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All About Gold!

Gold-the only yellow metal found on earth is considered an auspicious item in every household. The ever-increasing value of gold makes it a safe haven i.e. an investment that retains or increases the value during times of crises. Just like gold, gold rate has also been an area of concern.

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Today Gold Rate and Price Trend in India

With so many online sources, we often tend to get confused about the genuine results of our search for “prevailing or today’s gold price or gold rate today” online. We are practically shown a bulk of websites specifying gold rates and silver rates today.

At Vaibhav, you can subscribe to get gold rate alerts on a regular basis and keep a watch on the ups and downs of the gold price. If you intend to buy gold in the short term, then it is advised to keep tracking the gold price. A sudden drop in the gold price can be immediately used to your advantage, by shopping your Jewellery on that day.

History of gold in India

India has a rich and illustrating history with a strong connection to gold. There is evidence that gold was an extensive medium of trade from as early as the Indus Civilization or even before. Gold back then was traded with other essential items such as food, clothing, and accessories in the silk route, the gold rate back then was not pegged to currency as the gold rate today is. Today gold rate in India is highly susceptible to market conditions and various other factors. The Indian gold rate today is largely dependent on global markets. Also, the gold rate in Mumbai may vary from the gold rates in Bangalore today. With so many variations a gold chain may be priced differently in various parts of India

Importance of Gold in India

Gold has always played a key role in the Indian economy as well as the Indian household. Today the gold rate is closely watched along with many other things by the majority of Indian household men and women as gold is a valued investment avenue for Indians. Highly dynamic gold prices today do not seem to change the mindset of the Indians rather only make it stronger leading to the popularity of gold as an investment.

Gold Rate Today

Unlike the previous years when the gold rate was growing at a stable rate, due to multiple factors now it is highly vulnerable to global phenomena like market booms or global meltdowns, new trade pacts or ongoing trade wars, etc resulting in the spike of gold rate every time a global event occurs.

Seeing the 18k and 24k gold rate price in India is different by locations often leaves us confused. Secondly, we can notice that there are slight variations in the price ranging from a difference of anywhere between Rs. 50-75/-. These typical price variations are a result of the Jeweller's bullion association and location. Ideally, the current gold rate always depends on the market value that it is traded at.

Demand for Gold in India

India is one of the biggest markets for gold and a leading player is driving growth in gold demand. Gold has a central role in India's culture and it is considered as a store of value, a symbol of status and wealth and a fundamental part of many Indian rituals. Jewellery among other things like a gold ring is also used for gifting among close relatives. Among India's rural population, a very deep affinity for gold & silver goes hand in hand with practical considerations of the security and portability of jewelry as a gold investment for the future. 

Gold Rate in India

22Ct gold price today is closely watched by millions of Indians, for the sheer security, assurance, and value the yellow metal blesses us with. Gold is a dear commodity in Indian communities, from simple family functions to weddings, from house warming ceremonies to welcoming a newborn- gold is extensively bought as an investment and as to gift too. 

The exponential rise in gold price is perhaps not the only reason to invest but gold for generations is considered auspicious. Despite the gold price today, Indian's love for gold shines above everything. The gold rate is ideally a cumulative measure of many factors, some of these drivers being external while some remain internal. Key factors often remain in the international market, socio-political forces etc.   

At Vaibhav you can explore the latest selection of Jewellery from gold Maangtika to platinum chains, from silver article to diamond necklaces, and from gold necklaces to trendy 14Kt lightweight Jewellery, the options are endless when it comes to shopping for fine Jewellery with us. Not just that with a wide store presence across 12 locations, we also open our services to our global customers by way of online shopping. You can shop online at today’s gold rate and get your coveted pieces delivered to your doorstep. 

How Today's Gold Rate in India is calculated?

Gold price in India today differs from city to city example gold price in Pune today may not be the same as the gold price in Hyderabad. Though the difference is very marginal, this is because of the various gold associations each Jeweller or retailer tends to follow. For example, a Jeweller can follow the LBMA(London Bullion Market Association) rates while others may follow the MJDMA (Madras Jewellers & diamond merchants association) rate. Ideally, the international benchmark rates prevailing on that particular day are taken into account along with GST, and purity of gold, and then the gold price is arrived at.

Gold Price in India

Live gold prices in India can be seen in bourses during the active market hours. You can also view the live gold rate online. There is also MCX gold price you can see during the market hours. Ideally, we get to see the price of 10gms but many retail Jewellery websites and bullion associations also give a gold rate per gram.

The gold rate is always been closely monitored globally, as it has been a major source of investment for many Indians living in India and internationally too. Historical gold rate trends since the 1960s in India have always been uphill and positive. This is the major reason why it is a preferred investment avenue for many Indians. They consider this dear metal as security for the future.

Why the Gold Price will be increasing?

Since gold is mostly imported commodity in India, the depreciation of the rupee vis-a-vis the US dollar of around 7 percent since September 2019, this pushed the gold prices today in India even higher.

Important Facts on Gold

Today the gold rate is pegged at a premium because of its wide industrial and high-end fashion segments. We are all mostly reliant on gold for a few of its properties and versatile attributes, making this metal indispensable in engineering and electronics. Its applications in nanomaterials are also offering new solutions to a range of global health and environmental issues.

Below are some of the unique properties of gold:

  • Exceptionally malleable and ductile
  • Catalytic properties
  • Resistant to corrosion

Future of Gold Price in India

916 gold rates today have skyrocketed in comparison to what it was exactly a year ago. With prevailing economic ups and downs the gold price is bound to be increasing gradually hitting an all-new high every time there is a market correction. Once a sense of normalcy restored, the price in the 22k gold rate would see downward movement before it settles on a number. Indian gold rate today is watched with close interest by women across the globe, even a small dip in gold rate would lead to heavy purchases by Indians as they want to seize the perfect moment to buy. Whether it is a small ring or a striking pair of gold earrings, the price of gold is a prime consideration that one looks at before purchasing.

22 Carat Gold Rates

As gold is a highly malleable metal, it cannot be used in its purest form for making Jewellery. Hence, it is mixed with one of the alloys i.e. copper or silver to make it hard and thereby shape it to the desired design. The gold Jewellery made is hence made out of 22K gold- All the Jewellers calculate the present gold rate based on the purity along with making charges and GST to arrive at the final gold rate.

Various gold purity levels

Gold purity is determined using the karat system. Depending on the ratio of pure gold to other alloys, the gold used in engagement rings and other jewelry is usually categorized as 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, and 24k.

Difference between 18k, 24k and 22k gold price

The main difference between various karats of gold is purity. While the gold rate of 24k is the highest, the price of 1 gram gold rate is always calculated primarily by considering purity. You can also notice that when you buy gold Jewellery online, the gold rate of 22K is also calculated as per the prevailing 22carat gold price. 

24 Carat Gold is considered to be the purest form of gold i.e. 99.9% purity with no alloy addition. On the other hand ornament, the gold rate is lesser in comparison to 24K gold, this is because there is an alloy addition to bring the ornament to life. In most of the online sources, 10gms gold price is mentioned or alternately 1gm gold rate is mentioned.

An 18K gold Jewellery is 75% gold and 25% other metals like copper and silver. They are usually used for diamond Jewellery for the strength of holding the diamonds. 22K gold price today is calculated by taking the 24K gold as a benchmark and is thereby discounted to 22Ct.

Many of the Jewellers project 22Carat gold price today on their website or onscreen displays in the outlets, this gold rate today of 22K is the prevailing price of gold on that particular day.

24-Carat Gold Rates

24Ct gold price today is often a mix of different factors as discussed earlier. However, while buying as a customer we may need to understand a few basic things such as:

How 1 Carat Today Gold Price in India is Determined?

There are so many factors that result in calculating the 22ct gold price today. A few of the factors taken into consideration while arriving at the 1gram gold rate in India today are:

  1. Currency
  2. International factors such as a slowdown in the economy, oil prices, international trade policies
  3. Global demand
  4. Interest rates
  5. Based on the 24carat gold rate today

How to Measure the Purity of Gold?

Karat also spelled as carat is the measure of purity and finesse of gold. A 24Ct gold pendant or coin is said to be the purest of all. There is also a gold purity regulating body - the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), a government body, that certifies the purity of gold bought by you. The complete process of certifying the gold purity called is hallmarking.

According to the BIS website, there are two principal objectives of the hallmarking scheme: 
a) To protect the public against adulteration
b) To obligate manufacturers to maintain legal standards of fineness/purity.

1gm gold rate in India today differs from place to place, do ensure to buy certified BIS hallmarked coins and before buying check for “22carat gold price today”.  

Explore Today Gold rate in Hyderabad

Gold price today in Hyderabad has historically been dynamic, given the soft spot for gold as an investment. The dynamics of gold price in Hyderabad, the momentum, and the ups and downs did never restrain the people from investing in it. Today gold rate in Hyderabad in comparison to the previous few years is on the higher side but the charm of gold Jewellery has never lost its sheen amongst Hyderabadis.

This yet again proves that the gold rate in Hyderabad is just a factor and not a deciding element for investment. The historical data is a witness to the trends that the gold rate in Hyderabad fluctuates and with the same is directly proportional to the demand and supply too. Today gold rate in Hyderabad 24 carat purity is used to calculate the gold rate of Jewellery such as a gold bangle or a pair of earrings.  

Find Out Today's Gold Rate in Chennai 

Gold rate in Chennai has always been a traditional yardstick for assessing gold prices across the South Indian states. Gold price in Chennai today is followed closely by many Jewellers, not just that Chennai bullion is also a great influencer whose gold price is pegged to by many retail Jewellers in South India. South Indian jewellery is known for its design, grace, intricate craftsmanship, and time-consuming detailing. Chennai remains to be a center of this art for decades, this is because of the powerful temple architecture across the state and the love for gold.

Over the years gold price in Chennai has been looked at by many retail Jewellers. Today gold rate in Chennai is dynamic and driven by a number of market forces, but the glam of gold hasn’t withered given its dominance as an investment. Many people today traditionally buy gold Haram, necklaces or any other gold item merely to secure the future. Despite the ups and downs of the gold rate in Chennai, it has been a favorite mode of investment.

Check Out Gold Rate in Mumbai Today

The gold rate in Mumbai- the financial capital of the country is something that is closely monitored. A major Jewellery manufacturing hub and the presence of a number of retail Jewellers including a powerful pack of exporters is what makes the gold price in Mumbai an important yardstick. With the surge in gold rate in Mumbai, despite the uncertainties, it is preferred to be a major investment.

Today gold rate in Mumbai 24carat is far higher than the historical high, perhaps this is the reason why gold remains to shine inspite of a number of investment options. Considering the gold price in Mumbai today and the ever changing millennial women tastes, Jewellery designers kept on reinventing designs to suit the present day needs i.e. creating multi-use jewellery like a gold Choker cum Baju Bandh or multi-use detachable earrings in different styles etc. 

Explore Today Gold Rate in Banglore

Like any other metro, Bangalore has been a convention destination to the millennial population for the wide opportunities, infrastructure, and climate the place provides. Amongst the many things, the gold price in Bangalore is something to look for. With trendy Jewellery available online, the gold rate in Bangalore interests millennial. Today gold rate in Bangalore per gram may be far higher than it was a few years ago, but this doesn’t deter people from resorting to buying the yellow metal- such is the charm.

Apart from the self-indulgent quirky Jewellery, “today gold price in Bangalore” is often searched by most of the Gen Next crowd. Unlike traditional 22 Kt purity the millennials relate best with 14Kt, 18kt purity with different tones of gold attracting them such as the latest entrant the white and the rose gold tones. For example a white gold locket i.e. more personal than a traditional temple design etc.  Today gold price in Banglaore is at par with the rest of the metros with a plus or minus INR200-300 difference.

Explore Gold Rate in Delhi Today

Today gold rate in Delhi is in no way comparable to the previous years, the stark difference is the appreciation gold has seen over the years and the increasing demand for the yellow metal- both have been the factors leading to the balancing act. Despite today gold price in Delhi, people fondly invest in the yellow metal- it has been a source of instilling security and backup to people.

Unlike the South Indian weddings where preference is given to heavy, design centric pieces like gold Vaddanam, bridal harams, necklace etc, the choice of brides in Northern India is more on selecting different workmanship such as the meenakari, Kundan etc.

Historically gold rate in Delhi also fluctuates with the stock market, during the buying season like Diwali, Teej, Dhanteras etc. Gold is looked up to as a precious commodity. 22carat gold rate in Delhi today is influenced by a lot of factors including international gold prices. So, next time you wish to buy Jewellery take a close look at the gold prices in Delhi and buy when there is a dip in the price. Making an informed decision always helps in hedging yourself with the rising gold price.  

Recent Trends in Gold Rate and Prices

Learning the trends in today’s gold rate gives us the insight to predict the future of the gold rate in India. The gold rate today has been constantly growing in exponential numbers; it is often keen to know the factors behind this growth.

What is the BIS hallmark and how important is it?

The BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) hallmark is credible proof of the quality and purity of a gold item manufactured in India. It confirms that a particular gold item adheres to the standards of purity laid by the BIS. In public interest according to the BIS website, there are two main objectives behind hallmarking of gold in investors perspective

  1. To protect the public against adulteration
  2. To obligate manufacturers to maintain legal standards of fineness/purity

Purchasing BIS hallmarked jewellery ensures that the gold is authentic, pure having a standard resale value too. Hence, it is important to look for BIS hallmark while you are purchasing your precious gold mangalsutra or that coveted gold bracelets or any piece of gold Jewellery for that case.

Hallmark specified on gold Jewellery will define the credibility of the purity of gold. It tells you the percentage of purity, among other things. The percentage of purity is important as the price that you pay hinges on it. Also, hallmarked Jewellery is much easier to sell since the buyer is assured of the quality.

Why Invest in Gold Today?

There is no best time to invest in gold, however, it is important to diversify our investment portfolio and keep a piece of the chunk in gold, for the shine of its ever appreciating rate please everyone. The current gold rate, when compared to our investment, is always on a higher side, this is the reason why one needs to invest in gold religiously given future contingencies.

Gold prices in India today doffer from place to place example today gold rate in Kerela may differ from that of gold rate in Hyderabad, however, the difference may not be more than a few hundred rupees. But, the few hundred rupees make a difference if we are buying a heavy item such as a gold necklace. Hence, it is wise to look into the price rends and then make a purchase.

Factors Considered in Calculating Gold Price Today

While many factors influence the gold rate in India, here are the few which impact the gold rates to a large extent:

  • Inflation
  • The central bank's decision
  • Interest rates
  • The Jewellery demand
  • Rupee strength
  • Portfolio diversification.

Types of Gold to Purchase

While the gold prices in India fluctuate, and we wait for the drop-down, a little thought can also be put on what forms of gold to buy in such a drop time. Here are a few forms of gold that you can eye at:

  1. Gold Coins: Gold coins come in different denominations starting from as low as 1gm. A gold ingot, however, comes in only 24ct in a denomination of 100gms or 1kg. You can find them in 24ct and also in 22ct, before buying you can look for 22ct gold price today and look for a cheaper place to buy. You can find gold coins in banks or at any retail Jewellery store.
  2. Ornamental gold: While the gold coins come in 24ct purity the ornamental gold is predominantly either 22ct or in 18ct purity. This is another way of accumulating gold. The price is as per the gold price in India today.

When is the right time to buy gold in India?

Keep a close watch on gold prices today, the day there is a dip in the live gold rate then we can immediately make a purchase. Otherwise, gold rates on festivals like Diwali, Dhanteras, Akshaya Tritiya tend to be on a lower side considering the heavy purchases, these festivals days can be best utilized to buy gold. Alternately, when you have a considerable savings watch for gold rate today online or the live gold price and make your purchase.

At present Gold is a great investment option. Financial experts for long have always been pushing the public to diversify our investment options. Amongst the various avenues such as real estate, mutual funds, stocks, fixed deposits, etc, gold is one of the most liquid. Also, gold is a very tangible item due to which we can all relate, touch, feel and adorn it, making it a pride investment. This indirectly boosts our confidence too.

How to sell gold in India?

Gold can be exchanged at any retail Jewellery outlet in place of a new gold mangalsutra design or any other item of your choice. It can be exchanged with todays gold rate, excluding some nominal amount of making charges.

Everyone in India wants to know Sone ka Bhav

For those of you who want to search Sone ka Bhav online, then simply log in to Vaibhav Jewellers to view the current gold prices. Aaj ka sone ka bhav is updated twice a day to be in line with the changing prices of gold. Sone ka rate is something that is dynamic and every jeweller ascertains it on their website or at their store. However, sone ka aaj ka bhav is quoted by Jewellers is the rate that is currently prevailing at the bullion they are pegged to. 

Across India, Jewellers are pegged to different bullion exchanges. For example, to ascertain sone ka bhav aaj ka we are pegged to the London bullion market. Gold price remains standard with a plus or minus INR 200-300 change across various bullions. 


At Vaibhav, you can stay rest assured that you get the best gold rate alongside quality, purity and a promise of three generations of trust. From being a wedding Jeweller to being the Jeweller next door- we are at the service of our customers 24/7. You can find jewellery ranging from a gold vanki to baby anklets, from silver to platinum, from machine-made Jewellery to bespoke pieces- all under one roof at Vaibhav.

How to get an update on today gold rate?

One can simply search for gold price in India or gold rates in India or a simple gold rate per gram today. You can also get an update if you subscribe to an email update for the gold rate today. You can get the latest gold rate daily, ideally, one gram gold price is given. Today, one can buy gold on EMI also.

At Vaibhav updated gold price and current silver rate are available online. Our gold prices are in line with the Madras Jewellers & Diamond Merchants Association famously called as MJDMA. MJDMA updated twice a day, once in the morning and second in the afternoon. At Vaibhav you can find gold rate per gram today at prevailing prices, you can also find current 22K gold price and 18K gold rate, per gram silver rate and per gram gold and platinum rates too. Browse to know the gold rate for 1 gram to 10 gram on website.

We carry the legacy and trust of 25years in the Jewellery business. We have a retail space of more than 50,000 sqft spanning two states with a strong presence of 12 stores. All the Jewellery is BIS hallmarked. Along with Jewellery purchase, we provide a host of related services to our customers such as free gemological consultation, old gold exchange, Jewellery cleaning & servicing, Jewellery concierge services, private viewing facility, and an alternate online purchase options.

Vaibhav is home to authentic traditional and contemporary designs along with 24k gold coins, silver articles, diamond Jewellery, and Platinum Jewellery.

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