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Diamond Nose-Pin

Best Diamond Nose Rings Online

One sparkle and many names

Nose rings, nose pins, nose nath, nakhnath, mukkupudaka- these go by many other names too region to region. Popular in the Indian traditions a nose ring is adorned on the nose. Big, small, sharp, blunt, long or Greek nose you can beautify it with a diamond nose pin. You can jazz up your looks a notch higher by wearing a diamond nose stud.
This important piece of Jewellery occupies a prime place in a woman’s treasure chest. Modern, sleek, stylish and affordable- you can find a variety online. Though this is the smallest piece of Jewellery, it has a special place in a girl's life.

Nose Rings in the Modern times

Though nose piercing is not common like ears piercing in urban places, it has recently gained popularity amongst millennial women for the sheer category- Body piercing. It is in practice in India since Vedic times. It is also considered as a status symbol in the yesteryears, in some communities even to date the bride-to-be gets her nose pierced as a ritual.

Nose rings size

Jewellery items are mostly size-specific, while nose nath are not exactly size specific. They usually come in tiny shapes, all nose rings are practically of the same size. However, the nose nath or nakhnath or bridal nakhnath is an oversized circular nose ring that connects the nose to the ear with a chain. Whatever may be your style, it is sure to steal attention.

Making a Statement With Nose Rings

An accessory that enhances your looks and takes your beauty to the next level is undoubtedly a diamond nose ring. An oversized nose ring or a small single minuscule diamond, you can find a range of designs at Vaibhav Jewellers. We understand that the Indian nose pin is no longer worn as a part of the ritual but as a fashion statement. Tennis stars like Sania Mirza who sported a nose pin have created a fashion wave for flaunting nose pin. Apart from this millennial woman irrespective of their religion, culture and traditional values love to flaunt their quirky side by adorning them.

Types of Nose Rings

Pressing nose ring:

This is common among teenagers and those who do not want to pierce their nose. A press type is easy to adorn, a quick fashion accessory that you can plus or minus to your existing looks.

Small Diamond Nose Rings:

Small, sleek and subtle the small diamond rings have a lot to offer to Indian women. A simple nose stud in gold or diamond looks gorgeous on every attire western, traditional, contemporary or Indian. The sensual appeal, the flawless look and the facial beauty it offers are beyond words.

Here is How You Can Style Nose Rings

At Vaibhav, you will come home to an array of funky patterns of nose pins that would help you improve your glam quotient to a great extent.
• If you have a broad nose, go for a floral nose ring with colored gems or diamonds.
• A simple hoop nose ring will suit a nose that is long and sharp
• A half loop stud nose pin is an amazing option for a small nose

Nose Rings For Everyone

Like a diamond ring, these offer simple and subtle grace. One can wear nose nath even without piercing. The bent nose pin that is available in floral and u-bent designs are great to buy. There are also studded large and small hoops that shine like bright stars. Though it is the tiniest part of jewellery a girl can own, it is the brightest of all. At Vaibhav jewellers you will be welcomed with a refreshing splash of beautiful Indian nose ring designs that are cool, subtle, elegant and trendy.

Nose Rings Price and weight range

Buying nose rings online is just a few clicks job, the diamond nose pin price starts from INR 2600 and goes up to INR 30,000. They all come in a smaller weight range of 0-3gms.

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