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Gold Earring for Women Online

Earrings are decorative trinkets for women, especially when they are gold earrings. Due to the corona pandemic, outdoor shopping has been banned by the government authorities. But you need not worry, Vaibhav jewelers bring you different varieties of gold earring designs and gold rings available at an affordable and actual price. 

There is a wide range of gold earrings for girls at Vaibhav jewelers, which also includes the latest design of gold earrings. Women need to look good and these items available at Vaibhav jewelers will definitely prove helpful. Nowadays, women do not prefer wearing long and heavy earrings, instead, they pick their favorite ones from the fancy and decorative-looking jewelry.

Vaibhav jewelry provides the latest design of gold earrings to keep you with the trend. In addition, they also have different gold earring designs for females that’ll just blow the beauty. You can find the latest collection of gold earrings at Vaibhav jewelry. Precisely, if we look at the gold earring price, we can find that Vaibhav jewelry is providing some finest and quality gold earrings for women at a bona fide price. 

Take a look at different varieties of gold earrings and their prices. Nowadays, women are using gold earrings regularly, even when at home. They look for gold earrings designs for daily use at a credible price. Vaibhav jewelry has some of the finest gold earring designs for daily use that are a preferred choice of the most elegant women. 

Explore Gold Earrings Designs

A women’s wardrobe would never be devoid of gold earrings. In our lifetime we accumulate a handful of gold earrings without doubt ranging from simple 22k earrings to party wear chandelier earrings, from mini designs to floral earrings, from Jhumkis to Chandbalis. You can now add a few more from our vast collection of gold earrings designs for daily use that come from every corner of the country. Now don’t miss out on your own design that’s region-specific, because we have it all.

Gold Earrings Design for Daily use: Of all the gold earring models, daily use earrings are the most sought-after ones for their extensive usage, they are adorned by every section of women irrespective of age. All daily use earrings are inspired by some theme or the other like nature, leafy vines, geometric shapes, abstract lines, and a lot of designs that are petite, convenient to adorn, and simplistic. Check out the range of gold stud earrings for daily use.

Gold Earrings Design for Office wears: At Vaibhav Jewellers you can find a compelling range of sophisticated earring designs that are affordable, stylish, and sleek. You can browse through several such earrings with a price on our online portal, they go well with office wear for their simple, minimal design. There is a welcome range of gold huggie earrings that are apt for office wear.

Gold Earrings Design for Wedding: Wedding-specific earrings are heavy, design populated, and traditional in outlook. While that has always been an ideal picture, at Vaibhav you can find all under one roof, plus the joy of detachable earrings that enable you to use them even on normal days. The new-age wedding earrings are flexible, something millennial women love to adorn.

Gold Earrings Design for Engagement: Style and sophistication come together when we adorn the right pair of gold earrings. Bringing back the age-old memories, engagements are a firm reminder of new beginnings that will last a long time- so should our Jewellery. We at Vaibhav offer a diverse range of bridal collections that would not only match your taste and preferences but come in a flexible price and weight range.

Gold Earring Design for Gifting: Gifting precious gold is something we all do for the milestone events in the lives of our loved ones. The most adorable gift for women would be a pair of lovely earrings, for those of you who know the preference of your loved ones then straight away browse through our latest earring collection, for the rest we have our Jewellery experts to help you choose one. Try the very fashionable gold sui dhaga earrings that come in lower weight and price ranges.

Gold Earring Design for Marriage: Countless designs and endless choices welcome you as you browse through our endless range of marriage earring collections. Made in compelling designs to lure your senses, our 22k Gold earrings render a style statement when you adorn them. They practically match with every attire, choosing gold earrings that are styled with elegance for every occasion. Coming in every size, shape, design, weight, and price range Gold earrings offer a new dimension to bridal beauty. 

Gold Gem Stone Earrings Designs: Gemstones for long have been associated with fighting polarities and for astrological reasons, but as time passed we have increasingly enjoyed making them a part of our daily wear in the form of goldstone earrings, gemstone rings, lockets, and even gold necklaces too. A prominent position in the gemstone earrings is the umbrella cut earrings with a common top and interchangeable bottom either with a ruby or an emerald studded hood model to match your outfit.

Small Gold Earrings Designs: Small gold earrings in gold come in different models; the petite nature makes them an easy choice on all outfits. For someone who has a small ear lobule, the small earrings sit aptly. At Vaibhav, you can find a range of small gold earring designs with prices, of varying weight, and purity. Small gold dangle earring starts from as low as INR 5,000 and is available from 14K to 22K purity ranges.

Long Gold Earrings Designs: Long gold earrings are sometimes referred to as stilettos or chandeliers for the length they come in. 22K Long gold earrings are preferred as bridal wear or occasion wear considering the weight they come in. They are heavy in comparison to other gold earring models. At Vaibhav, you can browse through some of the latest and trendy long gold hanging earrings, that’s not all you can also request to try @home or style yourself through our virtual try-on.

Navratna Gold Earrings Design: Navratnas for a long time have been significant in various forms to us. Adorning Navratnas in any form such as Navratna gold rings, navratna earrings, traditional gold harams, etc. has been recommended to bring in good luck. Now shop from our exclusive Navratna earrings and match them with your Navratna set.

Latest Sparkling Gold Earrings Styles

Be it gold earrings or necklaces fashion today is all about accessorizing your pieces of jewellery excellently without letting them overwhelm your appearance.

Vaibhav Jewellers’ extraordinary latest gold earrings are taking the trend by storm. So don’t be hesitant to get a pair of the latest earring design in gold and bring your appearances to the next level. 

We have everything from studs, threaded earrings, jhumka, to hoops, cuff earrings, dangles in our gold earring design latest section. The solution to finding the right patterns is to remember that opposites attract.  For example, hoops are great for a triangular face and an oval face looks beautiful in almost every shape of stud earrings. Go for the latest earring design that compares your facial forms and brings proportion and balance to your prominent features. 

At Vaibhav Jewellers you can try on hundreds of the latest gold earring styles remotely through virtual try-on to see which styles honor your presentation.

 Enhance your face with your personal gold earring style and combine them with a stunning Gold Chain. Similarly, a gold mangalsutra can be a perfect companion to a pair of shiny earpieces for married women. 

Choose either one style of the latest gold earring to express your personality or have a small collection of the new style gold earring on hand to quickly adjust your presentation to suit your pleasure.  

Explore Price and Weight Range of Women's Gold Earrings

Earrings are adorned by all women of all ages. And we bet the gold earrings available at Vaibhav Jewellers will quickly become your jewellery wardrobe staples.

Check out our earrings gold segment for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces to find the perfect pair to suit you.  There are 600+ gold earrings with price and weight, available with us. Our gold earrings design with price ranges from ₹4,000 to ₹3 Lac with a weight chart between 0-90 grams. 

The earrings you wear convey a lot about your personality. You can have a pair of trendy earrings that display your fun-loving side and a bold pair that projects your confidence and self-assuredness to the world.

Chunky gold earrings have always been so attractive in any grand celebration. The gorgeous color and unique designs highlight your best features and help you to stand out from the crowd in no time. 

Simple gold earrings designs with price are another segment we highly recommend to the members of Gen Z.  As they believe in the mantra that ‘less is more,’ our designers have kept things practical, lightweight yet eye-catching. These lightweight earrings gold are great for daily wear. They create a strong statement that complements any regular look. For example, a pair of simple chain earrings can be your go-to piece for the office, travel, or go shopping.  You can easily opt for our gold earrings low price ones. This will help you stay afloat without upsetting your family budget. We also have easy EMI schemes to keep you away from any financial stress. 

Now you can check gold earrings for girls with price online and purchase with a few clicks.  We also have an extensive collection of gold necklaces to finish off any outfit. They are versatile and adjustable; therefore, you have nothing to worry about.

Explore Gold Earrings Online for a Special Occasion

We have a diverse culture in India, which generally results in celebrating a wide range of festivals such as Diwali, Holi, Dussehra, Durga pooja, Christmas, Ganesh Chaturthi, etc. As a woman, it becomes quite difficult when it comes to selecting the desirable gold earring to wear on a particular occasion. Here your problem is resolved by Vaibhav jewelry with its ultimate gold earring design and varieties. 

You can buy gold earrings online at Vaibhav jewelry. If you have any questions regarding gold earring prices then you can check on the official website of Vaibhav jewelers. If you are looking for varieties in gold earrings, Vaibhav jewelry is the perfect end for your search. Women do not have to worry about the ingenuity of the gold earring as Vaibhav jewelers possess genuine products. 

Standard and simple gold earrings designs with a master embroidery on them is the identity of Vaibhav jewelers. For special occasions, it’s necessary to keep the values in mind and select gold earrings. Your selection may vary from color to size but for special occasions like marriages, parties, etc, you need to wear something different from your regular look. Buying gold earrings online is not a tedious task as Vaibhav jewelry provides you the ultimate creative collection of varieties of gold earrings and gold Bangles.

You’ll find everything about your requirement, such as Varieties of jhumka earrings gold for special occasions at Vaibhav jewelers. The jewels you wear on special occasions define your participation and values for it, so it is necessary to match your jewels as per the occasions. You can look for the different gold earring designs and gold earrings jhumka designs at Vaibhav Jewelers. 


Gold Earring Collections and Models:

Apart from the gold earrings designs for daily use, you have an overflowing range of gold earring models at Vaibhav. Our vast earrings collection for women come in various workmanship, price, and weight ranges. Our collection of gold earrings includes all varieties of woman earrings- small, long, office wear, occasion wear, gold drop earrings, Chandelier earrings, and stiletto earrings. We are home to traditional and contemporary earrings along with lightweight 18K and 22k small gold earrings.

Kids Gold Earring Jewellery Collection:

Get home the adorably cute and petite gold earrings for kids from Vaibhav Jewellers. We offer children collections ranging across all age groups. Our primary baby collection showcases an array of baby studs, miniature earrings with cartoon characters that are attractive and fun to wear. Alternately, we also house subtle earrings with low-hanging pearls, golden orbs for teenagers, and millennial kids. Browse through the latest small gold hoop earrings on our online portal.

Shop Gold Earring for Women at Vaibhav Jewellers

We as a Jeweller carry 25yrs of legacy and expertise with us. Buy the latest designs of gold earrings online in different weights, and price ranges. Our categories of earrings include gold earrings for women and girls with price and weight. We at Vaibhav also offer an array of benefits to customers such as:

  • Lifetime exchange
  • Free 15 day return policy
  • State of art Live Video Shopping
  • Free transit insurance on International Shipments
  • Free Domestic shipping
  • Customization services
  • EMI Facility
  • Smart Buy options