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Gold Pachi Necklace

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Pachchikam, or Pachi, is a unique jewelry-making technique. Kutch has long been a center for this type of handicraft. However, records do show that European nobles augmented the Pachi jewelry in the early 16th century. It's an amalgamation of the two that Vaibhav Jewellers has to offer. Look at our Pachi work gold necklace designs, and you'll see that it has a strong ethnic influence. It also has a striking resemblance to the Pachi necklace sets shown in British portraits.

A Pachi gold necklace set takes a long time to make since the process is labor-intensive. Its intrinsic rustic look is part of what makes it as appealing as a work of art. Any heavy Pachichikam jewelry, like a gold choker necklace, is best reserved for special events or celebrations. It's now easier than ever to buy a Pachi necklace online. Accessorize your stunning neckpiece with gold bangles. It is a quick and easy way to update your look is with this accessory. Try to keep your make-up as natural as possible, and you'll be ready to steal the show.

Browse New Gold Necklace Pachi Designs for Women

The Kundan jewelry of Jaipur has a remarkable resemblance to the Pachi jewelry. How? Polkis (uncut diamonds) and other semi-precious stones are used in both of these designs. You'll find that Pachi gold necklace designs appear less polished and more delicate than Kundan ones if you look attentively. Because of this, the former is cheaper. If you're looking to channel your inner diva, go no further than our selection of Pachi gold necklace's latest design.

Floral Necklace Pachi Designs

Flowers have been an integral element of the cosmetics industry for millennia. As a result, floral-themed fine jewelry is currently quite popular among women. It may be seen in our Four-Strand Pearl and Floral Necklace. It's a piece of art in and of itself, with a beautiful blend of metal, stones, and diamonds. Each of these gold necklace new design feature a floral theme, and they all come in a variety of colors. Plus, our traditional gold choker designs with Pachi work have been an excellent option for ladies who want to experiment with their style and give a modern twist to their conventional garments.

Pearl Cluster Necklace Designs

It's a cluster of pearls. The Pachi work gold necklace for women is a must-have piece of jewelry for any professional wardrobe. If you're looking for something classic, romantic, and timeless, this is it! Our Divine Pearl Cluster Pachi Gold Necklace is a must-have accessory. This artwork has a modern interpretation of traditional designs. The necklace's heart is a large Ganesha locket adorned with gold and Polki. On the other hand, tiny pearls are being placed in a cluster, indicative of a flirtatious and joyful atmosphere.

Graceful Necklace Pachi Designs

These new necklace designs are another example of fine artistry. Intricately carved, this delicate Pachi necklace is adorned with gold Polki, ruby pota, and emerald. The inclusion of gold rudrakshas provides additional visual interest. When you wear it, everyone will turn to stare at you, and their hearts will race as they take in your captivating beauty. Dress it up with a gorgeous gold locket to complete the look.

Dainty Beads Pachi Necklace Designs

It's not uncommon to see beads utilized in Pachi jewelry. Artisans use glass, jewels, metal, wood, shells, and many other materials in mostly all short or long gold necklace designs. Dainty Beads Pachi necklace set in our collection has the power to hypnotize anybody who sees it on the rack. Polki, gold, emeralds, and diamonds are interspersed among the predominantly pink fancy seed beads.

Minakari Pachi Necklace Designs

The Rajasthani Minakari has a significant impact on current jewelry design and carving. Shopping for Pachi Kundan Mina jewelry with us is always a pleasure. Our Minakari simple gold necklace design online collection is sourced directly from the studios of our talented craftspeople. Check out the stunning 22K Jadavu Minakari Necklace, for example. The colors are vibrant and capture the eye. An all-encompassing statement piece is what this necklace does. You can always check details about our latest gold necklace set designs with price and weight with a few clicks. If you are wearing a choker with Minakari work, you may try layering it with any of our gold chain locket new designs. Add any diamond pendants to your gold chain for additional sparkle, and you are good to go.

Get the Latest Pachi Neckwear for Women at Best Price

Vaibhav Jewellers is your one-stop destination for the most desirable Pachi Kundan jewelry online shopping experience. And when we talk about this specific craftsmanship, Kundan Motif Gold Necklace is worth a mention. The pattern is arresting with a beautiful blend of traditional and modern ideas. While the black thread represents an old-world charm, the colorful attachments in artistic shapes exude a contemporary vibe.

We have all our Pachi necklace designs with price and weight sorted and displayed on our site to make things simpler. You might be walking down the aisle taking your wedding vows, or you could be the bridesmaid. Either way, your choice of Pachi necklace designs would raise your societal status and highlight your divine aura.


Gold Pachi Necklace based on Prices

Even if you're only seeking to fill your jewelry box with inexpensive gems, this price range contains all you need. Each necklace in this collection is a work of art in and of itself, having its own unique style, attitude, and ambiance. Pachi gold necklace sets are expertly created in gold and uncut diamonds, adorned with precious and semi-precious jewels and stones. A few titles from the list include Kundan Motif Gold Necklace, 22K Jadavu Minakari Necklace, Four-Strand Pearl, Floral Necklace, and Multi-Strand Necklace Set, Agate Pachi Gold Necklace Set, fancy gold necklace, Polki and Pearl Gold Necklace, Ruby Emerald Necklace, and all that. In addition to these stunning ensembles, you may accessorize with colorful gold jewelry.

These days, modern gold necklace designs are very popular. Browse through our gold necklace set with the price and choose up the ideal piece for you. Your lightweight necklace's richness will turn much attention as you stride outside with vigor.

Gold Pachi Necklace based on Shapes & Sizes

Gold Pachi necklaces come in many shapes and sizes. Pachi necklaces can be long, short, thick, and thin. You may also customize your neck ornament; albeit it takes time to construct elaborate designs like Pachi. So, you may have to wait a couple of days for your creation to come out perfect. Once your piece is ready, we will get it delivered to your desired address.

Why choose Vaibhav Jewellers?

We have a plethora of oldies. But what about the newcomers? So, with our ancient collection, we have also created a wide selection of contemporary gold pachi necklace designs. Let us examine it, shall we?

We have the latest necklace pachi designs for ladies made to perfection. With a few clicks on our online catalog, you can filter these chains by their weight, gold purity, and price. Prices are often adjusted or raised to reflect the market's current gold rate. Additionally, you can also purchase your pachi necklace new design on finance. There are some excellent EMI schemes available

Simple Necklace pachi modern design by Vaibhav Jewellers is ideal for any occasion. You may pair it with a variety of outfits, from classic to trendy. It’s understated enough for the workplace yet tastefully chic enough for after-hours! Its entire golden look adds to its allure. We have both short and long Pachi Necklace designs to accommodate your needs. In a nutshell, the pachi necklace patterns in our current collection are versatile.

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1) What is a gold Pachi necklace? 

Pachi, or Pachchikam, is a unique jewelry-making, labor-intensive process. A hub for this style of craftsmanship is Kutch. European aristocrats supplemented the Pachi jewels in the early 1600s.

2) What is the ideal price to buy a Pachi gold necklace? 

A price range below ₹1,000,000 gets you the best quality Pachi gold necklace at Vaibhav Jewellers. We have pieces above that too.

3) What is the suitable weight and design to buy a gold pachi necklace? 

A weight range of 20-30 gms, 30-50 gms, 50-70 gms, and 70-90 gms is the most suitable weight range for pachi gold necklaces at Vaibhav Jewellers. Since pachi necklaces use uncut diamonds and have tons of details, they always end up on the heavier side.

4) In How many sizes of pachi gold necklaces are made? 

Pachi necklaces are made in long, medium, and short sizes.

5) What colour of gold is best for a pachi gold necklace? 

 Pachi can be designed in both yellow and white gold. But in our collection, yellow gold dominates the list.