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Explore Latest Gold Earrings for Women

Every day when we wake up to our domestic chores and scores of big and small grinding, we tend to get ready for the day, be prepared to stay ahead. One thing that completes our look for the day is a pair of lovely earrings. A women’s love for earrings dates back to centuries and earrings taking little sways, undulating in perfection through every small blow of air is a sight to watch. Earrings are not like every other Jewellery item; they are forever there with us in every part of our journey.
Browse through our gold earring design collections which are affordable accessories that you can flaunt and match with your wardrobe. Presenting you with scores of earring designs sourced from across India and designed by our highly skilled Karigars.

Different Types of Gold Earrings Designs

A women’s wardrobe would never be devoid of the gold earrings. In our lifetime we accumulate a handful of gold earrings, without doubt, ranging from simple 22k gold studs to part wear chandelier earrings, from gold studs designs to gold hoop earrings, from Jhumkis to Chandbalis. You can now add a few more from our vast collection of gold earrings designs for daily use that come from every corner of the country. Now don’t miss out on own a design that’s region specific, because we have it all.

Gold studs designs

Of all the gold earring models, gold studs are adorned by every section of women irrespective of age. All gold stud designs are inspired by some theme or the other like nature, leafy vines, geometric shapes, abstract lines, and a lot of designs that are petite, convenient to adorn, and simplistic.

Gold Drop earrings designs

At Vaibhav Jewellers you can find compelling range Gold drop earring designs that are affordable, stylish, and sleek. You can browse through several gold drop earrings with price on our online portal, they go well with office wear or with any of the traditional Indian wear too.

Gold Sui Dhaga Earrings designs

A new age fad, the sui dhaga earrings are something the millennial women love to adorn. The thin dhaga style gold threads hanging loosely to a bloomed gold Sui give a refreshing look on even the most somber outfit. Sui dhaga gold earrings are available in white and yellow gold; they come in a very modern design allowing one to wear on all occasions.

Gold Gem Stone Earrings designs

Gemstones for long have been associated with fighting polarities and for astrological reasons, but as time passed we have increasingly enjoyed making them a part of our daily wear in the form of gold stone earrings, gemstone rings, lockets, and even gold necklaces too. A prominent position in the gemstone earrings is the stone Jhumkas with a common top and interchangeable Jhumka like a ruby Jhumka or an emerald Jhumka to match your outfit.

Small gold earrings designs

Small gold earrings in gold come in different models; the petite nature makes them an easy choice on all outfits. For someone who has small ear lobule, the small earrings sit aptly. At Vaibhav, you can find a range of small gold earring designs with price, in varying weight and purity. Small gold earring starts from as low as INR 5,000 and is available from 14K to 22K purity ranges.

Long Gold Earrings designs

Long gold earrings are sometimes referred to as stilettos or chandeliers for the length they come in. 22K Long gold earrings are preferred as bridal wear or occasion wear considering the weight they come in. They are heavy in comparison to other gold earring models. At Vaibhav, you can browse through some of the latest and trendy long gold earrings, that’s not all you can also request to try @home or style yourself through our virtual try-on.

Navratna Earrings

Navratnas for long has been significant in various forms to us. Adorning Navratnas in any form such as Navratna gold rings, Navratna earrings, traditional gold harams, etc. has been recommended to bring in good luck. Now shop from our exclusive Navratna earrings and match it with your Navratna set.

Gold Jhumkas Designs with Price

Countless designs and endless choices welcome you as you browse through our Gold Jhumkas collection. Made in compelling designs to lure your senses with our 22k Gold Jhumka earrings render a style statement when you adorn them. They practically match with every attire, gold Jhumkies can be styled with elegance for every occasion and the smaller Gold Jhumka can also be used as regular wear.

Antique Jhumka

Style and sophistication come together in the form of Antique Jhumkies. Bringing back the age-old memories, antique Jhumkies are made by a layer of oxidized coating that brings back the good old memories alive. We at Vaibhav offer a diverse range of antique Jhumka collection that would match your taste and preferences.

Chandbali Earrings

A Union of tradition, class, and elegance Chandbali earrings borrow their charm from the Mughal and Nizam period. The name Chandbalis comes from the half-moon design of these earrings, they most commonly come with pearl clusters that dangle from the Chandbalis giving it all the grace.
Antique Chandbalis are a culmination of vibrant designs and customary styles. Demi goddess, peacocks, elephants are swiftly perched on the top of antique Chandbalis to give it them an heirloom look. They get their finish from the oxidized coating; you can now shop from our handpicked antique Chandbali collection and experience the deja vu of a bygone era.

Gold Earrings Price and Weight Range

Gold earrings for females always come in varying weight and price ranges depending upon the intricacy of design, usage of metal, usage of gemstones, and the type of earrings they are. For example, small gold earring may cost less in comparison with a pair of Chandbalis in the same weight range for the fact that Chandbalis have a design element linked to it. The latest gold earring designs are priced especially for their design and the workmanship. Ideally, gold earring models start from 2-3gms weight range and go up to 50gms.
The price is cumulative of the rate of the weighted metal, making charges, GST, and value addition (if any).

Shop Earrings Online at Vaibhav Jewellers

At Vaibhav, you can shop gold earring online with price, for all age groups of children, men, and women. Among the lot gold earrings for women, however, have a huge variety and weight range. At Vaibhav, you can also request for Live video shopping. For example a gold Jhumka online that caught your eye can now be viewed more closely with our state-of-the-art live video shopping or can be tried at home via our new try@home service.

Kids Jewellery collection:

Get home the adorably cute and petite gold earrings for your kids from Vaibhav Jewellers. We offer children collection ranging across all age groups. Our primary baby collection showcases an array of baby studs, miniature earrings with cartoon characters that are attractive and fun to wear. Alternately, we also house subtle earrings with low hanging pearls, golden orbs for teenagers, and millennial kids.

Vaibhav Jewellers Gold Earring Collections and Models:

Apart from the gold earrings designs for daily use, you have an overflowing range of gold earring models at Vaibhav. Our vast earrings collection for women come in various workmanships, price, and weight ranges. Our collection of gold earrings includes all varieties of women hangings, small gold earrings such as- studs, dangles, Huggies, Jhumkis, Chandbalis, Chandelier earrings, and stiletto earrings. We are home to traditional and contemporary earrings along with lightweight 18K and 22k gold studs and small gold earrings too.

Why Choose Vaibhav Jewellers

We as a Jeweller carry 25yrs of legacy and expertise with us. Buy the latest designs of gold earrings online in different weight, and price ranges. Our categories of earrings include gold earrings for women and girls with price and weight. We at Vaibhav also offer an array of benefits to customers such as:

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