the buyback amount be credited to my account?

The amount after the buyback will be credited to your account in 10 workings days.