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Style yourself using TRY-ON Feature

Vaibhav Jewellers is a customer-oriented brand. Your satisfaction is at the core of each of our business decisions. From the minutiae of jewellery design to helping you after-sales, unique customer satisfaction is our goal. Due to the pandemic, many of you are not willing to visit and shop in-store. Fair enough!  And we understand that it is impossible to be sure about how an ornament looks unless it is tried on.  So, we have introduced the Virtual Try-on feature that can showcase our entire collection to you digitally. Now you can style yourself using this option on your mobile or other devices equipped with a camera.  It allows you to choose from our entire collection. You get to decide what you want to buy ultimately. Our Virtual Try-on tool makes it convenient and faster for you to shop for jewellery without moving from your settee.   

N.B. Virtual Try-on is available for trying gold haram, necklaces, earrings and pendants online.

What are the benefits of the TRY-ON Feature?

The Virtual Try-on tool is a digital boon in a pandemic where many of us feel apprehensive about shopping in-store. Thanks to the underlying AR technology, you can see yourself in a beloved piece of jewellery on your smartphone screen right from the comfort of your home. What's more? Let us learn. 


  1. It is time-saving. You do not need to check every piece manually to pick up the right one for yourself. Virtual try-on showcases our whole collection at once. Only a few clicks, and you are all settled.
  2. Virtual Try-on provides you with scopes of risk-free zero-liability trials. Wear a new gold earring without piercing your ears. Try that bold gold necklace again and again, even on a bad hair day. Virtual Try-on can do it all with a few taps of a smartphone. You can visualize all these changes without moving an inch from your home. 
  3. Now the power lies in your hands. You get to choose what you want to buy finally without the interference of pushy salespeople.  

In a nutshell, you are more likely to engage with our brand as we provide a consistent experience like a Virtual Try-on. This option is not available for trying gold bangles, bracelets and rings.