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Antique Gold Bangles

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If you wonder where to buy antique gold bangles from, stop by and check it out with Vaibhav Jewellers. From numerous designs to different metal purities and colours, our extensive range of glittering, beautiful, and fabulous antique bangles is something that will leave you spoilt for choice.

To be a piece of genuine antique jewellery, a bangle has to depict a design associated with ancient times to be over 100 years old. So, currently, any archaic bangles design that's from 1921 or older is an authentic antique. You can get anything from a traditional gold bangle embellished with statement motifs to a simple antique gold Kada design for ladies decorated with minimal work in our catalogue. Our antique gold bangles styles for your beautiful wrist come in an exceptional variety. Polki, Gheru, Temple, Arangetram are a few names from the list. These elegant antique bangles are set in 22K gold. They are relatively big and broad in size and more expensive than regular jewellery because of their intricate artistry.

Antique Gold Bangle Design

There is a classic charm about antique jewellery. Be it the muted sheen or the timeless gleam, the sheer grace is unrivalled. These magnificent ornaments can change the look of the wearer instantly. For example, the antique gold bangle designs are an arty testament of the finest workmanship. At Vaibhav Jewellers, the buyer gets to choose from a wide range of collections. Apart from the traditional ones, there are the latest antique gold bangles designs. So browse through and pick what your heart yearns for. 

Clustered Wheat Grain Gold Bangle

Over the years, gold bangles for women have gone through a massive transformation. Nevertheless, the traditional motifs still have their dedicated patrons, and Vaibhav Jewellers' Clustered Wheat Grain Gold Bangles vouch for it. These gorgeous pair of wrist adornments are splendid, flaunting meticulously carved wheat grain shaped motifs all over the bangles. Tiny ruby stones add a crimson glow to them.  

CutWork Design

There are dedicated women gold patrons who swear by the imposing appal of kadas, and Vaibhav Jewellers' array of antique Kada designs is enough to woo them. For those who have a penchant for cutwork designs, then our Cutwork Antique Gold Bangles and CutWork Antique Gold Bangle With Rubies are meant for you. 

Floral Design

In search of antique gold Kada design for ladies, you can check out Vaibhav Jewellers extensive collection of bangles, bracelets and kadas. Women who want to create a regal statement with their bangles must buy our antique floral gold bangle. It's an art in itself, with intricately carved floral silhouettes all over the chunky antique kangan design. 

Swirly Design

Many families still have or invest in antique bangles designs as heirloom jewellery to pass it on to the next generation as a lineage. To appease such patrons, the creative team and the artisans at Vaibhav Jewellers always keep a collection ready with old bangles design. Have a look at our Swirly Gemstones Antique Gold Bangle. Crafted in 22k gold, this antique arm adornment is studded with coloured precious stones. 

Divas who have a fixation on antique gold bangle designs, a virtual tour of Vabhav Jeweller's online store can meet their needs efficiently. 

List of Popular Antique Bangle @ Vaibhav Jewellers

Product Name

Weight Range in gms

Price Range

Antique Gold Kangan Set with Intricate Design


115000 To 942000

22K Antique Gold Gheru Bangles 125VG1256


41000 To 940000

22K Antique Gold Bangles 125VG1301


41000 To 940000

Antique Floral Motif Gold Kada


41000 To 940000

22K Antique Gold Bangles 125VG1210


41000 To 940000


Antique Gold Bangle Set at Vaibhav Jewellers

With retro trends returning, antique and traditional jewellery are making their way to current fashion. At Vaibhav Jewellers, we specialise in all kind of antique jewellery, which is intricately crafted and involve much handiwork. Antique gold bangles are among the most famous jewellery pieces from this segment that charms people with their uniqueness. Each gold bangles set present in our stock is bold, beautiful and instantly make a statement. Our master jewellers have created them so that they strike a balance between the ancient and contemporary world. 

Ruby Gold Bangles

Stone setting is a contemporary style. Our designers are now blending it with many antique patterns to offer you the most vibrant designs. Our antique ruby bangles are a gift to modern women who adore traditional jewellery. Empowering Ruby Gold Bangles, Teardrop Ruby Gold Bangles, Ruby and Emerald Fab Antique Gold bangles are the top contenders from the list. These are ogle-worthy gold bangles embellished with stylish motifs set with rubies. The warmth of gold and radiance of ruby together create magic around the wrists. Our antique ruby bangles are chunky pieces appropriate for festivals, grand events, or weddings.

Polki Design Gold Bangle

While we've already witnessed many women making the most of these sparkling stones, this time around, we've got our eyes on some Polki design gold bangles too. We have three breathtakingly gorgeous bangle sets with studded Polki or uncut diamonds in a flowery layout. The craftsmanship found in this antique gold bangles set surpasses the craftsmanship found in the present-day standard jewellery stores. These are unique, stand-out pieces made with attention and excellence. 

Holy Deity Gold Bangle

As the name suggests, this bangle is decorated with tiny motifs of Goddess Lakshmi all over. The bangle is more ornate and heavy; that's why it comes with a screw to fasten it securely. Our Holy Deity Gold Bangle is perked up with beautiful elaborate gold and stone embellishments. An intricate gold beaded outlining is a not-so-common creation that will help you grab gobs of compliments. This bangle goes decorous with all the traditional outfits and sarees. 

At Vaibhav Jewellers, we aim to celebrate the best of antique Gold jewellery For Women. Wearing antique gold bangles sets from Vaibhav Jewellers make your experience more significant and genuine is the best way to go.

Explore Antique Gold Bangle with Price and Weight

Shopping for antique gold bangles is no easy task since you need to look for the perfect piece. We at Vaibhav Jewellers go to the specifics about antique gold bangles designs with prices updated regularly.

Price Range from Rs 10000 to Rs 1000000

We update antique gold bangle prices regarding the current gold rate and value in our stores and our online website. You can choose from hundreds of antique gold Kada designs with prices ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 10, 00,000. You can sort the costs to make sure you look for some pieces according to your family budget.

Weight Range From 10 gram to 90 gram

We update the collection of gold antique bangles with price and provide the weight on the same page as the product. Our lightest bangles weigh around 10 gms, and our heaviest weighs 90 gms. Like prices, you can sort them quickly with a few clicks on our website. All you need to do is click the "Weight" button and click your desired weight range, and our code will arrange the specific pieces in ascending order. We have this feature for every piece. Take our vast gold pendant collection, for example.

Whether simple or elaborate designs, each antique jewellery piece in our collection is better than the other.

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Jewellery's new mania is, undoubtedly, with everything antique. What was definitely in vogue centuries ago has been rediscovered by designers once again. Browse through our fantastic range of antique bangles online. Our collection exudes timeless style, excellence, and appeal that allows you to stand out from the crowd.

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Buying antique gold bangles online is a very convenient feature to have in the middle of a pandemic. So, we have built an online catalogue to make sure you conveniently purchase jewellery in peacefulness at your sweet home. Like our physical stores, the prices on our website are updated to the gold rate and have price conversions from INR to USD for easier international shopping.

EMI Facility

An antique bangles online shopping experience is challenging because they're very costly because, well, they're antique gold. If you have picked a favourite and don't want to let go of it yet can't afford it, you can shop on EMI to divide the prices into affordable monthly pay-offs. Jewellery in investment arrives as a blessing, particularly for unique jewellery. You can opt-in to this handy feature with us, contributed by a third-party provider. There are arrangements for both Cardless and credit card EMI.