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Gold Bangle

Beautiful Gold Bangle: A Wardrobe Must-have For The Fashionistas

To date, many Indian women do not leave the house without stacking on bangles. And due to India's rich cultural diversity, bangles come in various styles to suit any event or celebration. Gold bangle fashion has evolved over the years. We at Vaibhav Jewellers make sure to follow their fashion trends. So, you will notice the upgradation of our inventory from time to time. Antique gold bangle for women is making a comeback, but with a contemporary spin. Compared to its forerunners, these gold bangle sets available in our stock are lighter and more comfortable on the wearer's wrists. Some have a matte appearance, while others are polished to add an extra dose of sparkle to the overall appearance of the wearer. 

We aim to cover the taste of women all across the country. There are bangles set with Kundan, Meenakari, and Jadau's work for someone from North India. Likewise, in South India, women love to wear a temple gold bangles design embellished with kemp stones. The most popular motifs in this region include peacock, floral, naga, and triangle patterns. Our artisans have taken care of that too. Gold Kada for women is another well-liked design you will find in our catalogue. The southerners call it "thadavala," whereas northerners call it "Kangan." Bangles are often slender and dainty, while Kadas are broad and chunky with or without elaborate ornamentation. We have created a range of delicate, adaptable, and easy-to-wear gold bangles for minimalist fashion lovers. These baubles usually have no or fewer decorations.

Either wear them alone or stack them up; the choice is yours. Throw a women's gold ring on it for a bit of drama. Remember that gold bangles will last forever and can be included in any wardrobe. Therefore, while such jewellery may be more expensive to purchase initially, its "cost per wear" will eventually equal zero.

Check Out Latest Gold Bangle Designs at Vaibhav Jewellers

Gold bangles, in particular, are a popular accessory for women in many of our cultural traditions. Vaibhav Jewellers is your one-stop destination if you want a perfect piece to beautify your wrist. The bangles in our collection hold a diverse variety. You can get a gold bangle for any event, from everyday thin bangles to more elaborate traditional gold Kada designs. Every new batch of gold bangles design we create makes us feel like we've reached a new pinnacle. 

Gold bangles are versatile; heavily ornamented pieces work fine with traditional Indian clothing, or opt for something dainty and thin to complement your western attire.

Traditional Gold Bangle Designs

The traditional gold bangles design is an excellent combination of art, culture, and expertise. Even while the contemporary artisans take on a more refined and updated appearance, our traditional gold bangle design catalogue exudes an air of the bygone era. Each one, including the traditional gold Kada designs, is crafted from the finest gold, and its unique patterns set it apart. These baubles are the epitome of sophistication and elegance and are perfect for contemporary and traditional women. Besides bangles, we have an incredible collection of antique jewellery for antiquarians. The line includes traditional haram, chokers, rings, earrings, armlets, and waist belts.

Modern Gold Bangle Designs

For a nation founded on its youth, we can't ignore the jewellery fads that are taking the next generation by storm. When it comes to jewellery, bangles are a young woman's go-to thing. But her choices are different from her antecedents. She is always on the hunt for way lighter, daintier, adaptable and more comfortable patterns to keep her style game up throughout the day. We at Vaibhav Jewellers understand her requirements and create pieces ticking all those points. Whether it's a statement studded one, a solid piece coupled with a bold ethnic outfit, or a bangle with chic double-toned patterns that go wonderfully with any casual style, we have them all for our young modern divas. Vaibhav Jewellers 22K Plain Gold Machine Made Rhodium 2 Set Flat Bangles (18SH253), Vaibhav Jewellers 22K Plain Gold Fancy Enamel Kada Bangle (16VK3027), Vaibhav Jewellers 22K Semi Precious 2 Set Gold Bangles (17VG302), 22Kt Plain Gold Bangles (16VJ579), 22k Plain Gold Fancy Bangles (16MP3216), Sophisticated Ruby Gold Bangles (125VG565), and Twist On Wrist Gold Bangles (16VI967) are a few names from our modern gold bangle design catalogue. This trend has become so widespread that you can even purchase a daily wear modern gold bangles design to reflect your current mood.

Browse Extensive Catalogue Of Gold Bangle By Occasion

Gold bangles are a jack of all trades. You can wear them anywhere, from formal office parties to grand weddings. Their versatility gives rise to a new population of jewellery lovers that confuse themselves as to what they want. So, we at Vaibhav Jewellers have provided them with a user-friendly approach. How?

On our site, one can quickly sort from our gold bangle design catalogue using filters like weight, price ranges, sizes, and many other specifications. Not just that! You can also find a pair suitable to your occasion, personality and style.

Gold Bangles for Daily Wear

Jewellery only occasionally calls for a special occasion. Sometimes it's for a Saturday night out or a quick movie night. Vaibhav Jewellers has a vast daily wear gold bangle design catalogue. These bangles are built for budget-friendly pricing and a minimalistic look. You can find them in various daily wear modern gold bangles designs, embodied with gems and diamonds or not, at low prices to ensure you don't upset the family budget. The price ranges for our daily wear gold bangles designs start from ₹0-₹1,00,000, ₹1,00,000-₹2,00,000, and so on. Since the fluctuating gold rate influences the jewellery cost, keep a tab while checking any daily wear gold bangles' price. For your routine wardrobe, our collection is more comprehensive than bangles. We have everything from a daily wear gold ring to gold chains and earrings.

Gold Bangles for Wedding

Bangles are an essential piece of jewellery for the bride's wedding day look. In addition to their cultural significance, a gorgeous gold bangle set for bride from Vaibhav Jewellers lends an effortless allure to her mehndi-covered hands. Jewellery for brides' wrists has never been more diverse, taking the form of bold statement bangles, conventional Kada, chic screw Kangans, and modern minimalistic cuffs with our unique spin. Be it just a single gold bangle set for bride or a diverse range of gold bangles for wedding for her whole squad, our exceptional designs know how to steal the show in no time.

 Come check them!

List of Popular Gold Bangles @ Vaibhav Jewellers

Product Name

Weight Range

Price Range

Traditional Ruby Gold Bangle

10gms to 90gms

41000 To 940000

Antique Polki Gold Bangle

10gms to 90gms

41000 To 940000

Precious Stone Gold Bangle

10gms to 90gms

41000 To 940000

Daily Wear Simple Gold bangle

10gms to 90gms

41000 To 940000

Broad Gold Bangle

10gms to 90gms

41000 To 940000


Choose From a Wide Range of Gold Bangles Designs With Weight And Price At Vaibhav Jewellers

Gold bangles bring out the true lustre of your skin, complementing it with a touch of the beautiful yellow shine, accompanied by gems, all at a low price and a convenient shopping experience. Sounds too good to be true? We at Vaibhav Jewellers beg to differ with a shopping venture smooth as butter and the actual prices; you'd get your best gold bangles designs with weight and price so low and so quickly you may as well prepone your wedding ceremony! 

Our expert craftsmen suggest our prices depending on the materials that went into the piece, which keeps our gold bangles prices transparent. You can find bangles in ranges of ₹0-₹1,00,000, ₹₹1,00,000-₹2,00,000, ₹2,00,000-₹3,00,000, and so on. 

However, price isn't the only convenience. The most crucial property you look for in gold bangles designs with price is whether or not it fits—specifically, weight. We understand that not everyone wants a full-on bling with their bangles; maybe they want something more straightforward. That is why we have a vast collection of lightweight 10-gram gold bangles designs with prices adjusted for tight budgets and built for daily wear.

Our gold bangle sets only scratch the surface of our beautiful, budget-friendly authentic jewellery. Every piece of jewellery in our collection is thoroughly inspected to find any defects and issues. However, we are open to feedback. If you seem to find any problems, or the piece is broken during delivery, we will be more than happy to get you a replacement. You can explore our gold churi design with weight and prices listed on our website to find your best match. As for the concern of the rising daily price of gold, you can catch up with the gold rate today listed on our website, which tells you the price of gold per gram.


Best Women's Gold Bangle Designs Online at Vaibhav Jewellers

A beautiful gold bangle design provides a touch of elegance to an otherwise plain wrist. At Vaibhav Jewellers, the choices for bangles are plenty. 

Our latest bangle design for women is an artistic delight. For those who want a more refined style, there are bangles with elaborate motifs, studded ones for special events, gemstone ones that are embellished with tiny coloured jewels, and bangles with an antique finish. 

Minimalists fret not! We have a dedicated segment to woo you as well. This section features simple yet chic designs that will mark your presence with their subtle vibe.

Check out the Sparkling Gold Bangle Collections at Vaibhav Jewellers

Bangles are definitely the quintessential part of Indian jewellery. While traditional gold bangles have always been a woman’s first love, contemporary lighter pieces for everyday wear are slowly growing to be the new favourite for their cool looks. We at Vaibhav Jewellers, have an extensive range of gold bangle designs to adorn your looks. Every piece has been designed with utmost attention to detail. We bet you will be proud to call it yours. 

Browse through the latest gold bangles design because we know that you are someone who always keeps up with fashion trends.  Just try our 22K gold bangles design series. Unique emblems and patterns make them quite attractive and elegant in visual appeal. Likewise, a simple gold bangles design is a go-to vogue for those women who love to keep things low key. 

We also possess an array of lightweight gold bangles designs with prices online for you to wear them every day. You won’t even think of taking them off ever, because they go with everything in your wardrobe guaranteed. The contemporary designs of these bangles make them a popular choice among millennials. Although contemporary, our gold bangle designs are meant to leave a lasting impression.  Complement them with an exquisite gold haram to add drama to your appearance. 

Simply check out our gold bangles catalogue for a better experience of the promises we made. Not only does it enable you to assimilate vintage pieces and explore the emerging trends but also helps in making a purchase decision wisely with our unique smart buy feature. 

Stylish yet affordable, our gold bangles new design will be a stunning addition to your jewellery collection.

Why Choose Women's Gold Bangles at Vaibhav Jewellers?

At Vaibhav, you will be spoilt with choice, shop from a varied collection of Jewellery such as gold bracelets for women, men & kids, the latest gold earrings, harams, silver Jewellery, and diamonds. Take a look at all the latest Kadas, men's bracelets, and an array of men's gold chains online.

To make your gifting easy, we at Vaibhav also offer an array of benefits to our customers such as:

  • Try @home
  • Virtual Try-on
  • Free 15-day return policy
  • State of art Live Video Shopping
  • Customization services
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  • Smart Buy options

You can also reach our customer care for customization, Jewellery cleaning services, sizing-related queries, old gold exchange, prevailing gold price, and all other shopping-related information.

FAQs For Gold Bangles -

What are Gold Bangles?

Bangles, often rigid but loose-fitting bracelets, are worn by women on the Indian subcontinent. Gold is a common metal for bangles, although there are many others.

What is the ideal price to buy Gold Bangles?

It's possible to buy a gold bangle for as little as a few thousand rupees from Vaibhav Jewellers. Our range starts from 0- ₹1, 000, 000, ₹1,000,000 ₹2,000,000, ₹2,000,000 - ₹3,000,000, and can go up to ₹6,000,000 - ₹7,000,000.

What is the suitable weight and quality to buy Gold Bangles?

The weight of gold bangles is subjective. You may select a light or swanky design to suit your mood and occasion. We have bangles starting from 10 - 20 gms, 20-30 gms and it goes above 90 gms. Regarding quality, look for the BIS Hallmark to ensure your bangles are authentic. It's usually inscribed on a bangle's inner part.

In How many sizes Gold Bangles are made?

Gold bangles for ladies are commonly available in two sizes.

2-3/16 to 2-4/16 & 2-5/16 to 2-6/16.

Anything above that usually is on request.

N.B. The infant bangles' sizes vary from the preceding list.

How to measure gold bangle size?

Bangles are sized by hand, not by the wrist. To find your bangle size, fold your thumb into the palm as if putting on a bangle and use tailor's tape to measure your hand from knuckle to knuckle.