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When chosen meticulously, a tiny pendant can outweigh any chunky piece at any given time. It is probably the best way to pull up a classy and sophisticated look without going overboard. The gold pendant has gone through a significant makeover in the last few years. A few got chic contemporary updates, the other few retained their traditional designs, and the last ones got the best of both worlds as fusion pendants.

Vaibhav Jewellers has a great variety of gold pendant sets. All it takes a simple click to take a virtual tour of them. Are you looking for a thoughtful gift for your loved ones to make them feel special? Try our 18k gold signature cursive pendant series. These are highly customisable. Wondering how to rekindle the romance and spark in your relationship? Buy your partner an elegant gold chain with a pendant to fire up the passion that brought you together in the beginning.

From teenage students to homemakers to office-goers, gold pendant designs for females are crafted to match the needs of every woman. Take a peek at 22k gold pendant sets available with us. This specific category is a perfect assortment of simple pieces to bold ones.

If you prefer wearing bangles with a pendant, go for a pair of statement gold bangles that reflects your style. Vaibhav Jewellers’ service is customer-oriented. So, we have kept everything fair and reasonable. Our gold pendant price won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Instead, those designs will add oomph to your persona.

Different Types of gold pendants

Antique Gold Pendants

We feature a whole new range of latest antique pendants which can be worn with traditional sarees, fusion wear, Lehangas etc. Antique pendants are made through an oxidation process. Antique pendants often come with colossal pendant followed by a charming combination of gold earrings.

Temple Gold Pendants

Now own the luxury of handmade craftsmanship with Temple pendants. Bring home the grace of design, elegance and handcrafted jewels. Temple pendants are an epitome of intricate design; they bring back the glory of ancient temple sculptures to life and reality. The finesse required in crafting temple pendants, the time required to deliver them may sometimes even go up to a year, depending on the number of pieces required.

Gold Chain Pendants

A vanilla jewellery item which is found in everyone’s treasure chest is the gold pendant. Every woman would own at least a gold pendant at some point of time in her life. They are the best choice for gifting someone and they rightly fit any budget. One can find a mammoth range of gold chain pendants at Vaibhav Jewellers in varying proce, design and weight ranges. The chain pendants are sometimes adorned are style enhancers to get that best look and carry yourself with grace.

Newage Gold Pendants

Newage pendants are designed to be multi-utility Jewellery pieces; pendant designs have undergone a transformation, unlike their counterparts in ancient times. Some old trends came up in culmination with new designs. The new age pendants do not come alone but come as pendant sets with either a pair of earrings or a finger ring in some cases. These pendant sets are popular among girls and women in the age group of 10-50yrs. There are gold pendant designs that you can very conveniently match with the attire

Pendants collection at Vaibhav Jewellers

Gold mangalsutra Pendant:

Gold mangalsutra pendants are those that can be detached and added to any chain or black beads of your choice. A mangal sutra pendant design usually consists off leafy designs or abstract, geometric art forms that are minimal in look. These mangal sutra pendants have two hooks hanging section on either side giving them the flexibility to unhook it to multi-use.

The Alphabet Pendant:

A pendant is pretty much who you are and we admire everyone with equal love and affection. Witness this with our all-new alphabet pendants that are simply as unique as you are. These are ideal pendants for girls in the prime teenage and would also serve best for gifting purposes.

Name gold Pendants:

We all fancy to be different, out of the box in terms of style, look and choice. For those of you who want to adorn uniqueness or gift someone dear a token of your affection then the name pendant is the right choice. The gold name pendants can be customized in writing style. You can also reach our Jewellery experts to view more name pendant designs and styles. The name pendants are a great gifting option for newborns.

The oversized Pendant:

A fad that is here to stay for a while is the oversized Pendants. These big gold pendant designs can be worn practically on every attire, pumping your fashion sense greatly. These pendants come in antique and temple workmanships making them very unique. Unlike the regular gold chain, these antique gold pendant designs tune aptly when allied with petite pearl mala, big gemstone mala or hallow golden balls mala.

The Religious Pendants:

Authentic and traditional, the religious pendants allow you to showcase your divine side. If you are a firm believer of and would like to take a token of his blessings at all times, then the religious pendants are the best you can buy.

The Mythological Pendants:

The beauty of Indian temple architecture and rhythm of Indian mythology is sculpted in these mythological pendants. You can find a range of mythological pendants like the Radha Krishna, dancing damsels, Lakshmi Cradle, Lord Ganesh pendant, Ram Parivar Pendant and many other pendant designs borrowed from the ancient Indian scriptures.

The Gemstone Pendants:

Other popular pendant collections are the gemstone pendants. You can now wear your birthstone as a pendant and steal all the luck it shells out. The gemstone pendants are versatile and can be custom made also. These pendants can also be paired with precious gold mangalsutras, to add bouts of glamour.

Gold pendant Price and Weight

Gold pendant designs start from 2-3gms and range over 50-60gms weight. Typically, the mythological pendants and antique pendants weigh more because of their intricate design and workmanship elements. The price starts from as low as INR 4,000 to 1.5lakhs. At, Vaibhav you can browse through an array of gold pendant set designs with price.

Styling Your Gold Pendant

We are often perplexed at the question how best we can style our jewellery and on what attires, women gold pendants can be teamed on plain pearls mala or another gemstone malas, gold haram such as a Gullaperu. You can also use them in a gold necklace design such as the hallow golden orbs model.

Buying Pendants on EMI

A relaxing and stress-free way of purchasing your gold Jewellery is through EMI. Vaibhav Jewellers in association with JewelFina offers EMI option on all studded gold Jewellery. Contact our customer care @ +91 9177403000 to know more.

Buying Gold Bracelets for wedding online @ Vaibhav Jewellers

Buy latest pendant designs in gold online in different weight and price ranges. Take a look at all the latest 22K gold pendant sets, and we offer varied customization and matching services too. The example you have an existing gold pendant we can match an appropriate gold earring design or a matching gold Vanki for your lovely pendant to make a set. At Vaibhav, we offer an array of benefits such as:

State-of-art Live Video Shopping
Free transit insurance on International Shipments
Customization services
EMI Facility
Smart Buy options
The option of store pick up at 12 locations

At Vaibhav we simplify buying at every stage, come experience the joy of taking home your coveted piece of treasure

Check out the Latest Gold pendant with price

We at Vaibhav Jewellers swear by the concept of ‘Value for money.’ Our quality speaks for itself. We understand that every customer is different. That’s why we make extra effort to design our products to suit the individual preference. We have different products like gold choker, gold rings and others you must checkout.

From a lightweight gold pendant to a chunky one, there are various pendant designs and sizes available with us. Our collection of gold pendants starts from a range of 0.86 grams (approx) to 115.5 grams (approx). We offer customer-friendly pricing too. The gold pendant price starts at ₹ 3000 and can go up to ₹ 6, 00,000.

Those who have the fetish for creating their bold style statement must check out our big gold pendant designs with price. This collection has stunning models like Antique gold Chakra pendant, Antique Mayur Mukut gold pendant, Divine Antique gold pendant, Antique Aarna gold pendant, etcetera.

Walk with us to explore some latest glittering corners of our outlet. How about having a quick look at the 22k gold pendant price? This glitzy series offers ornate baubles in the finest quality of precious metal pieces at an affordable price.

We provide BIS hallmarking for gold, certifying the purity of the metal. When it comes to gold pendants, the rule for wearing them is slightly different from the mangalsutras. A pendant worn on a short chain gives a traditional look. On the other hand, teaming it up with an extra-long chain exudes a modern vibe. The choice is yours.

Add high-quality, stunning gold pendant sets to your jewellery collection. That will stand the test of time.