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Shop Here For The Best Gold Baby Bracelets

Gold baby bracelets are yet another kind of a possession or gift option you can think of giving your precious little one. This is a great way to show your love for the newborn. Gold bracelets are often gender neutral adornment, so just in case you are planning to buy precious gifts without the baby being born yet, you can choose a simple gold bracelet for girl or boy with closed eyes. 

Types of gold baby bracelets

Have you thought of buying your little one a gold bracelet, then here are the styles of baby bracelets available with Vaibhav. They come I affordable price and weight options, made in simple, sleek and hassle free designs keeping in mind the feeble hands that adorn them.

Baby Gold Bangle Bracelet:

Baby bangle bracelets are shiny, smooth and simple with open ends and adjustable options. We ensure they do not have any sharp edges least it may hurt your little one. Not just that, these bracelets stand on your baby’s arm instead of sliding like the traditional ones. They come open ended with an option to press.

Gold and black beads bracelet:

The gold and black bead bracelet for babies are considered to ward off the negativity surrounding the kids. The black beads baby bracelet is populated with black beads with a thin trace of gold in the form of rope and a secured clasp. It is both affordable and makes for a great gift to keep the child safe. Most Indian households use this without any qualms for their newborns.  

Baby gold chain bracelet:

Fancy, stylish and sleek, the baby gold chain bracelet comes with a design at the centre followed by plain gold chains either side with a clasp or a “S” hook. They are loose and slide along the baby’s arm with ease, they do not cause any inconvenience or marks on the baby’s arm. Ideally we all know that gifting boys is not only tough but also very limited. Hence a Gold bracelet for baby boy is an innovative option to think off.

Kids Gold Bracelet Price and Weight Range

Kids gold bracelets price varies typically on the weight, design elements do not play much role here as our effort is to bring out attractive and minimalist patterns that are kids friendly with no much sharp or edgy ends. At Vaibhav you can find a range beautiful bracelets starting at 3 gms to upto 10gms. The price starts from Rs.8300 and goes above Rs. 27,000 thereby depending upon the weight. A 3 grams gold bracelet for baby is the starting weight range, we ensure that the bracelets don’t get heavy on the toddlers hands and hence we ensure the weight is not beyond 15gms.

Custom Order Kids Gold Bracelet

A customer can also order baby gold bracelets or if you have fancied something online get us the image and we will have it custom made for you. You can also get special name bracelets on your baby’s name. The bracelets can be ordered in yellow, white or rose gold.

The Tara Collection

Our baby range products are featured under the “Tara”- An exclusive kids collection. A lot of care is put in to design attributes in this collection, considering the tender arms they are adorned on. Now, find a range of super cute baby gold bangles, rings, bracelets, baby maang tikkas on our online portal or visit any of our 12 stores across Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. We also accept made to order requests for baby bowls, plates and a host of other everyday baby essentials.

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