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Diamond Couple Rings for Your Big Day In The Style Of The Season! 


No two relationships are the same, no matter how similar they may appear at first glance. So, when it comes to expressing your feelings to that special someone, think of something as unique as your relationship. Sparkling diamond couple rings are a great way to achieve this. However, finding the perfect design for a duo is not always a cakewalk. In addition, there are concerns about the quality of the ornament. To overcome such apprehensions, visit Vaibhav Jewellers, where quality and service are offered at their best. In our stock, you will find various stunning new diamond engagement rings at the best prices.

Our comprehensive collection includes pieces studded with stones of different colours, sizes, and styles. We have everything from oversized antique patterns to minimalistic clean modern designs for engagement rings for young couples. What more? You can now purchase diamond rings for couples online from the comfort of your own home for a reasonable price. Buying ornaments from our website is fantastic since it allows you to compare models, designs, and pricing swiftly. In addition, we offer jewellery counselling to help you pick up your perfect piece.  

If you have any questions, need help making a purchase, or can't seem to find what you're looking for on our site, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Our web support team is always here to help if that's the case. 

Browse Elegant Diamond Couple Rings Designs for Women & Men 

Wearing diamond couple rings symbolises your undying love and devotion to one another. Purchasing diamond couple engagement rings should be simple, straightforward, and joyful. However, many people have no idea where to begin. Some people believe that conventional methods of buying jewellery are antiquated and unclear. There must be another way. So we reinvented the entire experience of picking an engagement ring couple set, from gemstone selection to trying them on. 

Diamond Couple Rings Set 

Couples' rings can be anything from engagement to wedding rings, representing two people's commitment. It is a powerful stride toward the next stage of their lives! Our couples' rings are different from traditional rings. How? A focus on aesthetics and practicality is a hallmark of the designs aimed squarely at the millennial pair. These rings are built to last to stand up to their busy lifestyles. Even our couple rings in diamond designs with prices are reasonable too. For a better understanding, check out an exquisite range of couple rings in diamonds online on our website. 

Women can wear diamond bangles to give a dash of glitz to their hands on their big day. Simple gold chains or diamond necklaces can do wonders for your neckline. Wear a pair of delicate earrings to complete your ensemble. You will be ready to rock the show with these small tips and tricks. 

List of Popular Diamond Couple Rings @ Vaibhav Jewellers

Product Name

Weight Range in gms

Price Range

18K Diamond Couple Rings


₹44000 To ₹130000

18K Diamond Elegant Couple Rings


₹44000 To ₹130000

Diamond Fancy Couple Rings


₹44000 To ₹130000

18K Diamond Fancy Couple Rings 148G9576


₹44000 To ₹130000

18K Diamond Fancy Couple Rings


₹44000 To ₹130000

Choose the Precious Diamond Couple Rings at Vaibhav Jewellers 

When a couple exchange rings, they solemnly pledge never to break that vow, no matter what. Matching bands are a popular choice for many couples' diamond ring sets. Others pick rings that express their own distinctive flair. Keeping that in mind, we have created a versatile range of diamond rings for the young duo, including single diamond fancy rings, SILVIGO rings, antique diamond rings, diamond switch rings, diamond couple rings, etc. 

- Diamond Couple Rings for Engagement 

Traditional diamond solitaire engagement rings aren't the only options for couples who want something a little more unique. Navratna rings by Vaibhav Jewellers, for example, are set with little diamonds or other colourful precious jewels. You can also use bands for men with a simple diamond to mark a specific commitment, whether they are plain or striking. Choose a women's ring with a pattern that complements it. It's time to create your engravings if you want to add something personal to your ring.

One of our top suggestions is the 18K Diamond Love Couple Rings (148DG9485-148DG9502) set with the word LOVE inscribed on them with a gorgeous combination of small diamonds with red letters contrasted against the yellow sheen of the gold. If you want to keep it simple, have your initials or first name engraved on the couple rings for engagement. You and your companion can come up with your own particular combination of words and phrases. The options are endless. 

- Diamond Couple Rings for Wedding 

When the wedding bells start ringing, and you don't have the luxury of time to accomplish all of your jewellery shopping, what should you do instead? If you'd like, we'd be happy to point you toward some of the most beautiful diamond wedding rings for couples out there. It's available to you on our website, from finding the perfect couple's wedding rings in diamonds to designing them on your own. We also offer dazzling ways to cherish your post-marriage years' celebrations. Yes, there is an extensive range of couple anniversary rings for you to add some sparkling surprises to your merriment mood.

Note: Unlike necklaces, rings must be carefully sized. Before purchasing, measure your finger. You can find a sizing chart online with thorough instructions on measuring your finger. 

Get the best deals on Diamond Couple Rings Online from Vaibhav Jewellers 

Diamond Couple Rings with Price and Weight 

Your trip to the jewellery store must be a pleasant and stress-free one. When it comes to diamond rings for couples, you must know what you want to put on your finger to make a statement on your big day. They shouldn't be too hefty or too delicate to feel natural on your fingertips. So we have provided you with the option of choosing a couple of rings diamond designs with price and weight on our website.  

Diamond Couple Rings with Price and Weight 

The weights of the diamond couple rings start from 5 grams to 10 grams and go between 10–20 grams. The price ranges are categorised into two slabs, i.e. 0–₹100,000 and >₹100,000. Our ring's base price is a minimum of ₹69,000 (approx). Some people like to keep it simple, and some want to go bold with their designs. Likewise, a few choose multicolored patterns over single tones. So we have something for everyone, from simple bands to oversized arrangements to vibrant Navratna diamond rings. As the designs vary, so does the pricing. The more weight you add, the more expensive it becomes. If you want a couple rings with a diamond weighing 30 grams, the price tag will be heavier on the scale. It is advisable to do your research before making a purchase.  

Why choose Vaibhav Jewellers?

The diamond couple rings from Vaibhav Jewellers are genuine, and each comes with a BIS quality certificate. Surprisingly, they can all be shipped globally. Amazing! Isn't it? What else? Let us explore.

Online Shopping 

We recognise that an in-store purchase is not a feasible option for many of you. As a result, we've built a website where you can shop for the most fabulous couple of diamond rings for engagement from the comfort of your home or office. 

Reliable return policy 

Assume you purchase some diamond jewellery from us and are dissatisfied with the goods after receiving them. Don't be concerned. In that scenario, you have fifteen days from the date of purchase to return it for free.  

Cutting-edge Live Video Shopping 

Shopping online can be tricky since photographs cannot guarantee a thing's wonderfulness. What should you do? The solution is Live Video Shopping. You can now choose this shopping option, where a jewellery professional will lead you through our diamond necklace, ring, bracelet, etc., collections. 

EMI Service 

We often pick up gorgeous designs but take a step back once we find the cost is beyond our budget. But things have changed now! If you cannot afford to pay for a piece all at once, you can divide the total sum into monthly payments with just a few clicks. 

Yes, you read that correctly! We provide jewellery financing solutions to help you manage your finances. First, check diamond rings for couples with price, followed by selecting the pay-on EMI option and adhering to specific terms and limitations.


In addition to the affordability of luxury, Vaibhav Jewellers provides you with a smooth and safe payment system.


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