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Shop Here For Best Baby Gold Accessories

“Born with a golden spoon”- we all must have heard this phrase atleast once in our life. Ideally this is used to address someone who is extremely rich, belonging to an affluent family with a royal family background or business class or a high net worth individual. In practical terms you can also now be one. Vaibhav Jewellers presents a range of baby accessories as a part of its Tara Collection- A premium range of gold baby accessories

Gold Spoon

Unlike the phrase, it is great to own a golden spoon. This is one accessory you would want to buy for yourself, treasure it for a life and pass the legacy to next generation. A solid gold baby spoon can also be a great to gift your newborn, tell them how dear they are to you. You can also get a name inscribed on it along with a date. A gold spoon price largely depends on the weight and the gold value. At Vaibhav you can find a gold spoon for baby with a price range of above Rs1,27,000  in a gross weight of 28gms. The baby spoon can be used to feed newborns, toddlers and kids as they are made with a small bowl and smooth rim, with no sharp edges, it would best suit a baby’s small mouth.

22KT Gold Plate

Another golden accessory you can buy for your dear children or grand children or gift a newborn is a 22Kt gold plate. A plain gold plate that they can use to eat, the one on which you can get a name and date of birth written, the one they would cherish for a life time. Priced at 9 lakhs range the plate comes in a weight range of approx 200gms.

22KT Gold Bindi Maker   

A Gold Bindi Maker is a token of remembrance that will be treasured for many years to come, that which can be flaunted with great pride. Greatly used in the Indian communities to ward off the newborn from negative energy a bindi marker is used to apply black bindi to the newborns. It comes different shapes such as a crescent moon, round shape, star shape and various other catchy shapes. It is a pleasant giveaway to a newborn. The binid marker is prized approximately at Rs.68,000 at a weight range of 15gms.

22KT Gold Bowl

A gold bowl is another great accessory that you can think of gifting to a new born. A new born goes through different set of eating habits and with ever eating habit a bowl is surely comes handy. Above that, it is also said to enhance the nutritional value when you eat in a precious plate or bowl such as silver or gold. The bowl comes in a weight range of 80gms, priced at approx Rs. 3.6lakhs. At Vaibhav you can also chose to customize it as per your requirement.

22KT Gold Glass

A gold glass is one among the gold accessories that you can choose to gift your newborn with. Though it may not be used immediately, it can however be used for a long period of time. A gold glass comes in a weight range of 100gms and above and approximately priced at Rs.4.5lakhs. Coming with a soft rim, the gold glass can be used for toddlers, kids and children too. You can also choose to customize it ass per your taste and preference.

Make a combo

You can now choose to make a gift combo to gift such as the bowl and glass set or glass and gold plate, baby spoon and bowl set etc. A combo can be a great way to gift someone one their milestone occasions such as the first birthday, naming ceremony, annaprassana ceremony, cradle function etc.

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