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Gold Chain for Men Online With New Design

Modern men are pretty aware of their fashion statement. They don't shy away to experiment with jewellery to attract the right kind of attention. Gold chain plays a versatile role in the men's fashion world. Whether bold and sturdy or simple and subtle, Vaibhav Jewellers has a piece for every man who confidently wears gold to stand out from the crowd. 

Gold represents confidence. Men's gold chain exudes opulence. However, if you do not know the trick of wearing a gold chain, it may look tacky. A simple gold chain is ideal for regular wear and can go with anything you wear. For chunky, solid gold chains, it is always advisable to keep things minimum. 

As mentioned above, the trick lies in how you wear your gold chain. It can make you appear like a gentleman or give you street cred. You can wear a stunning men's gold chain by itself or add a pendant to it. Now you can avail gold chain for men online shopping option and make a purchase remotely.

Our gold chain for men collection enlists affordable yet made of highest-quality, durable metals. Don't we all wish to own ornaments that never go out of style? If you pick one of the classic chain necklace designs, you don't have to worry about the changing trends. Our men's gold chain designs are timeless and can be easily handed down over generations. 

Different Men's Gold Chains Designs

Thanks in no small part to B-Town celebs; the gold chain is now a go-to item of any stylish man's wardrobe. Indeed, men have been rocking chains since the ancient era. Still, it hasn't been until fashion seasons that men have begun to wear their ornaments with self-confidence.

These days, we are seeing many men stepping out wearing heavily ringed chained necklines, wrists wrapped with bracelets and whatnot.

Below we've compiled some gold chain design men that you might consider accessorizing your neck.

Nawabi Gold Chain Design

When you are unsure about gold chain designs for men, try a Nawabi gold chain. These are handsome, stylish and versatile pieces. You can seriously catch all the attention if you learn how to sport a Nawabi gold chain. This one, just as the name suggests, looks incredibly regal and royal. This standalone gold chain design for men will work wonders with ethnic attire for you on any occasion.

Rope Gold Chain Design

This new gold chain design for men is more than just a pretty face. A rope gold chain possesses an intertwining feature that is done to look like a rope. Because of its distinctive looks, it has become a popular ornament among modern men. At Vaibhav Jewellers, we have rope chains elegantly crafted using the BIS certified 22k gold. They possess a rich shine, and it feels as incredible as it looks. To spice up your look, wear charming gold men's ring with it.

Rajput Gold Chain Design

Jewellery is nothing new for Rajput men. These royal clans are known for their turban ornaments, beaded necklaces, bold rings and earrings. In British India, Rajput Princes wore livery collars, also known as chains of office. Eventually, Rajput men's necklace patterns went through some significant transformations. The modern thinkers have thoughtfully designed Rajput gold chains to impart a classy and trendy look. These pieces are available in diverse designs and styles to suit your taste.

When you buy a gold chain for men in a new design online from us, you'll likely come across hundreds, if not thousands, of different variations. So, take your time and make a purchase that suits your fancy.

Types of Gold Chain for Men

A gold chain for a guy is a little bit different than one for a woman. We know that men are not into "costume jewellery" — the big, chunky stuff with rows of jewels that women wear on ball gowns. That's undoubtedly a woman's fashion. That indicates men gold chain models have a little more rugged and rough look than their female counterparts. Gold chain models for men are meant to complement, not to overwhelm.

Here are some popular options of gold chain types for men.

Rudraksha Gold Chain

This type tops the list for 'Indian gold chain models for men' scoreboard. This piece exudes a spiritual vibe. Traditional or semi-formal, the chain effortlessly compliments different outfits and occasions. 

Beaded Gold Chain

A well-designed beaded gold chain strikes a balance between modern and classic elements. This gold chain model for men has a subtle feel to it. So, it doesn't exaggerate your look. 

Link Gold Chain

If you are a trendsetter who loves to create his style statement, link chains are just the thing for you. When tiny round or oval links are intertwined, the result is intricate jewellery with a great deal of visual texture. This design adds an extra oomph to your character instantly.

Leaf Pattern Gold Chain

This pattern is quite on-trend because of its super cool pattern. Lift your peppy mood and let your gold chain synch with energy and wavelength.

Tulsi Beaded Gold Chain

The tulsi beaded chain might not sound very appealing to you. However, it is popular these days because of its poised and trendy look. Wear it over a traditional outfit to steal the spotlight.

At Vaibhav Jewellers, you'll witness some more exotic, more polished stuff, of course, and even the massive "bling" of the latest gold chain models for men. Likewise, we showcase a series of very light and fragile designs too. The gold neck chain models segment for men has unique designs—more than enough to catch people's attention precisely because they're so outlandish. You can always add a little extra shine to your overall look with a stylish gold bracelet. We have some brilliant designs to beautify your wrist.

Check out the Latest Gold Chains Price

Jewellery is as much a man's exemption as it is for a woman. Today, the metro-sexual man isn't afraid of displaying his energy, persona and presence with jewellery. 

Before you shop your favourite gold chain, it is essential to understand your style and your purpose. Vaibhav Jewellers possesses a considerable assortment of the latest gold chain for men, with price ranging from simplistic designs to swanky ones. 

Choosing from this vast collection is a daunting task. Thus it is advisable to do some homework before making the purchase. Here's how to choose the best gold chain price for men that fits your personality, attitude, and pocket size. 

Gold Chain Under 30000

Indeed, the gold chain for men having a huge design comes with a heftier price tag. On the other hand, pieces with a sleek and contemporary design come at a budget-friendly price. e.g. 22KT plain gold chain by Vaibhav Jewellers is just the thing for you if you are looking for something less expensive.

Gold Chain Under 50000

Gold chain for men price varies significantly due to the metals purity and its weight. On the lower side, we have a few models below ₹ 50,000. The designs are simple yet catchy. If you are looking for a chain to wear regularly, these are the most appropriate ones. 

Gold Chain Under 1 Lakh

You need to dress up aptly with the right accessories for grand events, housewarmings, cocktail parties, family gatherings, anniversaries, and all things unique in your life. If you choose a gold chain price for men between ₹ 50,000 to ₹ 1 Lakh, the designs are myriad. From fancy short chain to Indo-Italian chain, from lotus chain to casting gold chain, we have so many pretty designs to choose from to make your look unique on your special occasions.

The purity of gold is one of the most important things to be considered while browsing through gold chain designs for men with price.

Gold chains will be offered in a variety of purities - 14KT (58.33% gold) 18KT (75% gold) 22KT (91.66% gold) 24KT (99.99%). Quite simply, the higher the number of Karats, the more gold there is.

Explore Gold Chains with Weight Range

Want a chain to wear for a special occasion or a special somebody? Vaibhav Jewellers is the place for you to look for the perfect 22 karat gold chain for men. We have chains weighing from 5 grams to 50 grams.

A few popular gold chains with weight are:


If you are looking for a light chain, this is the category we recommend browsing for some. The 5-gram gold chain price can vary depending on the purity of the metal.  Due to lightweight, these are always the most exact category to gift-give in.


Let us discuss our collection of 10-gram gold chain designs, with the price. Once again the pricing is decided by the purity of the metal. These pieces will work the best when you go for a date night or to your formal gathering.


Men gold chains in 22 grams are on the heavier side. These are chunky pieces that you can wear to any special occasion. Any time you want your men gold chain to be the focal point of your outfit, its weight increases accordingly- whether that's a rope chain or a simple daily-wear piece.  

Not interested in gold chains? We recommend looking at our other collections of Gold accessories for men on our website. We have a collection of men's bracelets and rings as well for you to choose from.

Shop Latest Gold Chain for Men at Vaibhav Jewellers

Want that requested shine for a party? Flip through Vaibhav Jewellers’ catalogue for the latest gold chain design for man.

We have a lot of simple gold chains for men with prices updated with the gold rate. Not just that, we also bring you an array of the latest gold chain design for every occasion, such as a festival, a party, or a regular outing! 

The most trendy and latest gold chain models for men will blow your mind. If you are sceptical about going outside physically to check out your favourite jewellery, you can try it out virtually as well. You can sort by prices if you have a budget. Our prices of gold chains range from Rs. ₹ 28,000 to ₹ 2, 89,000. As for weight, if you are going for a lighter chain, the weight ranges from 5 grams to 50 grams. After you have got your eye on the perfect chain, you can go ahead and make a purchase.

On purchasing from our collection of gold chains for men, you can also get your gold chain on EMI with some terms and conditions. Now you can pay a small sum of money every month until you pay off the total amount for your favourite jewellery.